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Situation at work

Astrology valid? Normally I just read AstroCenter’s astrology with a pinch of salt. Saturn retrograde is opposite Neptune on Wednesday, and you might deal with a situation at work that leaves you feeling confused. Someone may be deliberately deceiving you, or it could be that you are not receiving the full story on a work-related… Continue reading Situation at work


Nobody would dare steal our products!

Senior told us to remove price tags and put them inside the zipped area. “Tak hilang ke?” DeOtherPermanent asked Senior. “Tak.” “Kalau customer tukar price tag?” I asked Senior. “Tak ada customer buat tu la!” Senior retorted. Obviously Senior had never encountered thief in her experience. Then a clean cut Japanese man with a cleaner… Continue reading Nobody would dare steal our products!

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You lost it, you pay it

BowBunManager said sternly, “You must take care of the counter. If the customer come, you must look after the customer. Think of it as passing time and jaga products. To prevent the customer from stealing. Don’t go to other counters.” “Because if anything is lost, you have to pay.” “HA?! Interviewer didn’t tell me this!”… Continue reading You lost it, you pay it

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Made in China

When Senior had left suddenly, we thought she had gone home. DeOtherPermanent and I checked for the label. Heheh. We laughed gleefully. “Jahat awak!” I kidded. We giggled more like mouse when the cat was not around. “Eh, MADE IN INDONESIA!” I exclaimed. “Yang ni MADE IN CHINA eh?” DeOtherPermanent held another brand under our… Continue reading Made in China


Perporated leather

When another promoter from cosmetic came over asking about a particular bag, Senior told her, “Ini peporated bag.” Then she fingered me, “Mari.” When I reached them, she asked me, “You tau ni apa?” “Clutch la.” “Tau apa benda tak?” Huh? “Leather la.” “Leather apa?” “Tak tau.” “Ini perporated leather.” “Ha?” “Perporated.” I shook my… Continue reading Perporated leather


Count stock

“Awak kira stock,” she ordered me. My figure was less than hers. “Mengapa saya kira ada ### tapi awak ada ###?” She asked me twice. “Yang ni ada kira?” I pointed to the pouches. “Ada.” “Bottle?” “Ada.” “Yang ni?” Not sure what the metal things were. “Itu tak.” Aiyo, she should’ve told me earlier before… Continue reading Count stock


White background passport picture

We filled up forms to apply personal name tags. I gave my own printed passport size photo with white background. The supervisor came back and told me, “Ini gambar tak boleh lar. Nak passport photo.” “Ah? Ini passport size photo la.” “Ya, nak background biru punya.” “Saya ambil warna biru colour lar.” “Hahah. Tak boleh… Continue reading White background passport picture