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It’s a Wonderful Life (2007)

  • Rating: 4/5 for entertainment value
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Genre: Comedy, Chinese New Year

PotatoGal relayed Teeth’s msg, “Want to watch Chan Yik Sun (Eason)’s new movie?”

“Huh? Got new movie with Eason?”

“Got woh!”

“Ronald Cheng is it?” They look similar. Not a guy you would take double note but they are talented in the music industry all over China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Ronald Cheng looks like my ex-colleague Carmen too. ;)

Teeth was so stressed out at work, she insisted that we joined her to hit video games at Holiday Planet.

After that, we watched It’s a Wonderful Life. We got in exactly at 5pm but the screen was blank. Usually there would be advertisements and movies preview..

This is definately funnier and realistic than The Lady Iron Chef, although you can debate how realistic it is that the heaven actually have a Thunder as morning alarm clock. Oh, Thunder also opens a booth selling lots of food in colourful wrappers. :)

Thunder is reminded by Saint of 9 Heaven that he had “promised to help Ding Dong and now Ding Dong is in his 30’s, his life is a mess.” He calls Saint, “Ah Gau,” as in 9 in Cantonese. I thought he is calling her ‘dog’ throughout the movie. Doi!

Ding Dong now works in a department store for 18 years. The person (Tony Leung as horny and abusive boss) who join the company with him at the same time is now the CEO’s husband. Even though he is ridiculed by his boss, he tried to remain cheerful at home.

His family also has other problems:

  • wife is interested in making art than making love with him
  • children hit their heads with pails over their head onto the wall
  • sister is broken hearted by 2 guys and suck at dancing
  • bro-in-law is a mousey in love with a gambler
  • wife’s cousin, Jack – Pirates of the Carribbean, is trying to woo his wife to travel around the world

It’s a very funny movie, from start till end. Lots of good ideas (the gods dress up in their traditional costumes for annual photos, why Thunder promise Ding Dong years ago, not enough time – everyone perform now!), cameos by famous actors and crazy antics. But I didn’t watch this for Ronald Cheng – not a fan of his slapstick facial expressions.

Just remember to check your lottery tickets date before you harm yourself! :D

Love HK Film – It’s a Wonderful Life

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, 8th March is International Women’s Day (IWD)!

It’s a far cry from not having the right to vote, being valued as a “stock” and object in the older years. Malaysian women are living in peace. We are appreciated by our family, romantic partners be it men or women, our children, company, country, etc. Heh, even guys want to be gals ;)

We are independent when single, married, with children. We get equal salary and opportunities at work. We are safe from harm. We support each other.

Do we?

Islamic wives are still bound by polyandry yet they can’t take more than 1 husband at a time. Boys are still preferred by most traditional Chinese and Indian families, even by the women/mothers themselves. Girls are good in academic but boys excel in sports. Leadership is still a men’s trait. When women do it, it’s called being a bitch and opinionated.

Sisters, let’s celebrate ourselves! For being a person who has equal rights, fight for equal rights and live it!


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