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Matchmaking is a big business

Chai had called up all the gals for yamcha. Nat and I went over together.

“So you know who’s coming tonight?” I asked Nat.


“Chai only called gals, that’s all I know.”

“Ha?! I asked a guy. Just now we were talking. My supplier.”

Ah.. if it’s not her supplier, it’s her client or whatever. She seems to be bringing guys to our yamcha or dinner. “It’s good to meet new people,” she said. Usually people who are so happy in love or dating would want the same type of happiness for their friends.

Chai echoed that previously, “Yeah, good to meet others.” Before Nat told her at a disco, “Na, you entertain him lar. I’m going dancing!”

It turned out that only the 3 – no, 4, including the guy – arrived. The other 2 women were too tired. 2 more no response.

“Why Sam didn’t reply?” Nat asked Chai.

“Maybe she’s busy at work or with bf leh,” I guessed. “She’s very homely 1 mar, like you,” I said to Nat.

“I’M NOT HOMELY!” Nat denied it vehemently. “I don’t stay at home during the weekends also.”

“Ya lo but you are homely at the other home (her bf’s) marr.”

Nat kept quiet.

That guy, BizGuy, is very much into match making. He gave his testimonial, “I had 2 successful match making already!”

2 only?

“How many couple did you try to match make?” I asked him.

“2 only,” he showed 2 fingers.

100% success rate huh.

Guess - Guillaume Guichard & Amanda Jensen
Guess – Guillaume Guichard & Amanda Jensen

“Want to enter (your details for my match making project)?” he asked me eagerly, gesturing his notebook.

I shuddered, “No.”

I looked at Chai. Chai immediately shook her head non-stop. She hated match making attempts by other people.

“Since you love business and match making so much, why don’t you create a match making service?” I asked him.

He shook his head, “So many people are doing this already.”

“But you can create a new idea with match making like a match making trip for 2, mix and match at restaurant.”

I remember reading somewhere that AhMoi has activities for their members too.

“Yugh, why do they name it AhMoi.com? The name is so-” Nat complained, flapping her palms to get the correct word.

“Ah lian.”

“The word is something that everyone (in Malaysia) knows,” BizGuy said.

When we were in college, Nat and I used to be active in Match.com or those networking thing but stopped since most of the guys we communicated online were into sex only or they were boring guys.

Though now I’m still a member of Tickle (used to be Emode), I only take the tests, not to meet other people. There was a website where you enter your crush(es) names and emails, ask them to join the site and if your list matches, you get to meet that crush(es) online in a chat room! Forgot that website’s name. Being shy and all, I prayed so hard for my crush then to register and put my email as his crush. Then we could express our feelings! Unfortunately, I had no idea if he even registered.

Ian Webb & Michelle Buswell
Ian Webb & Michelle Buswell

Car and CoveredUp listed the guys we all knew.

Car said, “Z is available ah. He’s very, very rich also. Have several houses.”

Wah, several houses. Yeah, he was buying a home from auction last time. But he’s very available to everyone in skirts.

“EverytimeItreat is a verrry nice guy,” Car said earnestly.

“Ya lo! Everytime I bump into him during lunch, he pays for me!” CoveredUp told Car.

I smiled at both of them. EverytimeItreat is also quite rich and loves his family.

“But if he’s angry..” Car trailed off.

“He’s scary,” I still couldn’t shake off his angry look when I wanted to pay for my share of dinner.

“No ah, he’s always very calm,” CoveredUp said.

“You forgot that time?” I asked CoveredUp.

“He wasn’t angry lar,” CoveredUp said.

“You’ve never seen him angry. His face. Black,” Car grimaced.

If that wasn’t angry, boy, I don’t want to ever see him angry. At least not at me. *shake head*

“T! T!!! I think if he changes his hairstyle, he will look very nice!” CoveredUp gave too much praise to T or she had eyesight issue. :p

“Ha?!” Both Car and I balked at her. Then we laughed. Obviously she was the only one who thought T would look good underneath his (thining) hair.

“You all no need say more,” I gestured cutting the air. “I’m going to tackle the guy I had a crush on last time. His name is.. ” I racked my brain for his name… and face.

“Cannot remember his name also?!”

“So what? We’ve spent several nights together!”


“PD.” For training and holiday under the company. “You help me search company’s contact list la,” I told CoveredUp since she’s still working there.

So, are you in Friendster?


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