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Last Friday, I almost dozed off on a leather chair @ Borders, Times Square! It wasn’t because the books I was browsing – reading would’ve taken more brain & eyes power which I didn’t have enough then – were boring. They had colourful pictures of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, fetching decorative pieces made from Swarovski crystals, wires and beads. Lots of creative ways to make paper crafts. I wanted to take pics of them but that would be violating the rights of whatever.

A friend of mine asked me to join her at this workshop since we were are interested in learning more about investment and hope to invest in the market soon (her) and later (me).

My grandfather had invested in stocks and mutual funds (unit trusts) and though he had made money from them, he stressed out from the loses. Everytime these words are mentioned “stock” “invest” “insurance” in my household, the next word you’ll hear immediately from my parents – 98% before you finish your sentence – would be “Insurance waste money only” “Ha! Don’t waste your money in playing stock!” To my father, gambling (4D lottery all that) is fine.

The speaker kept ending his sentences with “yeah?” that it was annoying. Wanting to be close with the audiences, he called us, “friends.”

“Do you want to know a better way to invest, friends? Yes or yes?”

He’s also a bit hunched back or was the white board too low for a tall guy like him?

That aside, the talk was really informative to a financial investment blur me. He talked about:

  • invest low, return high
  • make money when it’s going up, down, flat
  • protection
  • take your profits

He asked the audience, “If I say I’ll give you 30$ but you need to give me 10$ first, will you do it?”

Several hands shot up. This method reminds me of StoresOnline – Internet Marketing Conference where the speaker asked the audience, “I need a volunteer to come up. I’ll give you 50$ if you hold you hand out.”

He asked again and several people dashed to the platform and waved RM10 notes at his face. Aggressive people. :)

This method is to get your confidence and some say brainwash you into thinking a pleasant experience for the 1st time (you get 30$ – 10$ = 20$) would ensure the next experiences in investing would be positive too.

He also explained about Call and Put options. Almost all of the examples that were given had figures to show you how different types of investment worked – including how Warren Buffett made $ from Coca-Cola.

Kishore M

Among the notable people he mentioned were Kishore M (the 1 showing full set of white teeth at you) and 1 of the richest man in the world, Warren Buffett (not pronounced as buffet or buff-ett hehe).

This workshop also served as a preview for PowerUp Capital’s 3 days course worth RM6000. If you had come for the talk, the price for the course was discounted to RM3988 with RM100 deposit.

My friend couldn’t make it to the course at the slotted date so she asked 1 of the staffs. The staff, a woman in power suit replied briskly, “You can go to our website and check.”

What? That was good service and manners. Not.

I suggested that my friend, “Ask the speaker better.”

At the same time, another guy was having the same problem as my friend. The speaker informed both of them, “It’s ok. You can sign up with deposit, we’ll call you for the next date in June or July.”

Official site:

See something interesting in the URL? Both servers are from Infologi.
*rub hands together* Money, money.. come mari home!

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  1. Dear MJ ,

    I read your comments on this workshop with much interest and admiration of your detailness of the entire preview process , i can never be so details , maybe you are right for the journalism work. I was a past student that benefited from attending the actual course which you mention at RM3988. Ever since then after working through the lerning curve i’ll say i have made much progress and thank god my decision to join wasnt wasted.

    Its not like that i am a staunch supporter of Kishore M of anything like that , but as a person that has gone through think and thin of life for the past 65 years i will need to say its been amazing what options can do for you, all you need is hardwork , determination , patient and non – greedy. I felt by reading you comments you have some how judge the books without even reading the whole book. Its very sad for a person that has not even done the 3 days workshop to have such a judgement in times sarcatics. Lastly let me advice , there are no free lunches in this world , what is presented to us is a FREE SEMINAR with the organiser paying for the advertisment to alert you and also to have a place for you to come to listen to his talk. Do appreciate that in the 1st place. What is presented to you is worth the RM3988/- as its a piece of intelectual properties that we Malaysian do not know how to appreciate ( pirated vcd’s )

    To end i have came to know the employees of the organizer for quite sometimes and i can tell you all the employees were very kind and helpful. I dont see there is any wrong doing in telling you to occasionally log in to their ” infologi ” website to know the upcoming schedule. As you also must understand running a seminars is ALWAYS dependant on the availability on the speaker so its not rude of her to advice you to check the website later.

    Thank you and i hope you will post this comments up.


  2. Hans, my interest in investment just started so before this, I had never heard of Kishore M or PowerUp. Is he famous and his methods work in your area?

    Captain Sally, thanks for dropping by.

    I had only been to the workshop which was an introduction to the real course so this was my review on it. Others who had been to the workshop might have different opinions. Those who signed up for the course after attending this workshop might have different views too. Did I judge the real course? No.

    Of course I appreciated that the company offered free workshop but let’s face it. The free workshop was an osmosis relationship. I learnt something basic and PowerUp got the interests of people to sign up for its courses. It’s a business. Companies do this because this works better when they want to spread the news and get more customers instead of cold-callling.

    Glad you had a different experience with the staffs. It wasn’t wrong of her to tell my friend to check the website but it was her tone that made her sound unhelpful and inefficient. A good staff should know how to provide alternative solutions or at least double check with the PIC. Note the different answers by her and the speaker. If my friend signed up on another day, according to them – there would be no discount and she had to pay RM6000.

    Did you attend other similar courses on investing?


  3. Captain sally,

    You have got me all interested now. So, you are telling that this “power up” system actually works? Care to elaborate a little further on “benefited from attending the actual course” and “its been amazing what options can do for you”?

    Please, do not think i am trying to fleece you for info. Its just that i have always been skeptical about these trading seminars and systems. The way they go about advertising themselves (make millions blah, blah…) is too good to be true or that’s what i have been thinking all along.

    Personally, i have never attended any seminars or training courses. I have been trading warrants (similar to options) on SGX for quite a while now. Its been a roller-coaster ride i should say. I am now contemplating joining a trading course or something to improve my skills. i am looking for one with good credentials.

    Btw, there is this another trading course being conducted by a lady called Mirriam MacWilliams. She’s from this institute called welath mentors( Has anybody attended her seminars?


    So, did you take up the entire course or may be some other ones?


  4. I would like to share my bad experience with Kishore M of PowerUp Capital.

    Did you notice that he gives Free Unlimited Lifetime Support & Resits? Careful, there is a catch here.

    In Singapore, there is only Kishore himself to hold that particular seminar. Another fella teaches CFD. And another teaches Forex. When Kishore doesn’t hold that seminar, you wait long long. And when you waited, the following could happen.

    Kishore held his Futures seminar a couple of times. When I wanted a free resit, his Customer Liaison Officer, Cynthia Tay, said that I can only sit in for the first day of the two-day course because the content is new for the second day. Therefore I have to pay for the 2nd day. That is not consistent with what he claims.

    The email support I was supposed to get was slow and hardly any help too. I did a wrong LEAP option trade and tried to ask Kishore to help. But the email came some days later and the help was that nothing could be done. So terrible. Actually, as it was a LEAP, I have plenty of time to close the trade. But he NEVER advised me that. As a result of this “support”, I lost a few thousand bucks. No thanks to that!

    Then I was not making progress in making my money worked harder. I became desperate and when the advertisement email came, I hopped in. A costly mistake. I put a lot of my hard-earned money in his managed fund. He promised a mininum of 12% of return by the end of twelve months. If not we can have our seminar money back. His shining credit of making 99.05% for 2003-04 and 233.13% for 2003-05 seemed so attractive and convincing as it was certified by one of the Big Four accounting firm!

    So I trusted him, gave him the money. Now the money worth less than 60%!!! Of course they say I can always pull out. But it is so heart pain that my hard-earned money down more than 40%!

    What went wrong? I called Cynthia up to look for some answers but she was very defensive. She was usually friendly and courteous. But this day, she raised her voice, she also sounded agitated, and kept on interrupting me with defenses.

    Then I saw their advertisements again on CFD, Forex trading and Gap Trap.

    I called up the office again. Since Kishore and his associates are making HEAVENLY money, can they PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE use them to salvage my fund? But the answer is a big fat no. However, Kishore will do his best using the existing strategies. My god!

    Be careful if any of you wishes to sign up for his course(s). Think you will be one of the 5% who will make money? Chances are you may also lose 40% money like him and me. The seminar is just a lot of hype.

    I was told that market was good years ago (see, I don’t know that). Any Tom, Dick and Harry can also make money and any strategies you use can also make money. The real test comes when the market turns. See how our money is lost.


  5. Hi Alamanda,

    great to hear your comments.
    Thought i was put off by his hard-sell towards the end, i put down Rm100 deposit to attend the course but now have 2nd thoughts. I have no experience in trading and the more previews i attend, the more confused i become. I was not impressed with his testimonials at all especially when he claims that 30,000 people have done his course.

    Is your experience unique or do you think the other participants also faced the same problems. He says that everyone will make money during the 3 day workshop – is that true, and if so, how much did you make?

    thank you


  6. Hi Alamanda and Kamal

    I was drawn in by your comments about Kishore M. Someone told me about him and his credentials look impressive, being licensed by the MAS of Singapore etc. But is he really??

    Alamanda, does Kishore M teach techniques or tells you what to buy? And when you said he “promised” the return of 12%, he probably didn’t mean it – probably meant that you could potentially earn up to 12% returns?

    would like to hear more about your seminars by Kishore.


  7. hi there,
    I heard Kishore now turns to be introducing FOrex course. Has anyone attended the course? any real outcomes or results?





    I am based in Dubai, UAE. I too attended one of his many free “Money Making” Seminars. He was so convincing at the seminar that we a group of about 30 signed up for his “Auto Trade” scheme, where he promised us all a minimum return of 15% in a year trading options. Everyone in the group of 30 lost money, 75% of our investment was lost by Kishore. I personally lost US $ 13,000/- of the USD 20K I had given him. And now he is not seen in Dubai at all, he has stopped his seminars in Dubai. He has moved now to the UK and India.
    I wish we all who are victims of Kishore M take him to court.


  9. Thanks to all buddies who are willing to share the great experience of Kishore M’s course… I already put down RM100.00 as a deposit for Forex course and the class will be held on this Sat 24/5…. After I read all stories here…. I just realize that not all people are success after his course. I also found that there are many forum folks are complaining the same. The forum & blogs had made me worry that am I joining the good course by paying so much and my return of investment is a big “Lost”??? So.. I have to make sure I have at least RM4.9k for the course and may be another RM 6000 plus for USD 2000 to play Forex game but there is no guarantee that I can get profit back after the course??? No wonder, I saw one litte remark at his brochure stated clearly that * There is a risk of loss in trading… All people know the risk of Forex but why this is highlighted at the bottom line… most of advertisement likes to highlight such a little wording to make sure if anyone lost the money or property then they are not responsible for it as a little advise has been stated… then why during the seminar, there is no special mentioned about Risk??? The only one that I heard was “Easy; Simple and Guarantee” that everyone can make money and good return… where is the risk statement?

