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MPH Distributors Warehouse Sale

Went for MPH Distributors Warehouse Sale on it’s last day. Towards the place, the whole stretch of road was filled with cars parked at the side – there was traffic jam too!

Lots of people, hard to walk around in some areas. There were several mobile ice cream sellers, ice blended drinks and even kebab!

I saw LOTS of fiction and non-fiction books – some just released like Shopaholic & baby, Joey Yap’s Bazi and Lilian Too’s zodiac for 2007. There were Girlfriend magazines at RM1 (or RM3?). Books that are priced from RM40-60 outside were sold from RM20.

The books were more organized into categories than Times Bookstore Warehouse Sale making it easier to search if you have specific books in mind. Most of the books were still in mint condition. Price wise, these are a bit more expensive than Times but there was more choices here.

It was a hot day. After searching for the books that I wanted but couldn’t find them, I queued up for ice blended Mocha Ice about RM3++. Cooling.

Chap Goh Mei (2007)

I asked my cousins, “Got throw oranges tonight?”

“HA?! My gal is upstairs!” Outraged, he pointed up (2nd floor) stairs.

“You can throw to her ma.”

“I use banana then, not orange. Haha.”

We had dinner at a full house restaurant and the yu sang’s salmon was “WAH, SO. BIG. AH. WAH, MA, SEE. THE SALMON. VERY. BIG. AHHHH!”

There were about 12 slices of salmon on a small plate. Each salmon was 5cm height x kum.

“Got lots of pretty girls one oh!” I testified. “Most in high school.”

Dy balked at dating high school girls. “Arr? High school so young!”

“Got mothers.”

Dy’s partner in Latin dance is a hot mama but he said he’s not looking for older elder women.

“Why not? They have more experience!” Nat said.

NST – Call me, my number’s on the orange

Last year, PotatoGal and I went to somewhere in Taman Jaya – near A&W and the other lake where a Chinese radio station had events there for Chap Goh Mei (2006).

This year, I thought of meeting them (people from previous fashion company) after dinner with relatives but PotatoGal was only on the way back to KL from her hometown!

She asked, “Who’s going?”

“Ha? I thought you organize?”

“No ahh. Aahah. I also don’t know who is going!” Then she added, “Go with my brother.”

my Mandarin Orange
Mandarin Orange picture from Wikipedia

Then I just went home and dozed off in the car on the way back. :D Watched Supernatural, Bleach, flipped between The Apprentice and Too Posh To Wash.

Unofficial house warming

Nat’s smsed me, “T-Bone 5pm.”

I thought everyone in our gang received it but apparently, Sam who fetched me said, “She didn’t inform Mich & Jean! Just now I called them only I told them!”

“Then are they coming?” I asked her.

“Yeah, coming.”

:D Great! Mich is a load of fun & laughter.

Sam & I thought the early dinner would be at T-Bone’s too. Not. Nat left out 1 detail: T-Bone had family dinner and that was why he asked us to come earlier.

Didn’t know this, Sam saw T-Bone’s mother clanking in the kitchen and she offered, “Auntie, do you need any help in cooking?”

Auntie graciously answered, “No need… you all sit lar.”

Sam was embarassed to know that she had asked T-Bone’s mom that. I told her, “Aiya, nevermind one lar.. You didn’t know then.”

“Ya la, that Nat. Organize like that!”

The security guard asked for IC, gave us a big sign – Visitor and a name tag! At the stairs, we had to call T-Bone to get him to open the gate to the lift. There was a scanner for each entrance.

Chai said, “Just now I came in, the security was even tighter. He called up to T-Bone!”

“Eh, we didn’t (experience that). The guard asked us Ada parti ka? Maybe he had checked you so he didn’t check us.”

His new home is colourful and most of the items were bought from IKEA.

There are 2 swimming pools surrounded by palm trees oooo :) The wind was blowing outside and it looked serene. Ah, like on vacation.


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