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Note to Hiring Execs: Get a Clue

Monster Blog – Note to Hiring Execs: Get a Clue blogged about 3 main points and I added my 2cents, eh, actually these are worth more than 2cents to the employers who really want to know and care: They Want What? Recognition for own effort in verbal, written or benefits (allowance, bonus, trips, free meals/coupons,… Continue reading Note to Hiring Execs: Get a Clue

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Questions during interview

If you thought the questions I asked in Interview for S&M Executive were ‘weird’ or ‘way too big for my head’, you should read: Alan Axelrod – Getting Your Way Every Day: Mastering the Lost Art of Pure Persuasion Objective in resume Alan gave examples on how to improve on the given Objective. It finally… Continue reading Questions during interview

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Should you? Would you?

“The charity organization mailed us their latest work.” “Why should I donate to the blind or handicapped?” “Ha?! If you can help, why don’t you help them?” “It’s their karma to suffer in this lifetime, why should I lessen their karma and help them? Let them suffer lar!” “If you were handicapped or in trouble… Continue reading Should you? Would you?