    I’m not regret to lose my money as it is just RM100.00 but I don’t want to lose USD1k or even though USD10k… I’m not so rich and afford to lose for even RM1000 now but I can rather make such donation to China & Myanmar then losing it.

    As that time I do not aware about all these comments and complaints… but today I felt disappointed to go for the course as I don’t want to be like those victim. Fyi, the course was increased to approximately RM4.9k.. The only question I have now is not to dream about making big $$$… my only question now, is it worth to attend the Forex course???

    Nevertheless, I only believe that the only successor who can make big money is to ensure he is going to build a good reputation and trust with all level of “PEOPLE”… As a presenter, he should not put risks to other poor people as he did claim that how his dad’s situation during his young kid etc… as there are many people like his situation too… that’s the reason they seek for a good presenter to guide them the way to make money and should not be putting risks and putting ignorance when his students seek for help… right???

    I cannot comment how good he is as I’m now tentatively joining his course… I will get all my friends around the corporate company; SG integrascreening check and internet groups to find out more about Kishore M.. At the meantime, if I receive 99.05% good response out of 39,000 people he trained so far then I have no doubt to join his course….

    I believe this is fair to me and fair to him too.. Fyi, I only wish to join for a good and success program but I don’t want to be a loser in the Forex game and to be a victim later…

    Through his testimonial, I have a comment to post here.. Nowaday there are lots of good website with a good video stream application that can help his company to post that live testimonial then probably I can learn from those successors and build my confidence to join the course… The testimonial given during his seminar was just an attachment from the PowerPoint deck and it is rather an old fashion way to promote his course… Live people talk better than a photo or word…

    John N. The Fox


  10. Dear all:
    Today I joined the preview of the seminar by Kishore of power up capital in today invest fair 2008. Below are what he storied

    During his presentation, he storied back when what he mentioned most darkness period in his lifetime. During he is in US after dot com burst, he jobless till 6 months. Until he no choice he has to call back home asking his father for money.

    However, his mother told him that his father has no money and if Kishore back home too, his father health might not able take it. At that time he has no money already even paying rent. According to him, if non US citizen sleep on the street, Kishore will be send out US back to his own country. So, he beg from house to house for someone to keep him. According to hime, luckily someone merciful enough to give him place to stay.

    Then, he went bank borrow money to studied in one of US university. He then talked to the professor that what he want is to earn money as he is no money. His professor brought him to pacific exchange. At there the professor talked him how to make money by not following what majority people doing.

    So, during his father pass away just one or two years ago, Krisho feel very satisfied by present his father that his son is rich during at that time.

    Besides this, Krishore too mentioned 2004 to 2005 data and certified by Erst and young auditor. . He is charging Sgp 358 x12 = 4296 for the course.

    I wonder any of his student who go through 3 days course could sincerely speak up something since the Dubai Max groups has badly hit because of Krishore.

    That will help in this chain effect “bad experience” to those new guy to make rich become richer, poor become poorer…..


  11. That will help to prevent this type chain effect “bad experience” to those new guy to prevent situation rich become richer, poor become poorer…..


  12. Cynthia. Your posting shows how inmature your company is towards all the people that expressly freely here. This is a blog and you are in an internet forum. You must be seriously joking if you think by sending a few lawyer letter you will have the ability to take down a blog. Do you know what it take to take a blog down. Most countries dont have jurisdiction over what is posted on the internet.

    Moreover we all have freedom of speech. Your company & u are in insensitive towards all the sufferings and losses that powerup has inflicted upon all the people’s that attended your so called money making seminar. You are not taking rectifying action to correct all the wrong doings and take responsibility in all losses that Kishore M has caused. PowerUp has failed in advicing all your attendees the risk in trading and investment. I am sure there is alot more victims out there. Once we get all united we shall file a lawsuit against you for negligence and wrongd doings.

    Stop what you are doing now and have heart for people hard earned money!


  13. Yes i totally agrees! I was at invest fair listening to Kishore M. He give the most outrageous speech compare to all the speaker present on that day. Promising this and that. I have serious doubt about whatever is told. Stop promising if you cant deliver else we shall file a complaint with MAS.

    In fact during the fair he even tried to hide the actual coursee fee by just mentioning the installment monthly price rather than the full price itself.

    Do you think we all are just plain stupid !

    I called to all my singaporean counterpart and netizens to spread about how bad this course and person at powerup capital. its a cheat!


  14. Cynthia, I’m not sure if you know the difference between website & blog, a personal blog or a business/ company blog, etc and I don’t blame you.

    First of all, this is my personal blog. I can blog whatever I want in my blog as I believe in freedom in speech. This post is not on Kishore M solely but it’s my experience in attending the free workshop. If you read the whole post, you’ll see that I even mentioned the promotion price for anyone interested. Maybe some of your current customers had signed up after reading my post!

    If your company have any complaints, you can view them as feedback to improve the services, check if customers points are valid or prove the claims & promises to those customers who had paid for the real courses. Instead, you/your company chooses to warn me to remove all “defamatory contents”.

    Your comment was orginally captured as Junk by WordPress but I approved it. Just as others comments that are relevant to this post were approved for information sharing.


  15. Just want to point out a little known fact. If you noticed some of the advertisements, the account size for the 2003 to 2005 audit is ONLY $40K (USD?). Black and white printed on newspaper in The Straits Times.

    We sure have no problems trusting an audit done by one of the Big Four. However, I will not rate a fund manager highly when the audit is done on a $40K account.

    Note: I have attended one of Kishore’s courses before. He doesn’t teach some of the most fundamental things about trading. Do understand that 99% of wannabe traders fail within 2 years (most people are better off finding a job!!!). The remaining 1% are either breakeven or profitable traders. I belong to the 1% (profitable traders) and I can say for sure that he didn’t teach me the fundamental stuff that is essential to be in that 1%.


  16. I am a student of kishore M millionaire code workshop wherein he teaches everything forex, options, futures etc and after workshop I made over 7000$ in one day 08-08-08 based on the techniques he teaches and recovered all his course fee even though I am a beginner and have never traded. Infact he even gives instalment facility to pay for his courses so I have paid very little to date. I was at the invest fair myself along with 20 other participants who volunteered to promote Kishore’s workshop our mentor. No other trainer at investfair had their participants promoting . We did so because his technique works and we have benefitted. One of his students infact is Bellum Tan the ambassador for Robert kiyosaki and he has learnt options and forex from kishore M and he was present and he personally mentioned his portfolio has increased from 5000 to 50,000$ in 1month and showed us his statement. He is the best trainer and his support system cannot be compared to anyone else. He trades live with his students almost every fortnight and has a live support feature on his website which no one offers. Yesterday (Friday) we students traded live along with him and I again made money .He keeps his word for his free resit . I have already attended his free resits.

    Almanda you mentioned about your leap trade loss, kishore teaches very clearly risk management strategies. You should not have put all your money on one trade ,if the underlying share is not good it does not matter whether you buy a long term or a short term option you are anyways going to lose you cannot blame anyone except yourself. With regards to the guarantee of 12% do you have any proof? Do the Dubai Max group have any proof? I am not denying that he may not have lost your money it is perhaps his track record that is impressive that is why you decided to take the decision shouldn’t I call that greed. Please realise it is “YOU” who signed the cheque. If he did not do well then it is just not his fault the entire finance and banking industry was affected look at Citibank losses, look at the collapse of BearSterns they have a much greater impressive track record than kishore M our mentor. Look at the stock market crash (China Index, India Index, Singapore Index, US Index etc) and most of the unit trust losing money of investors why don’t you guys go after them it is because you know you cannot. If you only want positive returns with no risk then park your money with bank fixed deposits. You guys are too free and have nothing to do hence you guys create blog and write junk. I wonder what took powerup so long to send you this notice which they should have done long ago after all they are not asking you to close your blog they are just asking to take away defamatory remarks I would do the same if anyone made defamatory remarks on me.

    I also notice when captain sally tried to say good things you all did not want to acknowledge it . Why don’t you guys meet him face to face and tell him all this rather than write on a blog like a coward , why don’t you put your complete name, address and telephone no on the blog just like he does on his website and if you are right then you don’t need to be afraid if you are wrong let the lawyers decide if you are misusing your freedom or not. You think you can get away in Singapore if you did this ,you are lucky you are in malaysia .In life when people make money they take full credit and don’t write good things about the trainer but when they lose money then they blame others. Stop blaming others in life for your own failures. That way you should blame your parents for giving birth to you and making you suffer. If you were not born in the very first place you would not have to go through this pain so why don’t you guys create a blog on your parents and put their pictures and start defaming them. You know you wont because after all they are your parents.

    If you have problem meet kishore he is very approachable. So many speakers have come and gone but he is still around because majority have benefitted and those who have not have either done the wrong thing or are too greedy . I am not saying with his technique you will win on all trades. I don’t win on all trades but I have more profits than losses and that is all that matters. Captian Sally is right ,you must appreciate that in the 1st place what is presented to you is a piece of intellectual property that you Malaysian do not know how to appreciate ( pirated vcd’s ) and perhaps wants it for FREE. But there is no FREE Lunch. You must understand he receives emails and phone calls from thousands of his students there is a possibility that there is some delay what stops you from picking a phone and calling him. I have done that several times and he returns my calls when I leave a message. Thank you and i hope you will post this comments up and not ignore it since most of the posting are mainly negative postings and it seems too biased perhaps the goods one are not approved. The reality of life is the tree that bears fruits will be stoned I guess that is why he is being stoned.



  17. Aye Aye, “Thank you and i hope you will post this comments up and not ignore it since most of the posting are mainly negative postings and it seems too biased perhaps the goods one are not approved.”

    I approve comments that are relevant – touching on the workshop, PowerUp, finance management, investment. I certainly do not disapprove postive comments like you implied in your comment. It’s just for this post, there are a more negative comments from readers right now. This of course may not reflect the whole and actual situation but they are relevant comments to this post.


  18. With regards to trading, the survivability test is at least 2 years. It is possible to double/triple your money very quickly over a short period of time. I myself have gone from $5,000 to $30,000. Thereafter, from $30,000 down to $1,000. All this within the span of 3 months. This is of course no different from gambling.
    BTW, trading is a very personal thing… People will not tell you they lost money BUT will show you statements the instance they make money.

    Fortunately that was the past for me.

