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It is not what it is

A beloved ‘biatch’ told me excitedly, “Eh, Star Newspaper got lots of jobs that you want!!”

It was Sat midnight but I managed to get my hands on The Star’s Sat edition on Sun. :) Yep, a lot of jobs that I was – still – looking for!

1 of them was a job simply tittled Merchandize Assistant for an expanding fashion company. The job requirements were very simple – know MS Office and Diploma in Admin. *raise eyebrows* I definately could do this! I wondered if there were any hidden tricks?

Because Merchandize is dealing with company’s products and this is not a junk company.

When I reached the office for interview, the interviewer asked me, “What do you know of this position?”

So I answered something like, “It’s a position to assist the main Merchandizer with stock leverage, products distribution to outlets, making sure each outlets maximize their sales potential with relevant products.”

She stared at me for sometime then said, “Actually, this is a very much Admin job. It’s not to help order stock but you liase with promoters at each outlet to order stationeries that they need.”

WHAT?! Stationeries?!

sta·tion·er·y (stā’shə-něr’ē) Pronunciation Key

  1. Writing paper and envelopes.
  2. Writing materials and office supplies.

Dictionary – reference

Then why did the company give the name “Merchandize” to someone who orders stationeries that are not the company’s products? It’s misleading. Or it’s English is that terrible?

“Didn’t you know from the job description in the advertisement?” she asked me.

“I thought it was weird that the requirements were so simple. Isn’t the company’s products called merchandize?”

mer·chan·dise (mûr’chən-dīz’, -dīs’) Pronunciation Key
n. Abbr. mdse.
Goods bought and sold in business; commercial wares.v. merchandise (-dīz’) also mer·chan·dize (-dīz’) mer·chan·dised also mer·chan·dized, mer·chan·dis·ing also mer·chan·diz·ing, mer·chan·dis·es also mer·chan·diz·es

v. tr.

  1. To buy and sell (goods).
  2. To promote the sale of, as by advertising or display: merchandised a new product.

To buy and sell goods; trade commercially.

Dictionary – reference: Merchandize

She shook her head, “No. This is a very much admin job. Raise PO for stationeries or whatever that the company’s staff needs.”

So it was among the shortest interview that I had. After finding out about that company’s interpretation of Merchandize Assistant, I replied, “Well.. then it’s not the right job for me but thank you for your time. If you have any vacancy for [the positions that I wanted], please let me know.” We smiled, I initiated hand shake and left. I shook my head and smiled in the lift, alone. What a joke.


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