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Dempo Snow

Sometime in Jan 2007…

After walking around Times Square, dead tired, I wanted to reach the monorail train station ASAP. I was stopped by a Malay girl. She pitched something and I glanced at the booth (there were several booths having beauty/accessories fair). Lots of small white plastic bottles with purple wordings and logo arranged neatly on the table, most of them in a pack of 3 inside a sealable plastic bag. Then she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the front, then she promoted this product.

She said more than asked, “Nak cuba.”

She applied Dempo Snow on my hand and explained about the usage of the products non-stop. “Ah, tu bang saya. Tengok sekarang kulit dia merah-merah cantik, kan? Dulu dia banyak jerawat.” She pointed a man who looked older than her 10 years. Indeed, he had the bright pink tanned skin on his face. Like a drunk man.

Trying to get on my side, she tried to speak in Cantonese and Mandarin for some skin problems terms but I couldn’t get what she meant. Chinese languages are complex. 1 spoken word has 4 tones, each with different meanings (and character spelling).

“Boleh guna sebagai mask juga. Biar dia kering, lepas tu sembur air sedikit. Sikit saja cukup. Guna kain untuk dab. Sapu 1 hala. Ha… nampak tak, yang tu kulit mati.”

“Sekarang, ada promotion. Kalau beli 1 pek – ada 3 dalam,” she grabbed a pack, “dan percuma 1 botol. 1 pek RM##.”

“1 botol saja?”

“RM##. Tapi kalau awak ambil pek, lagi baik. Boleh guna lama. Ni pasti berkesan. Nanti muka dan kulit sangat cantik.”

The price listed on the sticker of the bottles – RM15. It’s something like Hazeline Snow but with cheaper looking packaging.

“Tak mau la. Tak cukup duit. Saya cuba 1 dulu.”

“OK, awak beli 2, saya bagi awak 1 percuma lah.”

“Ha? Mengapa?” I was shocked.

“Saya nak ambil commission.”

“Banyak ke commission?”

“Err.. ada la..”

“OK la. Saya ambil dua.”

Hehe. My Buy 2 free 1 is cheaper than Buy 3 in 1 pack free 1.

I have been using it for a month, everyday – if I could remember it. My face still have pimples around the chin. During that Jan, I had pimples on my forehead but not on my chin – ate too much biscuits even before CNY hoho. My legs still have scar marks.

As for removing the dead cells, the mask dries up and when you sweep over it (hard & repeatedly), the dead cells come off together with the dried mask. Afterwards, the skin does seem smoother although not fairer.

I still have 2 more bottles to go. I have to say, the effects are very mild.

Pos Metro Balikpapan – Ada Konter Cream Pembersih Alami

It’s from Indonesia?

It’s distributed by Am’Co Trading in Sungai Petani, Kedah (as printed on the sticker).

According to the promoter, “Carrefour ada jual ni.”


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  1. Had the same encounter with a dempo snow salesgirl at an expo recently. Very persuasive, yes! and annoying but then it sales.

    They had the dempo snow in a pack of 3 too. Its $15 per bottle but if beli yang satu pack 3 tu, ada harga promo. I bought only one.

    Gave her $20, expecting my $5 change back but instead the salesgirl persuaded me again saying that I just need to add another $15 to get the pack of 3 but I didn’t. But she gave me a bottle for the price of $5 (my supposely $20 change)

    Honestly, I like this product. Feels nice on the skin. Haven’t cuba it as a mask thou. Will later tonite. Thank you for the info (:


  2. i bought this product…but i stop using it now cos i am a bit curious with the ingredients. they didnt state whats inside the product. dunno whats the side effect for long term


  3. curious about ingredients? me too. but i dont think there s any side effect. the cream is too plain simple. my concern is on the halal status. since the salesgirl is Muslim…i bought it..the regret came later…haiyaa..! manusia..manusia…


  4. Today my father had been forced tp buy 3 packs of this product with price RM70
    i’m not sure it is worth or not but i’m totally angry and cant accept the promoter style.
    they dont have right to put any “things” to consumer body without permission.

    i feel that my dad had been forced to buy after his money change was not been return by the promoter then offer for 3 packs..

    huh..!!! if i’m there, i feel want punch his face. RM70 can buy more important things instead of that !@#!%$..

    i just want to share for those have same opinion with me.
    for me, be a professional in selling. not by forcing customer to buy your product.

    i’m seriously say that the promoter will regret if they try to sell to me with this kind of method.
    say to them not to face with customer with me!!!