    As for negative postings… This is the internet. Unless the posts are deliberately made by competitors against Kishore, the postings of consumers will tend to be honest.
    I have been to a number of trading preview seminars in Singapore, and I chose Kishore’s course because I thought he was a truthful and sincere trading teacher. Now think – why should I (and others) bother to waste my (our) time and post negatively? Is it not for the benefit of others?
    Check out the various forums and posts made by Singaporeans. There are more negative posts on Kishore than you can count! Biased? I think not.

    BTW, I heard of some Singaporeans who put their money with Kishore (or authorized him to trade their accounts) as well. The results was apparently similar to that of the Dubai group. And honestly, I do not even know of a Dubai group before coming to this blog!

    After attending Kishore’s course, I had regular meetings with 10 other fellow course mates for some time. They will agree with the negative postings made here (and many many other places). Last I heard only 3 of us are breakeven/profitable traders because we either have prior experience before Kishore’s course or we do our own research.


  19. I have been trading forex since July using kishore m(powerup) forex techniques and happy to let you know, that I have been improving upon my trading, while following the techniques learnt at your FX trading course.

    I have been able to make an average of 5000$ a day, when I have the time to trade and sometimes make between 15000$ to even 28000$ in a single day of trading, when the trend is really favourable on that day. I wish, I can set aside more time for trading!

    I totally agree with Aye Aye and captain sally no defamatory remarks should be allowed . If they have concerns they can post on the blog or directly approach kishore it is the duty of the blog owner to make sure freedom of speech is not misused. Kishore thank you for a great FX trading course, that helps set the foundation for me to understand about FX and start trading and making these reasonbaly good profits, most of the time. He have helped me discover the best money making trading approach. Thanks! I hope this will be posted


  20. I just came from Kishore’s FOREX free seminar this evening. His presentation was a little too salesmanship-feeling to me. I will not comment on his own personal experience and hardship, as that is not why I went there to begin with. But I left with a feeling of unease….a lot of promises made (I guess competitors are also throwing in freebies?)…In any case, I wasn’t tempted to sign up eventhough I was so call convinced by his sales pitch.

    At the end of the day, I decided that I should learn to fish and not to be fed (rely on his tools or techniques entirely). He does make it sound easy but then again, nothing is ever easy otherwise there’ll be plenty of rich people around. I also question is it worth paying 4K to maybe something that I could have picked up if I spent the time and effort….as I am the type that learns better if I actually learned it myself. it’s all nice and easy to have High Speed Success….that is you are fed with everything and all you do is just click….too much of a reliance on someone else for comfort.

    Just to let those what haven’t been there aware, AYEAYE’s and RSS’s testament is shared in the seminar, to the letter.

    I guess what I am trying to say I appreciate both positive and negative comments here because I have an opportunity to get both sides of the story and MAKE MY OWN DECISION about what is being said.

    I would state here as a disclaimer that this is entirely my view and my own preference on the type of workshop and learning method I prefer.


  21. Dear MJ,

    With regards to the PowerUp Capital Forex Seminar by Kishore…I don’t know if I’m about to be duped or if I’ll actually laern a thing or two from Forex Trading with under his training workshop. Well, I’m no desperado for money, which means I do have a little to spare – for trading. No worries to me if I fail to make money from his real time trading. However, I do feel the RM6,000.00 to be a bit of a pinch. It’s good, though, that they have stretched it out to 12 equal monthly instalments.

    My concern is what are BNM & IRB’s implications/rules & regulations on Individual Forex Trading. WIll PowerUp engage licensed brokers?How are these ‘earnings'(if any)declared if they aren’t licensed Forex Traders?And what happens should PowerUp myeteriously ‘disappear’?

    Aye Aye, I sure do hope you bring hope to the many that are actually relying on this as a source of income.I’m willing to risk losing, but not the monthly fees.


  22. Everyone has their own beliefs. I guess learning from so-called guru has taught me a really important lesson in life.. Trading is a life long skill that should be practice and refined like all other specialized skills. U have to start from somewhere right? Listen and decide



  23. Hi all :

    Although it takes years to become a successful trader on a personal level, I believe you are far better off if if you have learned from a better mentor (or course teacher) in the first place.


  24. Hello,

    I have not heard after the last comment on this. IF anyone has any comment please do share as I am also thinking of joining Kishore course.



  25. i went to one the options 3 days seminar which was held here in malaysia … at first they told me that the it’s gonna be Kishore the one that’s going speak …but to my avail it was another person by name of TERENCE … all i can say is that in 3 days i learned not much i was a noob and expect some follow-up and so on …

    So after a few demo trades ..i lost some amount and heck tried calling for assistance and it was a chap names Mr liew that assisted me…. he told me that he’s got nothing much to teach me…. then he gave me another person’s number and ask me to call him for assistance …

    To my avail the 3rd person too was not assisting me for FREE …there is a sum fee of another 3k needed case if i need his assitance to teach me further … what a CRAP …

    i paid nearly RM 4 K for a 3 days seminar and then when i needed assistance and refresh course , they forwarded me to another Knight trader of theirs ..and it does not comes FREE …

    finally i gave up on this option thinggy …as for each step that i take it involves money $$$$$ ..yes i knew that money was everything here and there is no FREE lunch…but why after i’ve paid a hefty sum , i’m being thrown out the window !!!!!

    But i’m just amazed on how these guys run an organization ….

    i think it would be better for a newbie to ask all these Q before signing up on the doted line …case if i need assistance will there be any charges ???? as not many will understand if there are here for the 1st time …

    pity those retiree’s that attended this class thinking that they can learn something here and then end up in DARK …

    Kishore —- if you’re reading this , pls look into your entire organization … is this how you guys act …paid once and then don’t understand pay more …pity to say ..this is a fly by night get rich scheme …

    Note : during the last day of the class there was supposedly a live trade …but unfortunately ..the server keeps on hanging …upon a big smile he ( terence ) told us to try it at home when we get back and try logging in some of the web site mentioned in the hand book …

    after all these , i just wasted my cash …. to be honest …i would had rather GAMBBLED in GENTING HIGHLANDS in the CASINO …win or loose, but the result …AM HAPPY ….rather than loosing out to this POWER-UP CAPITAL CRAP …

    for newbies …pls think thrice before signing up for real …..


  26. AYE AYE — with regards to your quote ” He trades live with his students almost every fortnight and has a live support feature on his website which no one offers. Yesterday (Friday) we students traded live along with him and I again made money .He keeps his word for his free resit . I have already attended his free resits.
    —–> ahh trade live …my ARSE …

    Powerup capital told me that to trade live you need a live account for least USD 20 K and more …. what about small fish like me ??

    2) Stop blaming others in life for your own failures. That way you should blame your parents for giving birth to you and making you suffer.

    ANSWER : failures …tell me about it …this is not even called as failure as when i paid a hefty sum of RM 4k think it’s deserve an applause here

    the failure happen after the classes as there are no proper follow up with their students and assistance given when needed …

    don’t tell me that you’ve never approach any of your MATHS teacher when you can’t solve an equation ??? if you did not than you should had been a SCIENTIST by now …OR else pls look into the mirror as when i look into the mirror i see you as another failure too …

    your parents raise you up so that some day you’re somebody in life and would assist ppl out here ….but by your remarks i think you’re a self centered type of person …

    AYE AYE happy reading ya …no hard feelings


  27. lanun, your comments were not deleted. WordPress puts more than 1 comment under the same person/IP to be approved by blog owner.


  28. i am so glad that i saw these comment before i attend the workshop. i am not going i think.

    any other worth-going workshop for investment? thanks


  29. jerome : sms email alert service not sure bout it , but during the last final day , they showed us some of the stocks that kishore would play with or preferable use ….

    and for this you need to subscribe it for RM 1.2 K if i’m not mistkaen ….. more and more $$$$$$

    a user name and password will be assign upon payment …


  30. Hi All,

    Well its was a crazy 40 minutes going though all the posts in regards to the money making seminars and specially abour Kishore M.

    We are not all babies, R We!!!

    I am sure we all understand the risks involved in trading. 70% of all options expire worthless. Have you ever wondered WHY?

    Some go lucky with first trade and some go pro with few losses initially but makes it big later. Perhaps determination plays a big part there. Most don’t go lucky initially and lacks determination element thus the frustration takes overs leading to such posts.

    I am not defensive about Power Up or Kishore but I think its common sense.

    Yes, if Powerup guarentee you returns then they are liable to pay you back if they loose and should be mentioned in Black and white. You as an investor should demand that before investing. Document everything on paper before giving away your hard earned money to anyone. But then they guarentee you the course fee if loss is incured and not the actual loss in terms of value. Does that Click in any way to you guys. C’mon, don be so naive. Who to blame?

    And they do return the course fee incase of a loss. Did they fullfil their words. They do and I am sure they did. (speaking from personal experience).

    Master will only shouw you the path its for you to walk the path and face the challenges.

    Credit Card industry has the highest levels of customers dissatisfaction and complaints but then its fine because there you get to spend first and pay later and to hell with banks, file for bankruptcy but thats not the case here. Here you got to pay first and rather then making money you lose further. Now what? Lets post on the internet not realising that its your own incompetence that led you to loose money. YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!! You have all the right to be angry and I am sure there are many such blogs about Credit Card Companies but people would never stop using one. EASY MONEY!!!

    You don’t blame the casinos for loosing money just because they are there. You made the decision to gamble and to be there. The difference is that in casino you are incharge of playing your money but here you give that right to someone else (eg Kishor) and its hard for your to accept the loss because you depended on someone else to make you money while you sit and watch TV. Yes, you trusted them becuase they are suppose to be professional and expert at what they do, raising your expectation levels very high.If you just consider plain Options, then its nothing but betting which way the stock will move. Isn’t that Gamble!!!

    Know the risks and hazards of the business your do…..

    How about Madoff Scandal?

    Powerup may need to focus on their customer service and also may need to clear to their clients about the risks involved. I hope this blog will help them figure out where they stand and where they are heading to in future?

    There is not a single organization on the face of earth having 100% customer satisfaction.

    But are they solely to be blamed.

    Have you ever wondered why the success percentage is always very low to failure in every business?

    Well, this answers to why having so many negitive posts then positive.

    Yes, the purpose of this blog is to raise awareness and give the people a better understanding of joining such courses but it should be in a professional manner. Let people decide after all the seminar is free and you get to have free snack. Does snacks do the trick?

    Exaggeration is clearly at play in every blog.

    And for the record I know people making it big because of Kishore and flying to singapore to do further courses after doing well with level 1 strategies.

    Kishore is a compassionate and considrate gentlemen if you meet him in person. He understands the value of hard earned money people invests with him. C’mon the man does not hold a crystal ball.


  31. With regard’s to Andy’s claim:

    Andy 10 October 2008 at 12:31 pm

    anyone who concerns about Kishore pls go to the website of Metropolitan Business School to read the announcement about his false claiming the school name in his course.

    i have no comment, just another one to be fooled by him.

