Nobody would dare steal our products!

Senior told us to remove price tags and put them inside the zipped area.

“Tak hilang ke?” DeOtherPermanent asked Senior.


“Kalau customer tukar price tag?” I asked Senior.

“Tak ada customer buat tu la!” Senior retorted.

Obviously Senior had never encountered thief in her experience.

Then a clean cut Japanese man with a cleaner cut navy suit appeared and this PinkShirtGuy immediately went over to him. It was hard to decipher what the Japanese guy was saying, laced with Japanese-English. He was definately 1 of the big managers there and so polite too. I smiled at them as they were standing near me looking at the products when I was removing the price tags. The Japanese man bowed slightly and smiled. Sheepish, I bowed a bit while leaning towards the price tag on the bag. Ah, clean cut men in suits are yau ying.

“Kalau orang curi bag, macam mana?” I asked Senior.

Choi choi choi!” She smiled and slapped the counter’s tables. “Tak ada orang curi bag kita!” She was adamant about it.

“Kalau ada?” I continued to ask her.

“Takkan ada punya la. Awak jangan cakap!”

Boy, she was more superstitious than me. As if words from my mouth would really come true! Haha.

It’s for aesthetic reason that the price tags are not displayed but most customers would like to know the price. So it would’ve been better to stick the price tags inside the bags even though they are attached to the handles on the outside.

No, we had to cut the plastic cord and put the price tags inside the bag and zipped it up. If customer asked for the price, we had to unzip it and search for the price tag unless we could memorize the prices.

Prevention is definately better than cure. If an item is lost, we have 1 less item to sell. Who pay for the lost item?

I let it go then, I would ask later.. There should be a procedure – alert the security staffs, supervisor, own company’s supervisor/manager, report?

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