Count stock

“Awak kira stock,” she ordered me.

My figure was less than hers. “Mengapa saya kira ada ### tapi awak ada ###?” She asked me twice.

“Yang ni ada kira?” I pointed to the pouches.




“Yang ni?” Not sure what the metal things were.

“Itu tak.”

Aiyo, she should’ve told me earlier before I counted.

I shrugged and calculated again, drawing a map. Twice. Still different from her figure.

When DeOtherPermanent came back, the 3 of us all calculated the stock together. Senior’s figure was correct. But less 1 item from the product list. Ho ho. Stolen?

She asked me again, “Tengok? Macam mana saya boleh kira betul awak kira tak sama?”Onion Club - good job

I had nothing to say. I calculated wrongly. I showed her thumbs up.

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