    I have tried accessing the website attached but cant get in as you need to be logged in the view. I tried registering to log in but cant as some error keeps on appearing. Anyways, Andy, if you could print screen the page or give us another link would be great. Thank you..


  32. regarding the website i looked around and found this

    clearly states that MBS is associated to PowerUP. Regarding the other posts above. This is trading that involve the financial stability of currencies, economics and other factors. It would be expected that sometimes you will loose. So for those who are still playing the market. Carefull with your investments as the financial situtation is not very stabil rite not.


  33. Assalamualikm dan selamatsejahtera.

    Dengan sukacitanya, kami menjemput tuan,puan ke seminar ezgainfx yang akan diadakan di putrajaya. Berikut adalah butiran seminar.

    Seminar EZgainfx di Putrajaya.
    “the way to trade with ezgainfx team”

    Tarikh : 22 FEB 2009
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    Urusan pembayaran dilakukan secara tunai sebelum seminar bermula di tempat seminar.
    Urus setia- En Zain- 017 2543092

    Ceramah akan disampaikan oleh Edenhas dan,Obama. Kami berasa ia amat berguna kepada yang sudah menjadi ahli mahupun bukan ahli lagi.

    Sekian terima kasih.


  34. I just last night attended his FREE seminar talk on Forex trading. I being a salesman myself, personally feel that his actions are over dramatic. He’s more of a marketing/sales person if you ask me.

    During the seminar, half the time was actually shared on the testimonials of his previous students which of course, credited him immensely. The remaining time, he briefly showed us some sure-win techniques which I really have to give the benefit of the doubt. Anyhow, regardless, after going through all the comments on the ‘guru’, I clearly have to rethink whether I should fork out nearly 5k++ for something that the majority of students feel is a con.

    I’ve already placed a deposit of RM 100.00 and the arranged date for the seminar is on the 21-23 of Mar. Before I make any heavy investments, can someone/anyone show me some proof of either profits/loss after attending the seminar so that I can make a justified and sensible decision on whether to attend or not. On another issue, I would like to propose something. For students who have already taken the course and felt the pain, please stage a complain against the person who took your hard earned money to raise awareness amongst common folk like me. If not, ultimately, without any sound proof, I’m sure that most of the people who attended the seminar will stray to the smell of making more money and make insensible decisions.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is the remarkably long comment written by Aye Aye and Khan defeding the ‘guru’. As a person, I don’t think anyone would defend someone up to this point unless a) the person means something to them b) they get some kinda reward or c) ordered by the person who pays their pay cheque to do something or risk getting fired. Go figure.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is Kishore’s limited 10 seat availability gimmick. Everyone was asked to proceed to the back if they were interested but in the end, everyone who paid the deposit was admitted. Again, another successful marketing gimmick that requires a good presentation to pull off.

    Just my 2cents of experience.


  35. Hey guys, great news! Kishore M from PowerUp has announced a $50 million stimulus package to overcome this recession. He is offering his course on fx, cfd, stock, future, options, property and internet marketing worth $10,000 for only $1. Go visit this link I always wanted to learn from the best of the best hence already registered. Thought you guys may be interested since since the price is so low. Let your friends know about it.and you will receive his “Retire Rich In 30 Days” Best selling book. Happy Trading!

    Julia Chan


  36. Hi All, just want to share my own experiences. Before his forex seminar, kishore did a options level 1 course back in 2006 when options courses were popular. I and another friend attended the 3 day 2 night course. As I was a total newbie, I thought I was learning alot of great and useful stuff.

    But after the course, I read up more and paper traded and realized I still had a lot of questions. So I emailed their customer service representative and asked for a re-sit. Till today, they have not given me a date. So I studied on my own, bought options books and read up on options from reputable websites. Then it actually dawned on me, all that I paid for and learned in the course, I could actually learn from the net. For free….

    I also signed up for his email alerts. Back then it consists of a series of email alerts which u will receive every monday showing which companies were trending up or down. But back then as I was new, it never dawned on me that past performance is never indicative of future performance, so I thought his alerts were good and took it seriously. Looking back, I was so foolish. A lot of the very fundamental aspects of trading were not covered in my opinion. Like entry and exit points which were the most crucial to beginners.

    Eventually, I gave up asking them for a re-sit and dis-continued my email alerts. I traded on my own for a while. Mainly DIA options. Made a bit and lost a bit as well. Stopped completely as the market is too volatile and one has to be psychologically disciplined when trading which I am not sometimes.

    I was very unhappy with the whole experience as I felt they did not fulfill their end of the bargain with the unlimited re-sits. I’m just narrating my experience thats all, no hard feelings to anyone here. Its just a very expensive lesson for me thats all and left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. I believe there are better ways to spend your money so buyer beware! There are many good sources of FREE information on the net, you just have to search.



  37. Many people believe that Kishore m’s course is the magic pill to your financial success…but they just get disappointed because they dont try hard enough on their own…


  38. Hi all ,
    I have attended the free workshop but prior to that I did my homework via earlier friends who got enrolled and the net of course. This is my advise
    1. As far as I can see , this guy is genuine. If you do face any problems , it must have been the downline. Not that happens in any organisation right ? The solution is to get in touch with him directly if the support is not on par . But pls don’t call him for updates or tips … this guy is very busy lah !
    2. In regards to MBS certification , pls check PLs do not accuse someone until it is proven .
    3. Lastly but most importantly , don’t expect people to help you 100% without you lifting a finger . These guys act as a guide only, not GOD. Even GOD requires you to pray (which needs some effort right?) . You need to digest their tips, guide , watch bloomberg , CNBC, do your homework as well .

    You know something , I have not joined the course as yet as I don;t believe is making decisions on the spot. For the rest of you , good luck .

    Sivapragas (KL Malaysia


  39. i agree with THE GENERAL.
    as far as i know, he only has seminars in Singapore and KL… as to how he is really going to donate his money … that remains a mystery.


  40. because Julia has been going around posting FREE ads for Kishore M. i thought i will do a FREE ad for Julia too … Hi Julia, this is the SIXTH POST I HAVE SEEN FROM YOU SO FAR! same message .. cut and paste. are you a spy!?


  41. Hei Guys ,

    I have been following with interest of what has been posted here. Its has drive me to attend the free seminar and actual workshop by Kishore. At his preview i was impress with all his ‘promises’ , he us such a great salesman. I attended his workshop back in jun 2008 been trading for 3 months using and following exactly his strategy so call 100% trade. but to my astonishment none actually works . You will gain some at first as times goes by you just loose your pants, shirts , tie, underwear everything. I was so sad but was not angry with him as i understand the risk involves in trading.

    But wat really upset me is, whenever a students sends email it was never reply , when we attend his resit he never pay attention to us its like wanting to make money of us only. He is not a genuine person just wants to make all the money off his students. I am not sure know of his knowledge in forex as when i attended a resit i found out he was actually teaching options way back but switch to forex once options die out.

    I wish to warn all malaysian and singaporean think twice do not get emotional at his preview. He is xtremely good at capturing your emotions and imagination. Promises so many things but never delivered it. There was once i had a online sessions with his so called handholding chat through MSN BUT dont know how at the same time he is presenting in a seminar can he split himself ? thats weird i leave that question for you all to think and ponder.

    I really wish to take this matter to our consumer tribunal on charges of misleading but i am alone in this quest i hope all blogger will be with me and support me , together we can get justification for our hard earn money!!!!

    Lastly all the good comments i read about him in this blog is so scripted unlike its being written by individuals as you read his website testimonials it sounds like it. I doubt this messages , i think he did get his employee to post it here. As another sales gimmick to capture u guys.

    Anyhow good luck to you all bloggers. Just sharing my experiences.




  42. Dear Sad Guy,

    Sorry to hear about your bad experiences. But i need to say i had the same experience if not worst than yours. As i also did attended his forex course. During the course and during the preview is 2 different Kishore M. Paying near to 7k for a forex workshop like his is totally NOT WORTH it.

    While at his course , me being a slower learner tends to ask my teacher more questions but to my astonishment i was scolded for asking question.

    Sarcastic remarks even was passed to me. I will never attend another forex course again. Just wish i could turn back time and did not pay for the course by powerup.

    Guys think twice , dont be fooled.



  43. PLEASE PLease DO NOT believe in Kishmore M. PLEASE you will only be wasting your money on this 100% SCAM SCAM SCAM HE is a SCAMMER with a sweet electrofying persona that can fool almost anyone who are greedy and desperate. $5000. U.S. dollars for a seminar? $7000 U.S. dollars for a seminar? Can you give me that i can show you how to use it to double on the baccarat tables in your nearby casino. I understand we are all trying to invest and learn properly and education is not cheap. Imagine just how much he makes on a monthly basis through us as the STUDENTS Also known as THE GREEDY LAMBS….500 students a month @ $7000.00 equals $350,000 u.s. dollars
    His probable expenses per month: $30,000 for advertising
    $50,000 for employees/bonuses
    $10,000 for meeting room rental
    $5,000 for food/sodas/beer
    $5,000 for fuel/airline tickets
    He still makes $250,000 every month and how much is that in one year???? A lot of Money he makes which teaches the basics of Forex and Have no Student Support after you have paid your money.
    It makes me feel bad that people like Mr. M must resort to make extra money using his name and persona to influence The Asian Community for their money to teach basically nothing but how to gamble their money and hope they will win. 100% proven strategy for the past eight years? heheheheh He probably will make 1000% Pure PROFIT off his students for the next 8 years. I guarantee this will happen because you are buying a dream and no tangible things will result. Like I said you want to lose that money go to your local casino and play baccarat with your $7000 im sure someone will teach you how to play and you will probably make a few thousand if you know how to stop and go home with your winnings.



  44. Lanun,
    pls tell us more about powerup capital forex workshop. money is our main concern here. next workshop will be in April.

    and for Aye Aye,
    dont hide anything from us.


  45. Hi all,

    lemme give my opinion.
    i have attend his preview 2 times.
    with time between 2years.
    It was futures and now forex.
    Both are NOT a useful seminar.
    its just a course recruitment.
    So dont hope or think high of it.
    I come with this mentality on the 2nd ones.

    Whatever… i STILL enrolled for his course with the mentality to LEARN HOW TO TRADE FOREX. zero knowledge here.

    I DONT care about the stupid gimmicks he or powerup promised during the preview.
    Sorry but i just dont buy for free lunch, helpful hand, spoon feeding or whatever.
    I want to make money with my own sweat and blood.

    I will attend the course on april week1.
    I will post again whatever the result.
    I believe like most people i will fail and fall sometimes or anytimes… i will think on how i will get my self back up when the time comes.

