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Prego & Qba, Westin Hotel

For Sam, T-Bone and NeverZzz’s birthdays, we went to Prego @ Westin Hotel. The deco was in dark brown.

Sam, Sam’s bf and I reached there, found Dy and T-Bone at the comfy sofas in the Lower Lobby.

Wotif - The Westin Hotel - Lower Lobby
Wotif – The Westin Hotel – Lower Lobby

T-Bone announced, “Jim is in Sunway QBar!”

“Ha? Why did he go there?,” Sam reacted with surprise. “Jean said Westin ma.”

“Who told him?” I asked.

“Nat,” Sam replied. Oh.

Nat probably told Jim QBar, without “Westin Hotel”.

We all shook our head.

We decided to go to our table first since others hadn’t arrived. So hungry. We ordered some pizzas and red wine. This was a free dinner – 1 of the staff @ QBa had kicked Sam out because she didn’t buy any drink there. Frankly, she thought it was free entrance and no need to buy any drink to dance. So Dy complained to the manager and they got a free meal for 10 person :D

Prego has 2 floors and we sat at the higher floor. Dy asked for 2 more seats since Nat’s bf’s 2 friends were coming. Then, he asked for 2 more seats for Jim and gf!

The Malaysia International Gourmet Fest 2006 – Prego

But both groups didn’t turn up! We had to give more tips to the waiter… for setting up the seats that nobody turn up.

Some of us cajoled Jim to come over after their dinner. Jim was angry that he was given wrong info already..

With so much wine – 2 or 3 bottles – we toasted their birthdays and other things several times! :D Most of us were bright red before the others who were late finished their meal.

Luckily we managed to finish all the food :D The lasagne was soo delicious! Tasty! The salad was a bit dry but it was with olive oil so it was a healthy choice for Nat. The pizzas were so much better than Marco’s Pizza! :D

Everytime someone dropped something with a clang, every staff clapped! We joined the fun. :D

After we had finished our food and the birthday people had blown the candle, Jim & gf appeared! Yeay! :D The cheese cake was small but soft.

Then we chanted to Nat’s bf, “We want to see kiss! KISS! KISS! KISS!!!!”

He puckered his lips and leaned to Nat but Nat pushed him away. Somehow we ended up playing a kissing game. Nat’s bf suggested, “OK, I kiss her (Nat). Then she has to kiss the next person and so on.”

All the girls from my side chanted, “OK ak!” We all laughed. We were sitting next to girls only! :p Sam was sitting between her bf and I.

But the guys kept quiet. Sure they were excited to see our kissing action but once they reached themselves, they turned inward. Hahaha! Surprisingly the brave guys who chanted “KISS!!!” daren’t kiss the guy sitting next to them! So shy!!

Later, we went to Qba for Latin dance. Dy taught some of us and it was fun though repetitive since we didn’t know how to move as freely and passionately as other dancers there. Nat’s bf’s friend, Sneeze kept asking Mich & I to dance with him. I had to push him to 1/2 arm distance – he was getting too close. Pok mung?!

Somehow, Sam was at her unusual mode. Almost silent. Because of her bf had told her to behave in public before? She was mirroring her bf’s quiet personality? Or she didn’t want to dance at Qba because she had been kicked out last time? Paiseh? She’s like a different person when her bf is with us. Like she has turned to be submissive.

The Westin Kuala Lumpur (next to JW Marriott)
199 Jalan Bukit Bintang , Kuala Lumpur

Loyalty is overrated

In The Apprentice, Donald Trump always praises the contestants for their loyalty, even to their friends/partners who didn’t perform.

To the Japanese, you work for 1 company for your whole life. Yet this is changing as young generation want to experiment and get better quality out of life.

1 thing that employers always ask in an interview is, “How long do you plan to stay here?”

Loyalty is certainly a virtue. As long as you are sided with the right group or cause. Imagine working for a company for 40 years. If that company treats you real good, that’s great. If not, why are you staying there? Just for blind loyalty?

Some managers deliberately control their staffs so that they couldn’t go for better job functions even within own company. If a company retains bad employees, the company will go down.