  5. I bought Dempo Snow product and have been using it for about a week, i noticed the different below my eyes..Then was quite black and now became brighter. It contains Sengkuang (fruit) extract which can removes dead cells, tighten your skin texture and ETCs..


    1. u go to 5th floor Time Square or G floor Sungei Wang Plaza, just bought 2 bottles today and i gonna use it now, hehe. hope everything go right:D


  6. I too have recently purchased this product, Gadong Mall, Brunei $15 ea packaged in box of 3 pay $40. Same sales technique. Yes there does not appear to be information on ingredients in product and how to use plus benefits. Skin does feel fresher and smoother. I need to know correct usage, and can you you with your other cleansing/moisturising routine. The Sales rep said it is good for skin pigmentation, pimples and chicken pox…… they mean for scarring


  7. babygurl, I passed by Times Square & there was a booth selling this in the fair section (middle) but I forgot which floor. It was next to sth Diamond.

    KP, Correct usage – better ask the salesperson. According to my salesgirl, it can be used as moisturizer & mask. Colouring & lightening scars.


  8. i ve bought them for RM45 AT TESCO. As da promoter said that it able to give good effects in only a week so i bought it witout doubt.But afte 2 days i used it,there a lot of pimples occur on my entire face and it became worst day to day.I made a call to da supplier but surprisely he yield at me.So rude!!!!!!!!!!!what a such liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  9. who said that dempo snow gives merit 2 ur face ???i ve post several coments bout diz product b4 n my comment was display jus 4 a b u guys jus show the coment that give compliment 2diz product yaaa???i ve used dis product bout 2days n my face was fulfil by pimples badly!!my sis n my fren also trid dis product and the same thing happened to them.i ve called the supplier n surprisely he yield at me.very rude!!!what a such liar!!!


  10. zaraa/an, your comments were sent to moderation for spam because you posted the next comment within a short period of time. I only delete spam & junk comments in this blog, not valid positve or negative comments.


  11. Went to a mall this week with friends…guess what, my friends been stopped by a dempo snow promoter while i was buying mcd’s ice cream. The promoter, persuaded my friends to buy 2 bottles of the cream for rm20. She tried to make me ‘fall’ into such plain lies about the product. Yea, right. I ask her if there were any chemical in that cream since the fragrance is too strong. She said no. It is all natural. As far as im concern, no natural-based product has a smell that is so strong! And why there is no information about the ingredients? As if they want to cover up something. I mean, dont u guys wanna know, what stuff u put on ur face? If they put seaweed and sengkuang or whatever, surely the process of mixing the ingredients naturally, without any chemical involved gona takes time and costly. But the product is abundant in number and quite cheap (compared to other natural beauty stuff)


  12. Got this info from moh website…
    Product Name


    Holder Name





    Manufacturer Name






  13. been using the product for 2 weeks now…the smell is quite strong becuase of the bengkoang(sengkuang) far so good and the effect is much better and faster than the $$$$$ branded that i’ve been using for almost 20 years.. my skin looks supple and tight now.

    Its using natural ingredients seaweed/bengkoang which is famous for its good effect..


  14. i think it depends on the person’s skin itself..
    there’s lots of different sequences regarding the dempo snow. some have got better result but some get worse.
    I also really curious bout the ingredients… is it true from the seaweed..
    (macam la ade byk sgt laut kat kl nih)


  15. Whilst holidaying in KL my sister bought this product for us both plus a spare bax of 3. i laughed at first because i thought she just got sucked in by the lady selling it but guess what… it is the best thing i have tried on my face and the best results. i am over 50 and fine laugh lines around face and was dark under the eyes. well not now…. when you get people who comment on how fresh and young you look and all you have on your face is the Dempo snow.. you know it is working.