    Thank you for the wonderful LONG blog of pro and cons.


  46. Think Kishore M is the recent version of Clement Chan. People will remember that Clement made similar claims about helping his clients make outrageous profits but he has disappeared lately after his clients threatened to sue him.

    I have attended Kishore’s preview in 2006. At that time, it was Options and he played the similar gimmick of handing out $10 notes to the guests. His whole pitch was too salesmanish and also his claims of profits was outrageous. If his strategy is so successful, he would rather trade than spend his time on conducting seminars. I also feel that spending money on learning basic trading stuff is foolish in this internet age. Anyway it is highly unethical of him to cheat people in this economic downturn as desperate people might really believe his BS…..


  47. To : Sad Guy and King Fisher and others who have posted as well. I have also posted my previous experiences a few posts below. You all can read it and compare and see that our experiences are similar. It seems like his mode of operation is always the same.

    Anyway, recently he has posted about his $50 mill stimulus package. I just wanna say to all, BUYER BEWARE. Kindly read all the fine print and you will be shocked.

    And it seems like he likes to play the religion card as well, saying he will donate the profits to his church. But will he donate? No one really knows. Who is he accountable to? But one thing is for sure, Christianity has the largest number of followers here. So by saying all this, many Christians might think that he is a pious and trustworthy kinda guy and thus they might sign up with him. Sad.

    Anyway, I always believe that what goes around comes around. If not soon, surely, one of these days, it’ll all come back. In waves.

    Buyer beware please.


  48. I have attended kishore options course 4 years back and within 3 months made 40,000$ and bought a honda accord and gifted to my dad and last year I have attend his forex course and making money in almost most of my trades every day. I paid him over 10,000 ringget for both options and forex course and made over 10 times that investment. Yes he is offering the stimulus package I was there at the recent atic expo as a volunteer and he was giving his course options+forex etc for almost FREE.Not only me more than 20 students of his volunteered to support kishore initiative in making a difference. I dont understand what are you complaining about.
    When he charges you guys are not happy when he does not charge you say buyer beware there must be something which he is not revealing. The truth is most of the people on the blog i think are his competitors who are posting comments without give proper names and are not happy with his progress. I m glad he taught me how to trade else in this recession with the education system that we are in i would be holding a piece of paper(degree) and not have any jobs since colleges dont guarantee a job but charge us huge fees. I have recovered all my course fee which I paid powerup but now with no job I dont think I see myself recovering my college education fees. As far as support is concerned kishore offers the best support,
    1)we get daily alerts,
    2)weekly live trading tutorial face to face with kishore,
    3)online forum where seniors help the junior,
    4)coaches are assigned to us,
    5)We can log into powerup live trading room every week
    6) Online chat support upto 11pm in the night
    Who offers all this . NONE
    I guess you guys dont know he is a hedge fund manager , and dont understand the meaning of hedge fund manager. A hedge fund manager know to trade every thing forex, futures, options, cfd , commodity etc. kishore just happen to teach options first rather than forex since asia is an equity driven market and people are more familiar with stocks and were looking for ways to hedge their portfolio hence options make a perfect fit not forex. Now with the recession people are looking for ways to diversify their portfolio and are open to learning new trading instruments forex being one of them. You need to know that in his adverts he uses pictures and testimonials it is the same advert he uses in singapore. In singapore unless and untill you dont prove the testimonial are real people making real profits you cannot publish . Have you seen any malaysian forex trainers advertising in singapore. No this is because they cannot . In malaysia you can advertise and write whatever you want in an ad no one is there asking to proof. Did you know majority of the forex trainers are kishores students and have either learned options or forex from kishore some of them being terence tan, lily thianh, David Gan from investology, kumar etc I think enough of defamatory remarks have been made, these things dont happen in singapore that is why all blogs have been removed in singapore which post defamatory remarks we should not misuse freedom of speech and the blog owner should stop allowing this to happen and start being more responsible. For eg the MBS certification is a fact and can be found on mbs website.Infact i suggest the blog owner should stop allowing those who just go for his free previews and post rubbish. Rather those who have done the course should be allowed to post comments just like myself. We have to show that we malaysian are responsible citizens and a first world/class nation. I am not saying you will make money on all trades learnt from powerup course I dont but overall I am making money and that is what matters to me.



  49. I had read a lots of comments about Powerup as well as Kishore M both negative or positive side. I just want to conclude all comments that :

    1. What ever kishore M did with his seminar or workshop – all his theory and practically could possibly be used for certain trade only with certain techniques and also certain tips. NOT ALL theory can simply apply to the market well.

    2. If you really MASTER in Technical Analysis with certified from any financial board – I promise that you no need to bother about this guy. You can even create your own formula or secret like what my friend did.

    3. For your information, according to Fred Tam (Expert and Famous Master Trader) and Sam Se(Famous in Forex trade expert) – Technical Analysis and Psychology Trading both are very powerfull subjects need to master, beside Fundamental Analysis. Once you really know and master this kind of knowledge you can find that there are lot of potential way to generate such profit. So who no, you can be more better person like Kishore M in professional trading.

    Here are the information which I can share with you if you seriously jump in to Trading environment :
    a) Technical Analysis – 80%
    b) Fundamental Analysis – 20%
    c) Derivative market – 75% (recommended)
    d) Japanese Candlestick – 80% (recommended)
    e) Psychology in Trading – 95% (compulsory)
    f) Software Trading


  50. i attended kishore m 4000 course in 2007 and i would say i learned a lot! i subscribed to his alerts and made money too. the instances i didn’t make money was when i lost the timing or synchronize my entry wrongly from his alert.

    1-on fundamentals – he exposed to me correlations, a very important knowledge applicable to forex, which i still use now.

    2-on technicals-he has shown the basics, practically, which i still use now.

    he has given many sites that are invaluable!

    my conclusion:
    as a student, we must have that “i-don’t-know-anything-and-i-am -here-to-learn” attitude and shut-up. i measure people by what he has produced. if he is not good, why would anyone wants to interview him on international prime-time tv network live? also, in learning, learn from all! each trainer is different and teach different techniques and topics! relax!!!

    forex student
    mart garbera


  51. I have just attended Kishore M preview last night in Hilton and it was about Forex. He was talking and talking, telling sad stories about his childhood coz his dad not earning enuff..and his working experience in the US and how he got retrenched,had to begged for a place to stay….and stories went on and on…his “yes or a yes” and “true or true” and “ok,claps for joy now..louder..louder..LOUDER!!” is superly annoying.

    He said the upcoming FX seminar of his on May 09 has got only 12 seats left, and asked people in the room to run to back where his staffs were to register for the course.The first 12 people reach there first will get the seats. Some of the audience ran to the back and started to filling up form( i hope they read about the terms and conditions before signing the form) and i think they were more than 12 people ran to the back and some stay put.He did not look very please with those who stay put and then he said he is gonna give those who are still sitting in front a chance to run to behind and get the form,and they can participate the seminar. Here is my question : I thought only 12 seats left? hmmm….

    He added lots of “freebies” which worth RM 43,000 if we were to participate into his seminar.

    My another question : he kept saying he is rich, successful.If he is rich and successful, why is that he needs to charge RM6K who join into his seminar? He can easily just by a click can earn thousand and hundred. He should be giving beneficial talks to the public instead of creating seminar and charge people RM6K.

    Im not saying that his course which cost RM489 per month is a cheat coz after all i never participated. However, i agree with some of you guys here : Newbies, ask around b4 signing up and read the terms and conditions apply.

    Another point : i’m sorry for him about his sad childhood life coz his father wasnt earning enuff money to support what he wanted when he was a child. But on the another hand,he should be grateful that he has got parents. Lots of people out there in this world, do not have parents.


  52. Hi Boys and Girls,

    I have been reading and seems like there is a lot of cons than pros. Anyway, We all have to know that there is no such thing as 100% winnning trades.

    Have you all heard of JF Lennon; Institute of Financial Science? You all can log into the website to find out more. This is one of the institute with very strong and experience people running it and also has a R&D team to develop strategy and backtesting group to prove the strategy with high % of winning, but not 100%. And all this information will be taught to students by a very motivated and experienced traders who has the talent in tutoring. The course offered is called “Advanced Traders’ Mastery”.

    Now, JF Lennon is offering a FREE FOREX BASIC CLASS where you can learn some basic knowledge. Whoever is interested, Please do give me a call at 012-4352282 and i will register a place for you. This class will be held every tuesday and thursday in Penang and every Weds in KL.

    Hope to hear from all the Traders who want to be succesful out there.

    Thank you.

    Ivan Lim
    ~Learn with Passion, Trade with Confidence~


  53. I attended Kishore M forex classes in Singapore for 3days. I wasted my money. He is teaching just basics in Forex and just charging very high. It is useful for those people who want to know what is forex etc but can pay around S$ 300 for such course.

    I do not recommend anybody to attend Kishore M (PowerUP Capital) course and waste money.


  54. Hi I recently completed his course and I must say his strategy works. My husband died 7YRS ago and I am the only parent taking care of my child. My boss has not increased my salary for the last 5 yrs since he knows I need the job desperately. After meeting kishore and explaining to him my situation he gave me a very big discount for the course. I have been making 50$ to 100$ every day after the course. He has delivered what he has promised.

    Please dont worry about the negative comments in this blog or any other blog , just go ahead and do the course and you will
    believe what I am saying

    God bless him



  55. Hi everyone, I am very glad that I find this forum. The only sad thing is that it seems like the last posting is so long ago.

    Just to be very upfront, me and a couple of friends are trying to come up with a seminar on forex. I am currently doing some research on existing competitors and was very shock from what I have found. I didn’t know much about Kishore until being here so got to thank you guys for it. I have been to his preview as well and he sold his story of climbing back from proverty to today through forex trading. Then I have a close look at this website again, he uses the same story how good he is but this time through property investment. I am just shaking my heads. He well have the knowledge and credibility to educate people and earn very decent money but I dont understand why he need such big success so badly and so fast. He would have become a respectable person. What a waste.

    Anyway one of the main reason for my partner venture in this area because we are so pissed with other forex educators as well. Their claims are just $%^&*^% and some with too much marketing business linked as well. Of cos the worst is explaining how easy it is for people with no knowledge to make money.

    I really hope that this page can be seen by many many more people in Singapore as he has been really active or other educators. I have no IT, website expert thus I do not know how best to distribute good information. Please please help others, many aunties and uncles are out there been blurred.

    Last but not least in case people think I am trying to sell seminar, ha ha .. we dont have anything really, we just decided about a few weeks ago and brain storming on how to improve on the marketing part as we have the real stuff. Wish us luck if we pull thru.


