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Tohtonku – Follow Me – Oil Control (Updated)

Tohtonku - Follow Me - Oil Control Pimple GelThis is a review on Follow Me – Oil Control (pimple gel) and its website Tohtonku.

Follow Me – Oil Control (pimple gel)

Price: RM15.30 @ Tesco

The paper packaging’s font is quite modern with rounded square O which reminds me of small images in the web. The colours in grass green and orange reminds me of nature and well, orange the fruit. To some people, orange may mean something else hehe. So those who are colour blind wouldn’t have problem reading the characters. ;)

The packaging is designed to suit display over those hanging racks, otherwise it’s not much use to normal customers. Unless your home actually has the hanging racks or metals to hold the box.

But it contains info on its usage and directions for use in 3 languages – English, BM and Chinese. Only the ingredients are listed in English. Great for most Malaysians. It even listed the website Tohtonku in the box at the License, Manufacturer and Imported by section.

What I don’t get is at the Batch No and Mfg Date section is this:


1 261006

I don’t supposed it’s made in year 1006. Hah.. What do the normal consumers care about Batch No? It’s only useful for tracking to the company. How about useful info to us?

The pimple gel is in tube form which has a twist clear cap – it’s easy to use and it wouldn’t come out too much. Actually even when I was holding it reversed, a dot of the gel came out and gathered at the hole but since I had to use a lot, I didn’t mind it.

There’s a faint tree tea oil and fresh scent.


  • small (I don’t have to buy a huge bottle to try it out)
  • cheap
  • found in most retailers
  • easy to use
  • easy on the nose
  • not drying to the skin
  • not sticky when I apply it
  • simple packaging
  • a bit sticky if you touch the area that you have applied the gel after 1/2 hr. Mmm..

Will update again to see if it really works.

*Update 19 Apr 2007*

It does work on small pimples (less than 0.2cm area of redness and a bit of pus inside) – the pimples are cleared up within 1-3 days. However, it takes longer for bigger pimples. Yeah, it makes the face feel sticky if you touch it after 30minutes – like oil is coming out.

If I squeeze the pimples from underneath the skin out, I still get recurring pimple sometimes even after applying this afterwards. And I squeeze from 360 degrees coming onto the pimples.

*end of Update 19 Apr 2007*

Tohtonku’s website

Although the website’s interface is clear – you don’t have to scroll much, instead you click on Next/Back if it has more info – it’s not exactly user friendly.

Tohtonku - new website
Tohtonku – new website – So?

Like in the News section, the company introduced a new website but there’s no link to the new website, not even on the screenshot of the website!

However, if you are looking for ingredients in the website on this product, you’ll only get this in View Details (if you don’t believe me, click on the Follow Me – Oil Control image haha. Wanna BET?!!!):

Tea tree enriched formula and Uva Ursi leaf extract covers pimples, acne and problematic skin by permeating skin layers.

Whoa. So much for Details on a product. Look up the box at pharmacies and retailers if you are interested.

There’s also a contest going on if you spent over RM30 of Tohtonku products in 1 receipt (err.. on or not, I’m not sure) because there’s no dateline listed in the website. I didn’t see the contest form anywhere near I took my gel. Doi!

Tohtonku - contest
Tohtonku – contest


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