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Situation at work

Astrology valid?

Normally I just read AstroCenter’s astrology with a pinch of salt.

Saturn retrograde is opposite Neptune on Wednesday, and you might deal with a situation at work that leaves you feeling confused. Someone may be deliberately deceiving you, or it could be that you are not receiving the full story on a work-related issue. You may not be sure which way to turn due to uncertainty surrounding you now.


But this time, AstroAdvice gave the almost same advice (at least to me)!

Someone may be keeping a secret from you that could affect your future. Don’t take time off or slow down when there is so much on the line. The more you can do to secure your position or to simplify your life, the better.


Increase salary ooo hoo!

After the retail sales interview, I was really happy. I finally got another job, albeit in retail sales which I didn’t want to go back into again. It was a famous company selling branded goods, brands that I like.

Then the interviewer sms me that my basic salary was raised RM200 and the probation period was 3 months. During the interview, she told me the probation period was 6 months. I remembered thinking, so long?

Wah, good. :)

Sum Thing Wong 

Then on my 1st day at work for this job, we already had security-sensor issue > Nobody would dare steal our products!

After that, we found out that what the interviewer told DeOtherPermanent was different from mine!

Oh yeah, there’s an opening department store song and everyone must stand straight, quiet like during Negaraku! This is not something wrong but it’s .. it seems some companies from Japan do this. Ya ma tei!!

When DeOtherPermanent asked Senior about commission, DeOtherPermanent said Senior was like didn’t want to explain.

1 leg kick setup

To be honest, Senior just got out of bed and didn’t have enough ciggie and sleep. She had been setting the counter up till 1am! Alone!

“HQ punya orang tak datang tolong?” I was shocked.

“Malam baru datang la,” she sighed. She shook her head, tired and blur.

“Waaaa, kesiannya.”

I was supposed to setup the outlet in KLCC. *shudder* I was going to setup all by myself there?

Later training
Then I asked her, “Ada apa nak train?” I was hoping she would brief about the products description and how to open memo (receipt) or show me any guidelines.

“Nanti,” Senior said.


DeOtherPermanent confided quietly to me alone, “Saya nak berhenti lar.”

“HA?! AWAK NAK BERHEN-” I was shocked.

“EH!” She slapped my arm.

“Ok ok. Mengapa?” I whispered.

“Saya rasa tak ngam (suitable) lar, macam tak selesa. Tadi saya tanya interviewer pasal commission, dia cakap tak sama dengan awak.”

“Apa dia cakap?”

“Tak pasti lar.”

“Nanti tanya dia lagi la. Dia akan datang.”

“Lagipun, saya tak boleh kerja dengan Senior tu. Nak dia ajar macam tak mau. Takut kami tau.”

I felt that too. Senior might have felt she was threatened by us. She shouldn’t be. She had been working in this company for 3 yrs already, so many years of experience while the 2 of us were newbies to this company. Read Perporated leather and Count stock.

All I felt was there was something fishy going on. I wasn’t getting the correct information or information I wanted.

HQ ppl was here! 

When interviewer, supervisor and another manager arrived, this manager reminded me of my previous company’s General Manager. Aunty. Her eyeliner was smudged to the lower eyelids – not waterproof maybe? She wore black shirt dress and had a huge bow hair clip on her hair bun at the bottom of her neck. I liked the shirt dress but her bun made her looked older and matrony when this is a hip brand (supposed to be anyway).

We asked BowBunManager lots of questions and she also explained a lot of things. I learnt more during that period than the whole day there. Among them (which Senior didn’t tell us): Made in China and You lost it, you pay it. Then BowBunManager told us about Annual Leave and bonus (up to 3 months bonus!). I asked about Emergency Leave. She gave a load of words but didn’t answer me.

“If a staff every month also apply emergency leave, and sick leave, I would tell him or her, Why don’t you settle all your emergencies then onlyfind work?” she said.

“So how many days for EL?” I asked.


Then why so much talk on EL when there is none? Aiyo..

Interviewer, supposedly our manager but not as big manager as BowBunManager forgot some work details and asked BowBunManager but BowBunManager didn’t scold her or sound her. This interviewer must be her pet. I got the impression that BowBunManager took good care of the interviewer but not the other staff that came along.

“I believe we are a good branded company. We treat our staff well. Our benefits are high. Your salary is very high,” interviewer said slowly.

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Nobody would dare steal our products!

Senior told us to remove price tags and put them inside the zipped area.

“Tak hilang ke?” DeOtherPermanent asked Senior.


“Kalau customer tukar price tag?” I asked Senior.

“Tak ada customer buat tu la!” Senior retorted.

Obviously Senior had never encountered thief in her experience.

Then a clean cut Japanese man with a cleaner cut navy suit appeared and this PinkShirtGuy immediately went over to him. It was hard to decipher what the Japanese guy was saying, laced with Japanese-English. He was definately 1 of the big managers there and so polite too. I smiled at them as they were standing near me looking at the products when I was removing the price tags. The Japanese man bowed slightly and smiled. Sheepish, I bowed a bit while leaning towards the price tag on the bag. Ah, clean cut men in suits are yau ying.

“Kalau orang curi bag, macam mana?” I asked Senior.

Choi choi choi!” She smiled and slapped the counter’s tables. “Tak ada orang curi bag kita!” She was adamant about it.

“Kalau ada?” I continued to ask her.

“Takkan ada punya la. Awak jangan cakap!”

Boy, she was more superstitious than me. As if words from my mouth would really come true! Haha.

It’s for aesthetic reason that the price tags are not displayed but most customers would like to know the price. So it would’ve been better to stick the price tags inside the bags even though they are attached to the handles on the outside.

No, we had to cut the plastic cord and put the price tags inside the bag and zipped it up. If customer asked for the price, we had to unzip it and search for the price tag unless we could memorize the prices.

Prevention is definately better than cure. If an item is lost, we have 1 less item to sell. Who pay for the lost item?

I let it go then, I would ask later.. There should be a procedure – alert the security staffs, supervisor, own company’s supervisor/manager, report?

You lost it, you pay it

BowBunManager said sternly, “You must take care of the counter. If the customer come, you must look after the customer. Think of it as passing time and jaga products. To prevent the customer from stealing. Don’t go to other counters.”

“Because if anything is lost, you have to pay.”

“HA?! Interviewer didn’t tell me this!” I told her.

Interviewer immediately came over and defended herself, “I did!”

At the same time, BowBunManager said, “Every interview also we tell.”

“No, didn’t.” I repeated.

“Because we pay you to be responsible for the products and counter. If it’s lost, you pay.”

I think that was grossly unfair. If I had to be away to get stock or serve another customer, the thief could’ve just taken a bag. I couldn’t be checking every corner all the time when serving a customer. The customer would think I wasn’t paying attention to him/her or I have eye disease!

Wah, those bags are priced RM500 – RM3000! If I lost 1 and considering I get 50% staff purchase, which I still didn’t know how the staff purchase worked, I would have almost 1/2 of my salary gone!

No wonder Senior didn’t tell us anything about stolen goods and security. We’d had to pay for it ourselves!

There were so many sensors left, why not make use of them? The cupboards weren’t locked. The products inside the cupboard didn’t have any sensor.


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