    1. Hi all, I live in CO, USA for more than a decade now, and I am the one who has this mentality that the more expensive the product, the better result it’ll give you, but not anymore. Late last year. my sister from Bandar Sunway, sent me as a gift Dempo Snow, first impression, it looks really cheap with no single craps of ingredients mention on it. I have my big doubt, however, not to disappoint my lil sister, I’ve tried it. Dang!!! It has been just a bottle, and I’ve seen great change on my face. Firstly, it’s fairer, secondly, my blackheads all lighten up and almost gone! I am soooo happy and greatful. Yay I can save more money now, just get my sister to export this cream to me. So, my advice, different people might have different result depending on their hormon, skin texture, blood and such. But it works really well for me and my sister and mom too. Love them so much!


    2. you are from the US sure that’s why your english sucks haha. great pretender, surely another dummy account to boost marketing


  16. i bought this product for my 12 y.o. daughter. she has uneven skin tone,she s still very young so no pimples problem. i thought, since this is purely made from sengkoang plus it has no overrated chemicals, it shud be safe for her skin ..
    she used it for about 10 months, it didnt do any good for the uneven skin tone but it did help when she has occasional pimple break-outs! it leaves no scar and she s happy :)
    i thought, why dont i try this product, so, as we are speaking, i have been using it for 6 months now and i m happy with the result (less-oily, smoother skin, pimples dry off faster, old scars fading).
    few weeks ago, my daughter sweared she s not going to use dempo again. she found fungus in her dempo!!


  17. may i know whether this product is halal or not?
    i heard b4 that hazeline snow have used an animal to produced this product. is it the same with the dempo snow???


    1. I don’t mean to offend you in any way but what makes a product (that is not food) halal? I am Muslim too but I come from a family that is not very religious and I don’t really want to be using products that I shouldn’t be using. I would appreciate your help.


  18. My wife buy this stupid snow fucking cream even i say dont buy it. the idiot sales person keep holding my wife until she buy. from RM45 then drop to RM10 2 bottle. After we came back to our house she try to apply to her skin but, and 5 minute later buang the stupid cream. hahaha anyone want to buy this cream just forget it. no used. if you notice the cream just like Nivea Cream (Blue Tin) or Hazelin snow. So i strongly percaya nie tak leh pakai. next time if you see this kind of product just ignore or slap the sales person. now days so many product especially beauty product not a good one. Dempo Snow also if u notice no expired date, Tested or been approve by expert. so be careful. Maybe NON- HALAL or worse thing maybe can course you skin canser.


  19. count me in guys! i’m also a victim of this product. the sales person managed to apply this shitty cream on my mums face when we were shopping shopping in GIANT Batu caves. they sold her 3 bottles for RM 45 ( yeah! she got 2 more bottles free lol ) i dont know the mystery behind this product! it works up to a certain extend. you wont get 100% results. but it works


  20. i used this product..
    1stly, i never thought it wud be any different, because my skin was sun-burned and many tiny pimples..

    it makes ur skin feel like mint.. very fresh..
    and breeze..

    i used it for two months..

    when i came to my ex student gathering, that time i realized, that my skin turned smoother, no more pimples, and it covers ur pimples scar..

    although it works, i never use it now..
    because so lazy to put it on my face before sleeping..


    anybody wants to try it can contact me, my close fren sell it.. (


  21. Hi..i’ve read so much of all the comments here about that beauty products. I agreed! I was one of the victims too. A salesgirl called me while i was walking at one of the shopping centre in Kuantan. She applied some of it on my hand just to demo how the cream works. At first i believe that it works, because when she rub it on my hands, i saw the dead cells coming out from my skin. It works pretty much like the ginvera marvel gel.

    Same tactic, 3 bottles for RM45 and get another bottle free.But i didnt bother to buy as i thought that they might cheat me. Den again they persuaded me to try i did lah buy just 3 bottles for 30 ringgit.

