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Buyer & fashion (updated)

Updated on the original post: 28 Feb 2007

This is part thick face, self-marketing and musings about the fashion industry. Haha. I’m not really comfortable selling myself… I’m so shyyyy, so this is a practice.

So far this the most comprehensive article on buyer as a career – not consumer shoppers like you and me. iSeek – Career: Buyers and Purchasing Agents is based in Minnesota but relevant for other locations.

This is a great job for me. I love analyzing information, find the loop holes and improve on processes, shopping and travelling!

Right now, I’m compiling links for Fashion Retail list for my other blog, Promotions and Sales in Malaysia (PASIM).

I search the companies and links, then I check out the Career section on these websites and if I would like to work in those companies, I forward my resume to them. You’d never know when they have vacancy and suddenly remember me ;)

Of course since the list is not only for me, I put brands that may interest my readers too.

Think of all the fun generating and analyzing the reports on stock (available, pending, damaged, transfering) and sales figures in different outlets, for different products and time! When I was a promoter at my previous job, I grabbed the small wooden storage as a stool to sit for a long time when there wasn’t customer to analyze the data. The company’s POS has inventory and sales tracking so it was easier for us (my partner & part timers too) to check which product, size, colour is sellable.

Some outlets are able to sell casual wear than others (like my counter) so we would transfer those stock to those outlets after sometime. It saves our storage space, enables us to get better/sellable stock and other outlets get $. No point keeping 20 pieces of the same size of 1 design when it’s only sold 2 pieces in a week here. Sometimes, we would contact the Assistant Buyer to check which outlet didn’t have enough of the stock that we had too much.

As a buyer/assistant buyer, I can also utilize my shopping (or window shopping hehe) internally. Browsing at competitors is called “getting to know the enemy” and to get the upper hand. *Evil laugh*

But then, what is sellable in another company may not boast sales in own company. It’s possible that brand image is so ingrained into the customers that even though Sarsi or Pepsi may taste better than Coke (test different drink when you are blind-folded), people (when not blind-folded) still buy Coke rather than other cold drinks.

Polo t-shirts in Ralph Lauren are so popular. It’s in the pony logo, associated with the rich people’s hobby/sport. Heh, even it’s (Ralph Lauren Polo) official website is www.polo.com. But Lacoste is catching up in polo t-shirts with crocodile logo. G2000 is now following suit using sub-brands like G2000 blu (previously known as U2) and Pink Label when Ralph Lauren have been famous with Black Label and Blue Label. Lacoste too have Lacoste Pink for ladies.


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