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Ugly Betty – Episode 10 – Fake Plastic Snow

I missed the starting of Ugly Betty Episode 10! And when my dog barked at a cat passing by outside, I missed some scenes! Arrhhh..! Thank goodness for reruns! I caught the missed scenes. Except the dream!!! So here I am searching in Television Without Pity and YouTube for the starting of this episode. Right… Continue reading Ugly Betty – Episode 10 – Fake Plastic Snow

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Distant uncle’s taken by cancer

1 of my distant err.. relative had passed away due to cancer. I have another distant aunt with cancer, fighting for survival. Even in death, there are so many ‘rules’. If a person is young, the burial must be done faster than an older person. Usually for old people’s funeral, it would take 3 days.… Continue reading Distant uncle’s taken by cancer