    I think my bro did use this same cream too. Well it works. His skin is brighter than before. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks already and the result is amazing for the first few days. But after that, i realise, there’s pimples on my forehead. And more of it coming out. I was so frustrated. Now i felt cheated. But somehow, my skins do get brighter than before. depends oso on certain skin?


  22. Hi, my husband bought dempo snow months ago after being hassled by a sales girl at Giant’s Supermarket, he thought it would be great for my daughter who had severe excema.

    He bought the 3 packs free 1, and showed it to me. I laughed at him for being such an Idiot and bought the stupid cream that smelled like a cheaper version of Hazeline Snow.

    Months later I developed acne problem on my face. Imagine a 30 some middle aged year old woman having acne! Thanks to my skin adjusting to the hot weather in Malaysia, and also for the products at Bluunis which is unsuitable for my skin.

    One day in desperation as I looked at the big buldging pimples growing on my face I saw the Dempo Snow bottle at the side of my sink. Oh, what the heck. . . so I shlepped a thick layer of Dempo Snow cream onto my face.

    My face has stopped being so oily and my pimples have also gone after using this products. I certainly have stopped laughing at my husband. . . guessed he was not such an Idiot after all. And best of all Dempo Snow cost less then the facial I went to at Blunnis which done NOTHING for my skin!!

    I hate BLUUNIS!


  23. ok, tis male promoter convinced my aunt to buy 3 bottles even tho she oni intend to buy 1 bottle at 1st. ermm $40 leh… duno if it reali works anot cos there is no expiry date on the bottles, i mean everything will have their expiry date what. n the promoters all 4 of them i saw r malays. so i duno if the whole company r malay-based or…?


  24. hello. I’ve tried this product. only using it for one month, I think my skin look more fairer but not that smooth. maybe it depends on our skin. be positive. (^^,)


  25. Mj,i bought this product but i dunno how to use it by correct way….can you tell me…enail to me?i really wanted to know…pls reply asap


  26. ooi ling,

    As moisturizer: just apply it after you’ve thoroughly clean skin & spread it evenly.

    As mask/scrub: apply on dry skin, let it dry and when it’s really dried, sprinkle some water on the skin and rub on the spot to take the mask off.


  27. sape taw nk dpt cream nih area shah alm kat ne??
    i’ve use once..
    n..hasilnye amat brpuashati lar..
    besides kurangkn jerawat..scars pon hilang…

    tp sangat susa nk cr..sape tau katne??


  28. saya baru menggunakan dempo snow 2 hari. tp x tau apa effect lg.Cuma wat masa ni x ada yg serious cuma timbul 2/3 biji jerawat lg.Saya x ada jerawat,cuma scars saja…. adakah berkesan dempo snow ni…????


  29. Lily – I recently went to Georgetown, and they sell this product in Giant. The one near Jalan Larut there. So better go there cpat if you want to buy before they disappear and change location. Lol.

    I love this cream, I really do. Had been using it last year, but just bought it again last weeks. I beli this product dgan RM70, for 2 package, but you know la dorang kan, nak promote giler2, so they give me another ONE package (all 3) free for 70. No bad la I thought.


  30. i have pimple problem since year 2000 until now.
    my face is very oily, i mean VERY2 oily.
    i tried many facial products, but none of them work.
    until 4 years ago, my mom asked me to try lactacid.
    pimples go down, but the oily skin problem are not solved.
    i guess my hormones r not stable yet.but its already 9 years..
    nevermind about the oily skin.
    until 1 month ago, my fiancee asked me to try dempo snow.
    i used it until now, and my pimple problem is gone. the scar is still there of course, but my face is recovering.
    my fiancee has a fair skin, and dempo snow didnt work on her.
    but it works with me. yeah, it really works.
    i dont use dempo snow as recommended. i use it my own way.
    before sleep, i wash my face, and put dempo snow all over my face and leave it until tomorrow morning.

    those who have serious pimple problem+oily face like me, i reckon that u use lactacid(2-3 times a day)+dempo snow before sleep.

    now i can hardly find a pimple on my face, only scars from before that left.