  56. Hi guys,

    does anyone know about a 3 day kishore M workshop on forex in KL this coming JUly 12th,13th,14th ???

    i was thinking of attending, but after reading up on the feedback on the “exstudents” i’m not sure spending 3 days of my life listening to someone with a dubious claims, is a good way to invest my time.

    any ideas anyone?

    the workshop in kl is free by the way.


  57. kishore is just a waste of time …go watch the movie “slumdog millionaire” perhaps he is one of those from the slum !!!

    he fakes his story just like a BOLLYWOOD ACTOR …

    who makes the money here …there are answers from some of the members below …


  58. Hi guys,

    I will be attending his workshop at Penang in August…kinda feeling creepy after reading such comments….I have never meet Kishore before and I’m looking forward for it…

    Because I have paid him like almost RM 5k…of course the urge to defend him comes to my mind…u really dont want to become the laughing stock of the town by blowing your money away…but I think the best way to judge him is to look at him by yourself..

    I’ve been to his site and to me the site looks decent….I dont know what more must he do to prove himself…he posted his achievements certified by Earnst and Young….he’s been interviewed by major broadcasting channel…BBC,channel news asia…he’s been writing in numerous articles wall street jurnal etc…he’s the Chief Investment Officer for CommerceCapital International…what else do u want?His bank account with pin no?U never asked your math teacher for his past exam result yet you still attend the class without any hesitations…

    Seriously…use common sense…not all 500 students enrolls into medical school would become super duper specialist….I paid almost RM 50k for 4 years engineering course in UTM but I didn’t end up being an engineer…300 000 students sat for SPM..but only 10% are getting good grades…

    The thing is I believe Kishore can provide a good foundation with proven strategies but its up to us to to work it out until we’ve become good…I’d rather pay money to a living professional rather than throwing it all while crawling in the dark just to learn how to trade…and I also dont believe u will become good in 3 days….but I bet that 3 days will be the best days of your life…

    The rule of life will remain still…10% will kick ass,90% will eat foot….its up to us to put ourselves in the respected place…

    But to be fair….i will keep posting any progress I have with his course…if he’s the real deal than he’s the real deal vice versa…

    P/S:To those who spat his face with all your negative comments…did you attend his course for the whole 6 months(3 days plus 6 months weekly live trading)..?


  59. Hi everyone…

    I’m a young FOREX trader and i’m very passionate in FOREX trading. I’m currently staying in Penang and develop my FOREX knowledge and skills with a group of FOREX traders

    I have been attending to quite a few FOREX classes. All of the classes doesn’t really help me to profit market that much untill i meet up with a friend who introduce and explain why do we always lose in FOREX market. At that time, i have aid alot of fees in FOREX class and i feel like all of the classes really don’t let me make alot of money in FOREX…

    After that my friend invited me to join in to trade with him, i feel like he is seing the FOREX market in the realistic and what i’m learning from others is just by ” you have to do this and do that” after you have lose that trade they will answer you that “its a valid lose” … What kind of FOREX method is this…

    So i have decided to follow this person to learn FOREX in a different way and now getting pips by pips everyday…

    I hope everyone who has gone thru this stage or who is blur and think that FOREX doesn’t have chances… Just give a try and you will see different things after his class onwards… We are not trading the FOREX market alone…

    If you are interested kindly contact me and give yourself a chance of seing things differently…

    Name : Patrick
    Email :

    Cheers traders !!!


  60. I’ve started with USD1,000 and make USD 78,000 in two months. I’ve never trade in my life before but after attending Mr. Kishore M Forex course, Cha-Ching $$$. I’ve started making passive income from USD 220 a day to USD 1500 a day and there is time that I’ve even made USD6,000 a day. 2 months using Kishore’s technique, I’ve made in total USD78,000, whether the market up or down, I’m always ready to make my move.

    A trading mindset that you can actually stay with forever and pass on to your children

    Mona Mohd April 2009 Batch Powerup studennt


    1. Mona

      If what u said is true , why Khishore need to charge people $$$$for his course and why teach in the first place.
      If this is true , Buffet is world richest man making 25%/year , you must rank above him and so is your teacher and all his student . hahaha


  61. Hi Mona mohd,

    By turning USD 1000 to USD 78000 in shortly 2months its really a big risk and also alot of trades… I’m not sure whether Khishor have teach u all money management system b4 ?

    By having USD 1000 and risking 5% of your capital seems like u need to make 16 consercutive wining trade in a WEEK… If you are not making as many trades i think u r just risking more than a professional traders…

    I think you should know that FOREX is a probability business… If you are risking mre than 5% you are consider gambling…
    Does Khishore teach money management ?

    Cheers traders…


  62. Dear All,

    I attended the free forex preview seminar organized by conducted by one PowerUp Capital`s speaker,Rajesh. Tough the talk seemed kind of intresting… a way…..the speaker seemed to pour out loads of promises to the attendees as well as the acheivements and the massive income generated by their students who enrolled for the course.

    During the preview presentation,Rajesh showed an article in regards to an elderly women that lost all her life`s hard earned savings in some dramatic manner,but then again….people can also loose their hard earned savings through forex trading….there is without a doubt a person can make a ton of money venturing into the Forex trade,but then again there is a possibility that a person can go down the drains along with Forex trading….and this is of course this applies to gambling, investments or getting duped and cheated in some way….well,everything involves risks when it comes down to money…..Money can lavishly structure your life as you see fit or turn your life into a living hell……

    He mentioned the dilemmas and the hardships he had to go through due to a bad investment done by himself and his best friend,whereby the company he invested on had gone bankrupt due to the market crash,and due to this, he and his friend had a ton of bad debts to pay up,resulting that his friend who found the only absolution which is to commit suicide…..

    I realized Kishore had some form of a dramatic story to convey through the booklet of his that was distributed during the preview….that he faced tons of obsticles and hardships in life….

    I`m wondering,these stories that have been conveyed and depicted, is it some way to psychologically and emotionally confuse people…..

    I have not met Kishore,but from what i realized from the speaker Rajesh is that, he is one helluva marketeer who knows how to play his cards well and he does knows how to butter up people.

    Towards the end of the seminar preview,the speaker mentioned that were 4 seats left available for the August intake,but it seemed that they were really keen on everyone to join the course.This was realized when a couple of people were addressing a couple of questions to the him….he was half heartedly paying attention towards them and his eyes were more focused on those who were signing up for the course…..It made me seem to think that the manner this was potrayed, it is as if they were desperate to get people to sign up for the course.

    Whats actually pondering in my mind right now is that,can Kishore and his team actually deliver ?….Can they abide to their “lavishing and outstanding” promises that they have conveyed……or whether this is just a “come for the course and go fly kite” of a thing….


  63. Today, my fren and I attend Kishore M Free Forex Training…
    It was only an introduction to his real course which he will personally do the training and not by his student… and the real cost???? $328 only!!! by credit card monthly installment for 12 months???? So total almost $4000!!! for a 3 days course.

    Nevertheless both my fren and I felt it is too hefty and we left and save $8000… even though he mentioned IGNORANCE is EXPENSIVE!!!

    Just Ignorance


  64. I think naturally, the speakers would look at the number of people rushing to sign up once they announce you can register (pay!). However, for the speakers to ignore audiences or concentrate less on questions would be a big mistake for it shows they are just in for the $ and not educating or helping others, as they claimed they were.


  65. Hi I just came across this blog and would like to share to everyone that I have recently done his course and have also personally met the students of kishore at his graduate gathering mona, bellum , raj and Faridah you can see their testimonial on his website
    His students traded live in front of an audience of 400 people and showed how they make money. His course works , i have been making money after attending the graduate gathering and the good news is all his students get to see the video and are making money as well since they also get to interact with the four of them on a personal basis. I dont believe when people are writing that his course is sucks I just think they are not understanding or they lack the discipline which mona mentioned in her sharing.
    I recently traded the Non Farm Payroll which kishore teaches in his course and made 12,000$.

    For those of you who want to view the video of the graduate gathering it is now available in his online course as well

    Great work kishore keep it up .



  66. Hi, I want to share that I was also at the graduates seminar by Kishore. I just want to share that the out of the four successful student cases he presented, three of them are trading in a manner that would lead to disaster for 90% of beginners. This is especially the case for Mona, who claimed that she is making US6000 on average per DAY based on a account balance of US100K. If you work out the sums, this lady is really overtrading. And she showed a supposedly her statement of trades and we saw that she would take whatever profits where possible. Some profits are as small as US 60 CENTS. Kishore applauded her methods and rah rah the audience to do likewise. The other two students also verbally presented their huge profits leading to conclusion that it is highly possible to earn huge profits using small balance. Only the last students share something more realistic about his use of resistance and support, to which Kishore only applauded Not so loudly..

    One thing to take note that you may not be aware of, Kishore encouraged students to open account with IGMarkets. This would mean that Kishore would be earning passive income whenever any of his students trade, be it loss or profits. Hence he would definitely want people to trade and trade and these successful students would definitely make the audience believe that anything is possible.

    There are many other ethnical issues on the way PowerUp runs this business which I urge you to be aware before you joined.


  67. Recently, I have attended Kishore’s FOREX free seminar. He mentioned that he is here to help everyone to free their debt and to show us how to become rich. He show us a lot of video on how his student success and become rich. Ask yourself, if he has a 90% sure win matter why is he standing here to tell us his secret where he can use this few hours to make this money by just a click away.
    He said the upcoming FX seminar has got only 10 seats left(he also mentioned that he will be personally guide us though the course instead of his student), and asked people in the room to move to back where his staffs were to register for the course.The first 10 people reach there first will get the seats. Some of the audience ran to the back and started to filling up form and I think there were more than 10 people move to the back and some stay put.He did not look very please with those who stay put and then he said he is gonna give those who are still sitting in front a final chance to move to behind and get the form,and they can participate the seminar. I thought he got only 10 seat left???
    At that moment, I told his staff that I will only pay cash installment instead of paying by credit card but his staff not allow. So I personally approached him and ask his to allow me. He told me he can’t decide because his finance staff not allow? Didn’t he is the boss. Finding that his word very fishy, I ask him why he is so worry that I don’t pay up the fee since he is 100% confident that his course will help us to made money???Also sit in to learn doesn’t cost money since he is the one will do the teaching.
    A few of us left the room. After which I come to this site. Wow, I am lucky that I did not take up this forex course if not I going to loss about S$4000.
    This come to a conclusion that Kishore is not a helpful person. Please do aware PowerUp. Common sense tell me that he run about from countries to countries because he con a lot of people and now they are searching for him!!!


