The Lady Iron Chef

Bro’s gf* said, “That Chef movie is very funny. Laughing from start till end!”

I had wanted to watch Babel but it wasn’t showing in KLCC TGV. In fact, TGV no longer shows Babel.

It’s about rich mama’s boy meeting poor girl and somehow the rich boy is kidnapped and from then, their love blossomed. But the rich mama look down on this poor girl. Besides, she was busy expanding their family restaurant business and match making her son with the #1 chef in Northern China.

The movie is so kua cheong. Lots of cheesy computer graphics like energy bar (computer games), retro background, flying food ingredients, etc. There were very few laugh aloud moments (for me anyway) but I heard some guffaw from 1 guy on my right end.

Lots of eye candies – pretty ladies and salivating dishes. It didn’t help that I had only a small bowl of soup and couldn’t bite. My stomach was grumbling! Outlook can really change a person. Hacken Lee looks like ah beng-nerd before the “change look!”

Charmaine (Ceci) reminds me of Chai :) Their looks are similar and that Ceci character too – funny, sweet & can drink alcohol a lot.

Rating: Watch it on Wed if you are desperate for comical, out of this world computer graphics and fan of the actors.

* identity protected haha

One thought on “The Lady Iron Chef

  1. […] is definately funnier and realistic than The Lady Iron┬áChef, although you can debate how realistic it is that the heaven actually have a Thunder as morning […]

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