  31. I dont like Dempo Snow! I really hate the ways that their promoters treat us. Can u imagine that once you are walking at the shopping centre, then suddently they come and grabbed your hand and apply this cream that without state any ingredients, expered date, etc.. On your hand and even on your face..!! they dont respect us at all and forced us to buy their product also. I think many many of the consumers out there also have the same experience with me.


  32. @MJ – im using the skincare lactacyd. sorry i forgot to mention that.

    @kk – u were so unlucky to have been introduced to dempo snow like that. for me, at least, dempo snow’s effect is not as bad as how their sales agent was. of course they want to sell their products, so they will get more commission. ;)


  33. If anyone can get one bottle free one bottle of Snow Dempo for RM10.00 just let me know..

    If not try on the face …try on our neck and body..Ha!…


  34. i bought 1 pack (3 bottles) dempo snow on 10th Jan 2009 at The Mall.. 1 bottle for rm15 (for me quite expensive) for that quite small bottle but buy 1 pack (3 bottles) for rm30 so means get one free lorr.. i put on this dempo snow on my scars, my hands, my feet or wherever i want.. quite happy for the results which skin looks more fairer, smooth, clean, and the light scars are gone..

    i just came back from medan, indonesia 2 days ago.. there which at medan mall, sun plaza, & etc also got dempo snow selling counter, the price much cheaper!!

    1 bottle for 20,000rp = rm7..
    1 pack (2 bottles & 1 small bottle) + (1 bottle *free) for 60,000rp = rm21..
    1 dozen (12 bottles) + (3 bottles *free) + (1 small bottle *free) for only 130,000rp = rm45..

    * if they sell 1 dozen + blablabla for 200,000rp-250,000rp = rm77-rm85.. dont buy it (but it is up to u) because u can get 20% on that price..

    * all price are listed in the given pamplet..

    so i bought 1 dozen i got 12+3+1small bottle = 15+1small bottle lor for only rm45.. woh! i’m happy & excited.. insyaAllah it will give a good results on my skin, aminn..

    so if ure in medan or all around indonesia (i guess) dont forget to buy a dempo snow.. now i wonder if this product from indonesia??


  35. saya dkat indon promo kan produk am_amco…..bila bole saya nak tanya….apa am-amco dah da dekat singapore….nombo talian saya +6285274499923 mesej saya bila nak cuba guna kan am_amco….produk nie tak da kesan sampingan …..


  36. I had buy this dempo snow 2 days ago.1 bottle RM 15.00 at face oily skin.before promoter introduce this product i got 2 pimples on my skin..arrGGGhhh!!
    On that night i wash my face with water only.Then apply this product.After that go sleep..
    At the morning..I’m very2 happy and thanks to this product because that pimples is gone…its very2 work for my skin..and i want to use this continuosly..


  37. i heard bout this product from my cousin.
    his face was ful wif pimples b4 but after he use this product, his face become brighter n pimples are gone..
    n now pimples keep on growing on my face.. i dun ave any before! he did suggest me using this product.
    guess, ill try it and hopefully it works on my skin..
    coz i can stand to have pimples anymore..-_-


  38. i think everyone should be more realistic… can someone actually list down those products which REALLY take away all ur pimples and scars in 2 days… same goes with this product (dempo snow)… u should have not expect to see the good results in 2 days… i mean, come on guys, it’s not some kind of magic potion… just have some trust in it b4 u apply it to ur skin… if u can’t even trust it at first, don’t put it on ur skin coz u’ll start blaming others when it doesn’t give u what u want… one more thing is that don’t expect urself to get good results like others bcoz we do have different skin…so, the outcome and the effect of the product won’t be the same…

    as for me, i’m happy with the products…thanks dempo snow :)


  39. my mum had use this cream for several months if i not mistake..vey amazing..she looks younger n fairer..i feel so jelous coz..i have a lots of acne and scar…then i start to use it..yeah..after 1 day..i can see the different…my face is getting brighter…i want to apply it for another weeks and i wanna see the result…all i want is to vanish all these acne and scar….!


