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Ugly Betty – Episode 10 – Fake Plastic Snow

I missed the starting of Ugly Betty Episode 10! And when my dog barked at a cat passing by outside, I missed some scenes! Arrhhh..!

Thank goodness for reruns! I caught the missed scenes. Except the dream!!! So here I am searching in Television Without Pity and YouTube for the starting of this episode.

Right Back – Betty & Henry (Ugly Betty)

OMG. They are so meant to be! :D

Television Without Pity – Ugly Betty – Fake Plastic Snow

I also found this clip of America Ferrera being ignored and insulted by the beautiful but I’m-too-hot-just-hear-me-talk-talk-talk in a recent Golden Globe Award:

America still smiled and answered politely but that presenter should be aware of her surroundings for timing and NOT snide at winners.


Mini Anden, the model in Giorgio Armani – Armani Code, Hugo Boss Woman is gorgeous¬† as Daniel’s 1st Supermodel ex, Aerin.

Distant uncle’s taken by cancer

1 of my distant err.. relative had passed away due to cancer. I have another distant aunt with cancer, fighting for survival.

Even in death, there are so many ‘rules’. If a person is young, the burial must be done faster than an older person. Usually for old people’s funeral, it would take 3 days. Some rich/influential people wait till a week!

Supposedly my father originally planned to go to visit his cousin yesterday, Saturday. However, he thought maybe this cousin wouldn’t be at home – without calling to ask his cousin. Asume, asume. So he decided to go on Sunday instead. I think someone informed my father late Friday that he was in the hospital.

Somehow, his cousin didn’t want my family to know because of my grandmother’s delicate condition in health and emotions. According to the relatives we saw today, it was already extremely serious where the doctor told him that he could last maybe 1-2 days only. We only found out about this today.

When we visited our ancestors for Cheng Beng, someone informed my mother that this uncle had cancer and that my mother should keep it a secret because they didn’t want anyone to know.

It’s their right to privacy, yes. If my mother blabbed it out, the relative who revealed the secret couldn’t trust my mother again. However, if you were closed with that person, wouldn’t you feel betrayed or sad that he/she thought it was best to keep this from you? Besides, it’s also a prevention to inform people close to you – in case they may have the same disease but no symptom. You could’ve saved another person by just telling about your condition and spread more info about it.

Next time, if anyone important to you is in the hospital, don’t procastinate in visiting him/her.

What’s saddening is this aunt has 2 young children. Her husband smokes – right in the same room as her and the children. What a jerk! Who is going to take care of the children in case…?

Later they are going to discuss about getting grave people (not sure what’s the position) about fengshui of our ancestors – some of them suspected that our family had much bad luck and health were because of the way our ancestors were buried, etc. Maybe it’s in our karma..


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