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Ugly Betty – Episode 10 – Fake Plastic Snow

I missed the starting of Ugly Betty Episode 10! And when my dog barked at a cat passing by outside, I missed some scenes! Arrhhh..!

Thank goodness for reruns! I caught the missed scenes. Except the dream!!! So here I am searching in Television Without Pity and YouTube for the starting of this episode.

Right Back – Betty & Henry (Ugly Betty)

OMG. They are so meant to be! :D

Television Without Pity – Ugly Betty – Fake Plastic Snow

I also found this clip of America Ferrera being ignored and insulted by the beautiful but I’m-too-hot-just-hear-me-talk-talk-talk in a recent Golden Globe Award:

America still smiled and answered politely but that presenter should be aware of her surroundings for timing and NOT snide at winners.


Mini Anden, the model in Giorgio Armani – Armani Code, Hugo Boss Woman is gorgeous  as Daniel’s 1st Supermodel ex, Aerin.

2 thoughts on “Ugly Betty – Episode 10 – Fake Plastic Snow

  1. I just watched this – can’t believe the real America is so pretty! The makeup & styling department really did a good job on her character.


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