  40. hi…i’m from sabah.i’ve been use this dempo snow cream almost one bottle,and its good.but i wonder where can i get this product again?i want to buy ,but i didn’t know where, because there no shop selling it….?pls give me information as soon as posibble..tq.


    1. hi JJ,

      you can get this product at the grd floor at KK Plaza. Their booths were near the entrance door facing the Pasar Besar KK.


  41. hai all….terima kasih sebab mencuba dempos snow….mungkin ada yang tak sesuai,dan ada juga yg sesuai,tapi produck kami tidak meninggal kan kesan buruk terhadap kulit…dan bagi yg sesuai menggunakannya,kalau ada sesiapa yg nak beli lagi,boleh lah menghubungi saya ditalian 016-3043400/ kami juga melayan penghantaran percuma bagi yg beli 12 botol rm 120…sabah serawak rm 150…sekian dari am’co trading…..


  42. I bought this product today. 03-12-09. Inside menara TM.
    That one lady forced me to buy this product. At first, i just wanted to see, but she grab me and put the cream in my hand and rub it. What can i do? She don’t even ask me at all. She just talking non stop, and never give me a chance to ask. Rm15 each. Ask me to buy 3 bottles at Rm45. I was doubt to this product. But still she forced me to buy and put it into the plastic bag. Still i confuse..and refuse. Then she said, ok, try 1 first. oKlah.. i told her. just rm15.. then i give her Rm20. Then she took another 1, she whisper me, i give u 1 more for Rm20. ok. What can i say? 2 for Rm20? What happen to Rm15 each? isn’t it Rm30 for 2? OMG, why so cheap product they sell me here.. maybe the cost just Rm5, and they got commission for RM10-RM15 each? woW!! what a great making money! I called my friend, and she said she bought this product before, last year and her face became more oily and pimples around her face. and she stop using it. and she bought it only for RM10!! Obviously i feel want to go down now and return this product immediately. Not sure tonight i want to use it or not.. moral of the story, survey the product, cost, before u buy it.. :-)


  43. erm..just asking…is this dempo snow..approve by kementetian kesihatan??? very curious…my brother told me…its may contain mercury n if i continue using it long term..i will have cancer…>.< after that its my turn..


  44. buat DEMPO yng komen bagi nombo 0163043400…yang atas nama kan am’co trading…sapa nama…????niel rasa tuh bukan nombo om Am…


    1. eh cube tengok kat kotak tu atau botol tu. kan ade email n facebook dorang. cari je kat situ senang.
      dorang akan balas komen2 kite taw.


  45. i like dempo snow..its really work on my face..jz wonder about the halal status n ingredients…wat about long term effect..someone should check with KKM..


    1. wow. i was afraid too but actually this Dempo Snow is made up from 100% natural.dont worry it is Halal. And dempo snow also certified by KKM. why dont u check urself.


  46. my besfriend she’s using it since 1 year ago n her skin is fairier, smooth n the pimples + scar had gone! i’m so damn jealous bcs dempo snow is not suit with me. it will react into my skin like itchy n got pimples. now i’m using black soap which is herb product n my pimples so far its reduced. but bcs of stress, it’ll come out again n again…(sigh~~)


  47. this pr0duct very effective…my scars had gone within 2 hari jerk!!!!!ermmm klu kt terengganu kt mne b0leh dpt product ni???bru pkai skli jerk..2 pon kwn sruwh pkai


    1. susah jugak nak cari kat terengganu tu.
      cuba order je terus dari dorang. nnt dorang akan pos free je. try la kat facebook dorang. atau
      saya dah pernah order da. confom dapat


  48. i used the product for about a month. and i didnt feel any different.
    i had a lot (really alot) of pimples before and now.
    i had pimples scars. i used dempo when i woke up and when i going to sleep.
    but my pimples and the scars wont go away! );
    instead theres one or two new pimples keep growing. TT
    any other products recommendation? im so clueless. HELP.


