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Did you think it was really magic?

Remember David Copperfield? The tall, dark magician who asked Claudia Schiffer to come up to help him onstage and then they became a couple?

Jirka Jansch.com - Claudia Schiffer & David Copperfield dancing
Jirka Jansch.com – Claudia Schiffer & David Copperfield dancing

Here’re the video clips for:
David Copperfield’s Magic Revealed (Trick 1)

David Copperfield’s Magic Revealed (Trick 2)

David Copperfield’s Magic Revealed (Trick 3)

And you thought it was really magic? It was science.

1 thing though – Copperfield performed with such confidence and charisma that a lot of people believed him.

Now go read up and apply physics and maths in your lives. ;)

SiteMeter tracking info up to 9 cookies?

Ask Shane – SiteMeter Sending Your Readers’ Data to Specific Media

StatCounter emails its members of this news sometime last week:

We were shocked to discover just today that another well known stats provider is allowing up to 9 cookies to be installed in the browser of every visitor that hits one of their member websites. This means that the provider is making money by transmitting data on you and your visitors to a third party advertiser. Not only that, but to add insult to injury, the cookies are causing the member websites to load very slowly too.

In doing that, StatCounter informed its members that StatCounter respects privacy and have strong ethics – it didn’t accept $$ from the 3rd company by selling its members info. Also, it’s a catch 2 birds with 1 stone for StatCounter. Right now, more people are canceling their accounts in SiteMeter (including me) and switching to StatCounter. This is a clever reaction to get more publicity, support and trust.

Fengshui for the dead (and alive)

Earlier, another aunt had said, “1 of our relatives was having really bad luck in business and then she went to this fengshui master and checked. She was really poor then, she paid RM300 only. The fengshui master checked 3 generations and checked her ancestor’s back in China and said the location of the [not sure what.. tomb or praying area] was senget already. After fixing that, her business became smooth and she paid back the master.”She confided, “Actually a few years ago, I already mentioned this but some of the elders didn’t agree. But now, look at our family. So many health problems, work also not smooth. We can go for consultation first, if after that don’t want to change it, never mind.”

Now, most of the elders shrugged, “You all youngsters decide lah. We are old already.”

My father didn’t believe in fengshui although he believed vehemently in not giving xi xan bat ji (date & time of birth) because he was afraid those masters would use our xi xan bat ji to take our good stuff and curse us. Weird huh? Because if you think they can use it for bad, then they can certainly use it for good too.

He wanted to ask the deity first but the aunt who suggested this wanted this done ASAP.

I felt my aunts and those who agree to go for this wanted to try alternate solution to help my aunt who is having cancer and we just heard, she has diabetes too. It’s more to health and luck, than wanting to get rich for everyone in our family.

My father hardly thought it was their intention. “If you are fated to get rich, you will. I believe everything is fated already in your lifetime.”

“Not everything is also fated one mar. Somethings depend on yourself.”

Like if you smoke and drink too much, don’t exercise, eat unhealthily. You can’t say that God gave you a life of pain because you get so sick. People who say and believe everything is fated and you can’t do anything to change it are people who are irresponsible. They just push everything to God or Devil.

Then there are some people – from what I heard, all of these people are women themselves – who disagree because, “You are already out of the family, why do you care? It’s not in your decision!” These women are women born into my father’s family but married. Then there is a woman married into my father’s family who kept on critizing that aunt who suggested this, “She’s a woman married out already, why does she want to do this?! It’s not her business anyway!”

WTH! Married into or married out of the family, they – we all – are a family. I was really disappointed and angry to hear women stomping women, believing that only the male lines in the family are all that matters.

Another aunt kept on repeating, “What for want to change? Last time already pickup the bones and arrange [don’t know which dead ancestor] to sit. So many years already, why want to change now? Maybe they (the uncle who just passed away and another aunt) get cancer from working stress? Aiya, you all do whatever you all want lar. I don’t have any opinion. I nevermind.”

‘No opinion’ but she could complain so much about this suggestion. Bah!

Why would we need to arrange their bones into a sitting position? They are dead already! Let them rest (sleep) in peace!

I think it’s the way you live now, more than fengshui at the ancestors ‘housing area’ because we are living now. You reap what you sow. Yes, sometimes it’s our karma to get suffering because of what we did, in this or past lifetimes. But if it would help some of us – especially in health – then why not go for the consultation and then take it step by step? If you/loved ones were dying, you would think of all the ways to save yourself/loved ones – even the ways which you totally didn’t believe in.


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