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Unemployed + woman + blogger = liar

Read these first:

Brilliant deduction from Malaysian Tourism Minister Tunku Adnan. Where did he get such info:

  • there are 10,000 unemployed bloggers in Malaysia/Malaysians (living here or abroad?)
  • 8,000 of those 10, 000 are women
  • we spread rumours
  • we dislike national unity?

I am unemployed right now. I am a woman. I just celebrated International Women’s Day! The things I blogged about Malaysia on human rights, safety, community, etc are my opinion, some with facts. I don’t spread rumours (false info). I blog.

I guess, in a twisted way, it’s good news that unemployed women in Malaysia are blogging – they are hi tech! So does that mean that the unemployed men are not hi tech in blogging and spreading rumours?

We blog about our country (good & bad) because we want our country to improve. It’s our Tanah tumpahnya darahku. I still prefer living here to other countries (mostly it’s because I haven’t lived in another country) even though some of the things that our politicians say are front page jokes.

If we (all races, bloggers or not) were not tolerant and compromising, wouldn’t we have civil war NOW? Malaysians are not that violent. At least most of us would reason with one another, not simply accuse.

What positive attitude did he show to the world by accusing unemployed women bloggers of spreading rumours and dislike unity?

If the world learn from him, the world would learn that Malaysia’s the heaven for anyone who want to bullshit as a minister.

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