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Comparison between Windows Live, MSN & Yahoo IM

The first website that I was introduced to in college’s introduction class to computer was Yahoo! Yet I knew it couldn’t be Yahoo! because I had been reading NST Computimes and wrote down all the interesting website in a book way before I signed up for Diploma in Computer Science but I am still a loyal user of Yahoo! services because I remembered Yahoo! as the 1st good website and is still useful to me now.

Then Hotmail was the email service that almost everyone had but I had signed up with Yahoo! already. The only reason I signed up in Hotmail – which offered less space then – was to be possessive – claim my name in Hotmail. Hotmail’s interface was boring dark blue and beidge-yellow too.

Recently, MSN‘s IM (Instant Messaging) is no longer available for download in MSN.com. The company has churned out Windows Live Messenger to replace MSN Messenger – to brainwash us with indirect advertising of Windows operating system from the name “Windows”. It’s actually to streamline the naming convention so that you’ll associate the IM with Windows. Come to think of it, why not combine with Windows Messenger and name it Microsot Microsoft IM? WL & Hotmail interfaces are getting more aesthetic. :)

WL has more features added for user’s convenience and the interface is cooler than MSN IM. MSN didn’t allow offline message sending but Yahoo! IM could long time ago – so you don’t have to wait for the person to be online or send email with WL.

Both WL & Yahoo! IM also have:

  • Search web (both companies strive to be the #1 search engine to beat Google)
  • Files sharing
  • IM the other side (Yahoo! with WL and WL with Yahoo!)
  • Search contacts info (really useful when your contacts put names like happygolucky or theassisoverthere and you have to crack your brain to remember their names or if you have a long list of contacts)
  • Direct link to your email – this is by far the most useful feature. I don’t have to relogin in email when I’m already logged in IM.

Among my favourite features in Windows Live are:

  • Sharing folders Windows Live - Sharing folders
    Useful to send and receive files – even if one of you is offline. Mmm, why didn’t I think of using this earlier when bro wants to get some files from my PC? This is good for sharing more than a few files since it’s probably faster than sending them over via File Send or email.
  • Create own emoticons (or saved from your contacts msg).
    I Onion Club emoticons
  • Handwriting
    This was cool when I first used the feature but I don’t use this anymore
  • Status Offline but you can still send IM like Yahoo! MSN didn’t allow this. If you are appearing Offline, you can’t send IM to others but you can view others status.

I still like Yahoo! IM for:

  • Yahoo! IM - Avatars
    Avatar – create your own (some animated) personality
  • Expressive small emoticons Yahoo! IM - Emoticons - rolling on the floor but you can’t add in your pretty/fugly face, unlike MSN. Ops, WL – it takes some time to adjust to the new name. Here’s the hidden emoticons.
  • Yahoo! IM - AudiblesAudibles just to annoy other people! Hehe. Wei lei hai pin tou ah?
  • LAUNCHcast Radio used to on this all the time till I had no more free slots. Wished they add more International/Asian songs.
  • Used to like IMVironments but not anymore. It’s fun when you are a kid or in college. Or think you still are. ;) Still, it was fun while it lasted.

The comparisons here are, of course, incomplete. You have to experience it to feel it.

Wikipedia – Comparison of instant messaging clients


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