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CNY desserts

Hot damn! Aghhh!

Mom asked me for the 2nd time, “Do you want me to buy any biscuit for CNY?”

No self-respecting human celebrating Chinese New Year wouldn’t buy biscuits, desserts, cakes, traditional kuih-muih.

In my family, there must be a chicken for the 1st day, another for 2nd CNY. Not to mention other dishes. Every year it’s the same dish for the same celebration. Ugh. Chicken. Mushrooms, those big ones from China. Sang choy. Pork. Prawns. Strips of spicy vegetarian food. More chicken.

All these are just a big waste and appetite-challenging because we can’t even finish 1 chicken in a day. Which means we have to recook the poor chicken for days. And we have to eat the 2nd chicken too. Before long, it would be 15th and there would be another chicken. I don’t want to be reborn as a chicken for slaughter.

Can’t my parents see it’s wasteful? If the Gods are so powerful and they’ve maintained peace/nirvana, why do they need our gifts? They don’t have to eat anyway! If you reason that we must offer something to say thanks or get something, then how about a simple prayer to thank the Gods? Surely the Gods do not need us to provide a lavish breakfast/lunch/dinner for every festival.

I think my family’s following the tradition blindly. *shrug* Their choice. I’m not going to help out.

“No lar, everyone has food at their own home anyway,” I said.

“I have to buy some. Maybe a tin or two for guests. But not many because if we put outside, your grandmother is going to finish them and it would be bad for her health.”

“Keep in your room lar.”

“Keep in my room for what? I also don’t eat.”

“Just to hide the stuff.”


These are from MSN: Lifestyle: Women: Chocolate Desserts

(hey! I take offense to that! Men do cooking too)

Chocolate-Nut Phyllo Cups

Chocolate-Nut Phyllo Cups (View Recipe)

So bad.

Irish Chocolate Ice Cream

Irish Chocolate Ice Cream (View Recipe)

So bad.

Chocolate-Peanut Mousse Pie

Chocolate-Peanut Mousse Pie (View Recipe)

So fatting. So bad.

So bad. Looks soooo scrumptious aaahhh.. So bad! I’m getting hungry!

This is why I don’t read dessert blogs :9

But if you have prepared it and need a willing guinea pig, I’m VERY willing! :D

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