  68. I am from Australia. I attended kishore course in April 2009. I attended the preview conducted by kishore In April 2009 precisely 17th April 2009. I am a silent Admirer for Kishore because I have read a lot about him. Frankly this Gentleman has a great exposure, as I know he has conducted training in London, Hongkong, including Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. He also has training sessions in the Gulf .None the less I thought to give it a shot so I went to attend his preview.Coincidantly Mona was there first time as well listening to kishore. I must say he is sound with the subject. He gave a fair offer to everyone and was charismatic in his selling. Towards the end of his talk I saw 70 % of the class go back and sign up for his course. I decided to wait before taking a call. I did a bit of research before I decided to join his June 2009 Batch.
    Few good things from my learning.
    • I have read a lot of blogs saying that he is arrogant and a con man. Friends I am a student of psychology. Let me throw some light on kishore. We were 50 of us for 3 full days with him at the Berjaya Times Square. He was polite to everyone. Intact there was a student who came in late and missed 2 hours .kishore was kind to sit back at lunch and teach him. That is a gesture of a great man.
    • It has been 4 months since I have attended the course. I must say kishore is doing great by offering classroom sessions every week for beginners and I must say Mona is a great lady. I have heard people saying she’s a fraud; she cannot make the kind of money.
    Friends let me throw some light on this fact.
    Good friends of God ,Let me first tell you if kishore is a fraud he wouldn’t have cared enough to offer us a classroom session for us to sharpen our skills and let’s face it the class sessions are conducted by his students who make real money. We had a chance to see the statement of our coaches.
    Good job Powerup coaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Secondly i must surely congratulate Mona.
    Friends come to think of it ,if Mona was a fake she wouldn’t have the audacity to trade life with real money in front of graduates in Singapore and Malaysia .she would be thrown out if she wasn’t genuine. I attended both the session by Mona. August 2009 Malaysia at SS2 and Oct 2009 Singapore at SMU Singapore.
    On a final light Note Friends!!!!!!!!!
    His system may work for so many, may not work for some. If it doesn’t work for you accept it with a pinch of salt and look for alternatives.
    Marriage has worked for some not worked for so many ,but how many of us have gone back to the priest and cursed and called him a fraud for getting you hitched to a wrong girl.
    Similarly how many of us have gone back to our universities castigating our professors for their teachings failing which we are currently jobless.
    Friends wake up. I am from Australia; there are many Forex Trainers there as well. We live in a society that has many efficient people around. Instead of cursing people lets work towards improving ourselves, making the right decision, right choices and finally stop complaining.
    I strongly believe if you cannot do well to yourself you surely cannot do better for yourself.
    Love Always


  69. Hi

    Just want to share my experience of the FX course I attended back in 2008.

    a) During the preview talk. He guaranteed profits using his strategies. If not, he started to mumble something very softly I think it was about giving you two months free access of his database which he is selling. During the course he did not talk about this anymore.

    b) He promised a FREE Certificate or somekind of Diploma from a US Unversity. Saying that he was qualified by the University to do so. During course, he said we need to pay 100 USD for courier charge for this certificate.

    c) He said we could attend free unlimited resit of his course. Subsequently, we learnt that to attend, we need to pay a meal charge of $80 per day! What kind of food is he serving? Shark fins and abalone?

    d) He said the last night will be a hand held session to guide us to live trade. This is what happen, 30% of time is spent helping students set up their laptops, setting up more extension cords, collecting money for wireless lan access from the hotel. Then he spent about 20% of time showing us a demo trade which I think in the end earn a profit of less than 10 USD. He did not run thru all the strategies he taught using the charts. Then he would rah rah us to celebrate since got profit.

    The worst is the next 50% of the time, together with Bellum, one of his model student and who claims to be a rich dad advisor, they started to sell another course and the night just ended with that!! I really consider this a rip off.

    e) For an expensive course, nothing was served during the course. No food, no teabreaks. We were each given a 3 to 4 pieces of mentos only and luckily got plain water.

    f) I heard his whole cabinent of staff was totally different this year. I wonder why all the previous staff did not continue to work.

    g) There was no follow up after the courses. No more mentoring session. Only in 2009, they started to offer free tutorial classes which I think is something laudable. I attended one in early 2009 but was not impressed. In fact I was even very disappointed. Because kishore started to talk about how to make profits in Index but then he chased out students who did not take his I think CFD courses. Those that take FX only cannot listen. After that session I stopped attending his tutorial sessions. Though I heard that now that his own students are teaching, the classes were better.

    h) I am not sure how long my comments will prevail. This company has a strategy to go around in Internet making negative comments disappeared. One of my comments last year in a FX forum were being deleted after like a week.

    Looking at the regular tutorial sessions powerup is giving these days, maybe the company is striving to do better. Since they are earning so much passively from our trading through tie ups with brokers. Similarly, there are things to be learnt from the course as he surmised the various popular strategies for you.
    The above are just some of the unhappiness I had with them and just want to share for you to evaluate.


  70. My name is terence . I have completed kishores course in july 2009. I must say the best part of kishores training is the 6 months training at smu. It is an experience. I long for those weekly thrice sessions at smu. I wonder why people keep saying negative things about him.
    Mona came down to singapore and traded live with us. She is genuine guys coz she traded live with all of us with real money-thats awsome.
    I was shaken of ground when i saw mr kishore talk with jim rogers on stage ön 10th oct at the suntec convention in singapore.

    Jesus christ how does this man do it. You should have been there to see it. This week he is speaking at fxweek with the best

    f the world. Friends i just say 1 thing. You must stop complaining and follow his teachings. It is 1 simple fact of live a tree that bears fruits is always stoned. Few succeed. Some may not succeed. Thats a fact of live . 6000 students graduated last year from top 10 universities last year but only 156 of them made it to the top 2 posts. Well do you think the rest 5000 over students can go and castigate their professors and ask for a refund . No guys . Grow up.
    Kishore lays the foundation for us. We must learn to build our own structure and find our path of success based on his experience. I am in penang enjoying my WEEK END. Hope you enjoy your weekend too.



    1. Hi everyone.I am new and just discovered kishores course but being a person who like to do more research before he goes into the bears hands(by the wai Terence,that thing with the tree that bears fruits I think I read it somewhere on the upper side of this forum about Kishores course)…Everything seemed so nice and true few hours ago when I was watching his videos and testimonials and now Im wondering to invest(or not) 998 us dollars in his course,the amount asked at the moment…Thank you guys for opening my eyes.theres one remark though.Lets all do our homework first,learn the basics about FX trading,properly,spend a few months on it… and then maybe we can take a course like this…Also Im thinking that a succesful trader will not be so desperate for money from other people when with his account would be able to make more than convince some people to join the workshop.But then,with one of them ,he s risking his own money,with us,the risk is 0zero…
      I apologise for any mistakes that I ve made in spelling.
      Greetings from Eastern Europe…


  71. Dear All,

    First and foremost the so-call term that GREGORY and Terence used….”Friends”……seems to bring back memories from the past…it is the term that the PowerUp speakers tend to use frequently…..Are you folks from PowerUp?;-)

    For your kind information GREGORY,if his system does work for some…..and does not work for others….then tell me…is there a flaw in that system of his?….if Kishore is indeed so confident in his so call system of his….4000 bucks is a lot of money to fork out for some…PowerUp capitol should at least take the courtesy to at listen to the plight of others rather than market themselves all the way….

    Why in the world would someone want to curse the priest if his or her marriage fails?………the responsibility of a priest is just to solemnize the marriage and bless the couple,not to find someone a gal or a guy…not to match make individuals……your statement is rather hilarious….indeed needs a round of applause….

    Why blame the lecturers or professors if individuals/students are not able to attain a job?…..Lecturers/Professors roles and responsibilities are to lecture individuals/students, guide and assist students in order to strive and thrive for consistency….It is not their responsibility to secure a job for individuals/graduates…..You see, Professors and Priests do not spout lavishing promises…..they do not market themselves…..keep that in mind….

    Individuals that post a blog here are expressing what and how they feel….experiences and situations that took place…..your statement in regards to “complaining” and “cursing” is somewhat misleading….

    Your statement on “SO FRIENDS IF YOU HAVENT ATTEDED MR KISHORE TRAINING. ATTEND HIS COURSE, SPEND 6 MONTHS WITH HIM AND THEN TAKE A CALL.PROBABLY YOU WIILL THEN BE HEARD AND PEOPLE CAN TAKE YOUR OPINION SERIOUSLY.”….seems to me as if you are promoting him….and another note…..yea,right….for those who indeed attended the course have been “heard” allright…and that can be seen is that how PowerUp Capitol has handled individuals “opinions” in a very “sensible”,”outsanding” and “dramatic” manner….


    1. Hi Viper well put.

      This Friends statement was used by Kishore frequently in his preview talks. Actually in my last posting, I did not blame on his teachings at all but rather on some of his promises which he never delivers.

      A friend of mine also never get her referral fee for introducing someone to the course. Furthermore, she naively pay a deposit for a millionaire code course to be conducted by bellum and kishore. She could not get this deposit back even though she asked that maybe the referral fee maybe paid to her as the deposit but she was not attended to. I do not know what happen there.

      I also suffered from some money issue with them which if I did not chase the company, they will not take initiatives to deliver what they promised. Generally, I am not happy with the way they run their business.

      But to be fair I think they are improving these days with their regular tutorial sessions but which I did not attend anymore after being chased out by Kishore for only attending one Fx course.

      Some of the strategies they taught can be found in various literatures too. Generally, most strategies are more or less pretty similar. I believed the end game is money management which I think the school did not cover well. Kishore advocates 100 pips stop loss generally. Many peers told me this is what they get most of the time. 100 pips loss..


    2. Dear Max,

      I feel sorry that you have lost a substantial amount due to this….I do feel sorry for your friend as well…the unkept promises PowerUp Capitol did not comply …The thing is that Max, when it all comes down to money…never trust someone else to manage nor handle it….

      Well,end of the day….its all a strategic marketing tactic….a gimmick i must say….they pour out tremendous amount of beautiful promises in order to lure individuals to participate in their program…lavishing promises that are hard to ignore…..This,on the other hand, encourages individuals to participate in their program….

      Once individuals have participated for the course……then….that is it….they dont comply nor abide to their promises….they shun people away and tell them to “go fly kite”…..You know why?….They are not bothered nor worried coz` at the end of the day,they have already received their payment….

      In addition to that that they receive a certain royalty once after they were to open a forex account for students…….they leave participants hanging in misery without complying to their so-call promises…..


  72. I have been to Kishore briefing this year at the career fair in Suntec Singapore. Not amazed at his displayed of whole lot of money that people made after attending his Super money making course. of course they wont show you 80% or 90% of the people that doesnt make money..

    I will never attend such a course but for those that attend but fail to make money, you only have yourself to blame. Heres why

    1) We know there is no free lunch in the world, so I dont believe people will be stupid enough to believe by attending Kishore course, they 100% get rich.