    1. u have to rub that thing until its dried up then still keep rubbing until u get what u want. but if u rub it hard it will come out easily but u will feel the pain if u do it hard. so its up to u.


  49. Concluding a long day, Aug 9th at Prangin Mall, Komtar:

    Waiting outside the McD’s for my order, I was approached by a compact, smiling man, half Malay & Indonesian accent who passed me a brochure. Before I could begin to read it with shopping bag in hand, another guy was wiping some white cream on the top of my left wrist.

    I asked him what was he going to do about it, ‘cos I didn’t appreciate his antics, what with the distraction initiated by his colleague. The 1st guy proceed to pull me gently to the nearby stall counter where the ‘creamer’ continued smearing what was left of the cream on my wrist to make it dissappear. Obviously, they weren’t good listeners ‘cos they latched on to the idea that north Petaling Jaya in Selangor state was Bukit Jambul. Not wanting to get nasty and create a scene…

    “What’s going on, ah?”, my brother asked. “Got suckered into something”, I replied matter of factly. You see, I’m at the opposite end of the target market that these duo might make their pickings in – a 6 foot, 260+lb martial artist with an athletics background…

    I told this duo that I had heard of Dempo Snow in the past. I wasn’t going to buy a load of their stuff and wasn’t interested to know more, that they ought to know their target customers thoroughly before walking off.

    The GCB burger and Filet O Fish was a treat, discounting the experience with those two…


  50. I am an American living in Bangkok. Yesterday I was at that same McDonalds at Prangin mall in Penang. Whenever I have been in that mall on other trips they always try to hand me their brochure but I refuse to take it. This time I had time to kill and let the guy put cream on my arm. It felt nice so I said I’d but one but then the old “here take a jar real cheap instead of change”. I have only used it last night and today so dont know if it does what all they say but right now I have an itchy spot of rash on my face and Dempo Snow is really relieving the itch that nothing else had helped




  52. While in KL last month I was pulled into a booth and hounded at until I purchased Dempo Snow.
    Didnt really think much of it, but I started using it every day, just as a moisteriser as I suffer dry skin.

    After a week, colleagues at work and family members started commenting about how good my skin looked. I love the way this cream makes my face feel fresh.


  53. I was at the pesta in Sungai Nibong just now when the same thing happened to me, too. A Malay guy applied the cream on my hand and rubbed it, wiped it off with damp cloth and I could see that it was a tad bit fairer than my other hand. He kept persuading me to buy, and he said that since I’m a student, he would sell me a bottle for RM10. I wasn’t really sure whether to buy or not, because I don’t trust products like these. After quite some time, I decided I’d give it a try. Hope it works for me. *fingers and toes crossed*
    He said it’s sold in Prangin Mall too.


    1. hi there.

      why dont u have a try first.
      because i am Dempo Snow no 1 fans.
      Dempo Snow realy help me with my skin problem. dont worry my dear, i have a very serious skin problem but after i tried that thing, my pimples is all gone. but it takes a few month


  54. dont just comment here.
    check out the DEMPO SNOW page on FACEBOOK and leave a comment there and let the DEMPO SNOW admin reply your comment there so u can get all the answer for your question or dissatisfaction about this product..

    i am a DEMPO SNOW user and i find it was a very good product because it help me with my skin problem.

    At first, i was curious too, i was doubt about this product, a was afraid that my skin will become worst. but after i try it, i found that i like it very much. so u guys can have lots and lots of information by asking them yourself about your problem.



  55. Hi where can i find dempo snow in singapore??looking for it badly…got it as agift from my mum and i must admit it does wonders to my oily skin…my scars have faded off and now my skin tone is more even and when i put on make up…my face looks better…i m happy with the effect of this product..i guess it depends on our skin type and how it reacts with this product


  56. hey kawan kawan saya orang indonesia maaf ya saya belum bisa bicara bahasa Malaysia. i was forced to buy that Dempo too in Indonesia, finally i bought two but then I hesitate to use this product. It labels a Halal Cosmetic from Majelis Ulama Indonesia, but then i hesitate. Does it really work for our face? i dont think i got problems with my skin, my skin is fair and just like any other chinese looks, i have no pimples. thanks you guys :)


  57. Bought this product yesterday at SUMMIT USJ, bought for RM100 for 6 bottles and free 3 bottles!! How to use?? Can someone explain to me?? ASAP.. =)) I got a very sun burn skin. Hopw this product will help to reduce my sun burn skin!! xD


    1. Just apply like normal moisturizer & let it on. If you want to use it as mask, wait till it dries and then wet your hands, then brush the dried Dempo Snow off.