It’s like abused women sticking with their men through beatings and slaps. Some of them even defended their abusive husbands, “He has a lot of stress and responsibilities”, “Men are like that”. Soon, they will deny it, “No, I fell down”, “He didn’t hurt me, he treats me real good”.

What good is loyalty from a staff who does not perform well? Do companies like to keep terrible staffs just to have a low turnover?

Some of us fear change, the unknown. If we leave X, we have to start all over again at Y.

StoresOnline – Internet Marketing Conference

Last Saturday, I followed Devi to StoresOnline – Internet Marketing Conference at JW Marriott. It was advertised in newspapers with “Free dining experience”, “Free MP3 & organizer” – which reminds me, I have to redempt my business organizer! – with free entrance!

I was going to work during the weekends so I couldn’t join her. As luck would have it, I had resigned from the job before I was given the offer letter. So I was free to join her. Besides learning more about E-Commerce is good, I can get new ideas for my handmade and imported jewelleries, original fragrances business in De Mystic Box. ;)

In the online version, there was a 9AM so we thought it would start at 9am. Devi had called the phone # provided in the newspaper several times and FREE 90 minute dinner conference in your area but nobody answered! Terrible service..

I asked Devi, “Is this for real? Free food and advice? They’ll get us to buy something later.”

So we arrived at Kommuter at 8am + with blur eyes. So not enough sleep. *yawn* The night before, I had celebrated Sam, T-Bone and NeverZzz’s birthday with friends.

When we reached there, we saw the sign and arrived there 9+am but it had started! We checked the schedule with the staffs at the lobby and found out the time for the next session. The friendly staff told us usually the registration and food were done 1 hour before starting.

The organizer was a novice? There was no schedule listed in the newspaper or email, whatsoever.

We decided to check out the conference anyway and found our way through the halls and peeked through the ballroom’s door slit. There were only about 2-3 rows filled for the 1st session. So few people!

So we walked around the area since Devi had never shopped around there, except – passing by Low Yat Plaza and once at Times Square! A city gal who rarely venture out to the city. :)

Most of the shops weren’t opened yet. Borders was opened!

“Want to watch movie?!” Devi asked.


We went to GSC but it wasn’t opened yet. Lots of horror & CNY movies.

We checked out the magazines and then left for the conference. The staffs were Caucasions in suits.

Tea and coffee were available.

There were more people this time.

The instructor was a Lance Robinson. He was funny but it was a typical marketing conference to make money.

He pressed the importance of 3 words:

  1. Find
  2. Like
  3. Buy

As for the specific steps to the magical 3 words, you’ll have to attend the real conference at RM150 + free guest. He claimed all the sessions were “SOLD OUT” but “if you can’t make it, you can talk with our staffs at the back if we can slot you in.” How SOLD OUT is that?

If you go to the Real conference, Lance said, “You’ll get a DVD which you must view before coming to the real conference and there’ll be a team from US to consult you personally.”

He touched briefly about The Benefits of E-Commerce, Business Model package that StoresOnline offer, ePublishing and Drop Shipping (establish direct business with manufacturers).

Business Model package:

  1. Programming & Software (SW) fee (1 time only) RM5 800
  2. Hosting & Support (annual) RM5 600

This is valid if you have attended the Real Conference. Better yet, you’ll get #1 Programming & SW fee (1 time only) RM5 800 waived off. Hah.

Since there weren’t enough Business Organizer to give to us, we had to enter our codes in Success-Event.

It’s clever that they are giving free conference as a lure to get you to buy their products & services. It’s probably cheaper and faster than hiring marketing and sales staff to attract clients one-to-one.

For listening this, we got a lump of chicken/fish with bits of salad and witnessed 2 audiences pocketed RM50 each.

We didn’t buy the Real Conference but almost 1/2 of the audiences did. In fact, a man sitting next to me let us see his box which contained a DVD and some papers about StoresOnline.

Lance did mention that appearing at the top of search engines are SUPER important. “If you are not at the top, words and description are very important.” The word “FREE” is the catcher.

Google search
Google search “Storesonline internet marketing conference”


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