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Marco’s Pizza

After a brief T-Bone’s house visiting, we were undecided: eat at restaurant or tapao and eat at someone’s home. So far, we hadn’t eaten yu sang together, which we did every year. Well, not the previous year for me – I was working! Felt left out when I saw their pictures holding chopsticks and raising yu sang uooo ooo..

In the end, we decided to tapao yu sang – Nat’s honour – and eat at Marco’s Pizza. Seemed several friends of our friends had eaten there and recommended the pizzas.

The deco was bright, futuristic lime green and whites. Cool. There were several magazines and a The Star newspaper which I grabbed – had to check out the job ads. ;)

The earliest to arrive was Sam and I so we ordered tea first and sat reading while waiting for the others. The place wasn’t busy with customers.

Lots of saliva-worthy pizza pictures. When others had arrived, we ordered 3 pizzas – seafood, salmon and chicken?, lasagne (beef), salad, a pasta and dark chocolate dessert. Unfortunately, the waiter informed me that, “The dark chocolate dessert,” there were 2, we ordered the bigger one, “wasn’t available anymore.” :( So I ordered the other dark chocolate dessert instead. This 1 had a scoop of ice cream.

When the lasagne had arrived, those who could eat beef scooped it up. Lots of cheese. In fact, the whole thing was filled with cheese and so few beef meat. I thought there was supposed to be layers? Although the cheese was soft, it was like sponge and wouldn’t melt in the mouth. Not much cheesy taste too. Everyone who ate it complained about the (lack of) beef.

Then the pizzas arrived and all of the pizzas that we had ordered had cheese too. After the lasagne experience, we weren’t keen to eat more cheese.

Some of us complained that the salmon pizza was, “Eee.. got fishy smell. Yuh, I can’t eat uh.” But Chai said, “I can’t smell anything. I think maybe coz I added so much pepper already.” :)

I sniffed the salmon.. or was it prawn pizza. A bit of fishy smell. I shook lots of pepper onto it. :D Ahh.. Love pepper.

Actually, I couldn’t differentiate the pizzas from 1 another – all had cheese and it overwhelmed the taste of the ingredients. I loved cheese but not this sticky hard cheese.

Those who recommended this place because their friends did exclaimed, “Heiya, who say nice one ar?!”

“The coffee drink is nice. It’s the only thing nice here,” Nat claimed.

The dark chocolate cake was ok but Nat complained it was, “Crumble so fast!”

We were going to go for 2nd round – the food was unsatisfactory. Maybe our recommenders had ordered different food.. But we weren’t going to go there for the pizzas again.

“The pasta was the only nice food,” Nat proclaimed. “And the coffee,” she added as an afterthought.

The sauce in the pasta was enough and tasty. The ingredients enough and well balanced.

Faces - Marco's Pizza
Faces – Marco’s Pizza

Franchise from Marco’s Pizza in US?


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