  58. i have use this dempo snow 3 years later..tht time one promoter sale me at rm 20 2 bottle…but its kinda unwork to my face…then i use hazelin snow..tht my grandma use for long time…its more work on my face…dempo snow n hazelin…i thought hazelin more better…cos hazelin is made from uk…n it is old brand…tht got registered…an trust…hazelin more cheap n got quality…if u see..u have been cheatof tht dempo promoter…this dempo snow can get at so cheap price rather than promoter sale to us..tht i know…1oo botlle just cos rm20…now we know..they got ,many commison from us


  59. who would’ve guessed dempo snow still exists?

    around september this year i went to TS with my parents and we were stopped by the dempo snow sales lady. i stayed far away and watched the lady rubbing the thing on my parents’ hands and using kain basah tu rub it off. then i see my parents smiling happily n OMG! they bought the promotional 3 in 1 pack. i was soooo angry becoz they paid for something like that! argh!!

    so then that night, my mom came and gave me 1 bottle, told me to use it. alang2 dah beli, i tried la. aaaaaannddd i’ve got to say, it was surprisingly good. after 1st use my skin felt better.
    after a few days i noticed my skin was less oily and felt more supple.
    a few weeks after i noticed i had less pimples and scars.
    and when semester opened, lots of people noticed the change. here and there all i got were praises and surprises. lol.

    but i started to get lazy to use it. not even finish 1 bottle yet. few days ago i checked the bottle tgk2 the cover somehow tercabut, and the cream was dry. so buang la. wonder if i have another bottle at home….


  60. The same thing happened to my boyfriend and myself – we are Australian and when I said in Australia people want to ba darker, not fairer she changed and said oh no it won’t make you fairer. We bought some and The same thing happened as with others where we didnt get our change but convinced to buy 2. it seems to work to keep sunburn from peeling but I was a bit worried when the pamphlet said it contains borax as I have always known this as poisonous! It makes me feel better to know it has been useful rather than harmful for others, but I am also concerned about long term affects.


  61. I bought this product. 3 jars for $45.

    I have not used it as a mask. I have used it as a cleanser, lighlty wetting my face, rubbing the cream into my skin and washing it off. I have actually been amazed with the results. The first time I used it I noticed that it had cleared a lot of the blackheads on my nose. My skin felt soft and fresh. By the end of the day my skin usually gets oily but with using the dempo snow i didn’t have that problem at all.

    I think it is important to keep in mind that products will not always work for everyone. We all have different skin that will react better to some products than others. For example i tried proactiv and i was disappointed as it didn’t work for me yet other people say how good it is!



    The very same thing happens with me. My friend and I went to shopping mall and one guy just grab our hand, put the cream on and a woman spreaded the cream on our hand and kept on telling us shiz about the cream as it ie so good, idk if it is even real. She wipe my hand and my hand felt smoother, when Im about to buy 1 bottle and pay rm100, she give me rm50 change as she put 3 bottles into the plastic and I start to panic as she can just decide how many bottles should I buy? isnt that my decision to choose?

    I am speechless the way they manipulate buyers and rm50 just……flew for 3 bottles of unknown products. How I wish I could make some fuss and she’ll give me back my rm50 lol.

    Oh god, how do I use this? Should I just apply on my skin? or how? :(


  63. been using this Dempo Snow. at first two weeks my skin feels smooth but after that my skin feels itchy and pimples becomes worse.. then i stopped using it more pimples shows up. i feel regret for trusting such cheap cream.


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