    2) People are greedy, I dont know anything (as in technical knowhow how to trade) in shares and forex, but no need Kishore course I also do know FOREX and SHARES can make people SUPER RICH or make people DAMN POOR.

    So what happens is KISHORE knows about you greedy people who wants to become super rich yet knows nothing about Forex and Shares, so what he does is set up a course to teach you people on how to trade , buy shares which you can alternatively learn for free if you bother to research online or go library find Shares and Forex for dummies.

    Of course Kishore and team will tell you about how SUPER RICH you can become which makes you HIGH, but wont tell anything about becoming DAMN POOR and in DEBTS.

    So you greedy people out there who wants to get rich, who dont know anything about Forex, naturally will sign up with KISHORE knowing aware there is no 100% guarantee win one yet thought KISHORE will helps you 100% win in shares and Forex.

    Thou I have not been to the course, all i can say is Kishore and Team will teach you basic things on Forex, not magical formula of getting rich or becoming whiz at Forex.

    Is the $3K or $4K worth to attend such a session for 3 days learning how to buy and sell Forex and some simple logic of you buy low, sell high will make money etc. Its up to you.
    Just dont be stupid to pay for the course thinking he will makes you into GOD of FOREX , sure buy sure win.

    Do you believe KISHORE never lose in FOREX? but of course he will never show you his HEAVY LOSSES, will only show you HIS BEST WINS… just like they will show you all the money you can make, but not the money you stand to lose and cry..

    Thats marketing and advertising without ethics.

    Good luck guys and consider carefully


  73. Hi GREGORY,
    Please refer to you post back on 14 October 2009 at 10:45 pm. You are from Australia? Wow, a psychology student attending Krishore course on 17th April 2009 (Berjaya Times Square), August 2009 Malaysia at SS2 and Oct 2009 Singapore at SMU Singapore. You are a very forgetful person. Or you are working for Krishore to promote his course? A bit contradict. Please enlighten me. :)


  74. GreedyMan You are right… In Forex market there is no 100% win but there is big posibility for the price to go to your direction. I have seen alot of my friends attended khisore class wining money at 1st… After they win more and more , they pay back to the market in short time… What he is teaching is just about indicators, i know his technique and i have been comparing his and what i have learn… I dislike the way his techinque to chase after the market… Too tiring… Anyway for those who has attended his class GOOD LUCK and all the best… Feel free to contact me in e-mail… My previous e-mail has been hack so pls contact my new e-mail : for those who e-mail me before i have lost all your contacts…



  75. Hi everyone,

    I have been mulling over on whether or not to invest almost RM5K to take the next PowerUp 3 day training by Kishore M.

    It’s not just the 3 days that I am looking at investing in but the weekly trading sessions that we can do together with him/his kaki – those to me would be even more important than the 3 day theory.

    Having read all the posts down to October 22nd… my observations are…

    1) Most of the critiques come from those who’ve NOT EVEN attended his 3 day course.

    2) The more solid/credible criticisms come from those who claim to have attended earlier courses (prior to the weekly trades curriculum) and state that promises made by Kishore have not been met.

    I would love to hear directly from those who have attended his 3 day FX course recently AND attended his weekly live trading sessions.

    RM5K is too much for me to invest given my personal financial standing. However, if there’s a decent chance to recoupe one’s investment and then move on to a lifetime of FX trading as an alternative source of income, I will dig deep and find a way somehow.

    Reach me at if you have attended Kishore’s 3 day course, attended his weekly live trading sessions and if I could ask you one more thing, for the opportunity to meet with you in person in KL or PJ – just to better understand your views. I mean, that’s as sincere as I can get right?

    And for those who are caught out, I would genuinely do an expose on you on this blog, too. For the benefit of everyone here.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your views everyone. For someone like me who’s in a dilemma, it’s priceless. Much obliged.


  76. All, I can see majority of the crowd are not very happy about returns from Forex Trading rather then to say Kishore is Good or Bad. When the returns on investments is not so much as Kishore explains or hipes during seminar, then students would defiantly think 100 times as to why there are not getting proper returns.

    Firstly, every one need to understand that there is a marketing techniques for getting business. This is done by all companies including big giants. May be few say the truth and few may hipe a bit more. It is WE who have to decide whether this is suitable to me(us) or not. Especially Forex is not suitable to all, you can see this in every web site warning line.

    Secondly, with regard to Kishore’s statements, the way he puts things to people raises the expectation levels. Even it happened to me too. I realized the actual fact and efforts needed only when i lost more than USD 3000 with IG Markets (may these play lot of games in spreads, i have observed, where we lose actual money here and not Kishore). If you look at Kishore materials, may be it is available everywhere, if so why did you attend it? There should be a reason for it. You may wanted to hear from a successful person etc etc….

    Thirdly, All said and done, the most significant factor is – Kishore admits that he tought 100,000 students, but he has only 10 students to publish from past many years.. this clearly states that there is a HIGH risk and not everyone can do it. I see only Aye Aye (only traded once as she declares), Mona, Raj, some ambassador etc… Once simple question… if these people trade with you LIVE, you get only 30 pips (USD 30) during that session. Use the same technique at home alone, i am not sure how many of them are successful. Frankly we will come to know if you are successful since Kishore advertise those candidates to the new comers.

    Lastly, after areat pain of losing USD 3000, i am now come to a level of getting USD 2.00 on every trade i am the most happiest person in the world. I will see that it would take years for me to make thousands but never mind i will get my investments within this year…

    Cheers to all…. be positive… let anyone do anything… lets not worry… let us go hand in hand to get something rather than blaming someone… you may like this last sentence… but this is truth… they say…. TAKE POSITIVE THINGS IN A PERSON AND IGNORE NEGATIVE… by doing we accumulate only positive energy with us….

    Happy Trading….and understand careful for new comers before you step into FOREX TRADING



  77. Their unlimited re-sits is a SCAM. When I attended an Options course in 2007, I just had a re-sit in Malaysia, and thereafter, I tried calling them 3 times. It was different people who answered the call each time, and nobody can tell me or call me back for a schedule of the the next Options seminar.

    How do they get away when you ask for schedule?….

    1st call: they said Options seminar would be around March 2008
    2nd call (around end-March 2008): they said in about 3 months’ time
    3rd call (around June 2008): they said THEY ARE NO LONGER DOING OPTIONS SEMINARS, because it’s now FOREX!

    I don’t mind them doing ForEx seminars. But if they promised unlimited and SEVERAL Options seminars in a year, THEN THEY SHOULD DELIVER because the courses are NOT CHEAP.

    So, Cynthia Tay, don’t just threaten to sue, as it may just backfire at you. Why don’t you fix your organization instead? Kishore’s years of hardwork & reputation may just go down the drain someday. Negative comments are coming up one by one. Redeem yourselves while there’s still time.


    1. where can you find a big frog jump all over street?

      If Kishore is 1/10 as good as he claim . why he want to make you droll to get a few $ from your hard earn money?if ! he can makes unlimited amount from FX?

      IF he had taugh thousnad of people than you must have heard some one praise him , why spend so much money on advertisement?

      If what he claim is true then he must be the richest man on earth as buffet can only make ave 25% annually.

      remove all your Greed for now! and think again


    2. people can twist facts and write review for their work.
      But they can’t chance logic and fact.
      To see the fact . 1st step is to remove all your greed
      then follow the logic and you will see the fact !


  78. All please don;t believe kishore this liar people. his company is power up capital. all he teaching is rubbish. his teaching material can buy from internet. i believe he also buy e-book from internet to learn it. that all e-book only cost 100 usd. he charged fees almost RM6000. and 1 of my friend attended his class said that after 1 year still not earn any money. he is cheating people. please dn believe him.


  79. Hi all, believing Kishore or not believing him is not the issue here. How many of you have analysed that why are you losing money? i have done that exercise.
    Let me share and we all agree that almost everyone have lost patience while doing the trading. We also agree that we haven’t waited for all conditions to fulfill but we assume that conditions MAY fulfill and we trade before condition occurs. This is where we go wrong.
    Look at my earlier topic. I had lost USD 3000 but today i have gained more than USD 5000. You know why – its not because of Kishore or someone – but its because i try to understand myself where i am going wrong and why every time.
    Now i don’t trade every time, i trade only when my strategy fulfill all conditions. If the conditions match then i trade all currencies.
    I don’t trade more than USD 50 profit and then i come out. I bet that you follow this you will be winner all the time. Be careful in applying stop loss, because it is the brokers who trade against you and kill you in the stop loss.
    If you ask me, open an account with Standard Charted Bank or Deutsche Bank. May be there deposit is more but they don’t trade against you.
    The main secret of the brokers are they ask less deposit but you keep losing less money but all the time. Hence you get frustrated.
    All the best- write to me if you feel.


  80. I am MR Kishores Forex Student from Malysia ( subang ) i attended his course in September 2009 . i have read lots of blogs and always wondered what is is all about this company. i was always quite reluctant coz i wanted to meet some one from his class and one day i met one of Mr Kishores student at SS2 Just below leos cafe . he explained me the benefits of learning from kishore and how he started with 5000 usd and now has reached 1,20,000 usd . He was quite happy sharing how kishore gives his students oppurtunity to be trainers and how he has inspired people to start a second source of income. i was convinced and i joined. I was lucky to spend time with one of kishores student MONA who readily assisted me whenever there were workshop at hotels and i owe it to her too.

    i was keen to meet all of kishores graduates and got an oppurtunity to participate in the powerup forex championship in Jan 2010 in Singapore.
    Go to

    to see the Results.

    This is what i can say we all have seen and heard of companies saying and writing success stories without a physical proximity to their students. i can say powerup has given me a platform to meet all the students present and pass all under 1 roof . I can just say to all future budding traders , dont get carrieed away by negative and Derogatory remarks of Mr Kishore.
    I am not moved so today i am on a path of creating wealth and success .

    listen to your heart and learn from some one who has created successful traders out of novice like me.

    All the best .


  81. Hi all
    i read all the comments so far on Kishore M and Power Up because i was thinking of joining
    their FX course.Now i’m not so sure.
    Especially since i’ve noticed that the majority of positive statements defending/supporting them
    have been repeated before, Word for Word, on other links i visited.Here’s one:
    Just thought i should point it out.

    This really puts their credibility into question.
    I wouldn’t mind paying good $$$ for a course if it was reliableand useful.
    What i’ve found makes me doubt it.


    1. Sit in the free expert sessions, borrow some books from the library, then try out a demo account and then decide if you need to pay for Kishore’s course. Sometimes, it’s just your lack of confidence and psychology telling you you need to attend such courses to learn something. Otherwise, shop around before you throw in your easily-earned money.


  82. Hi again
    Just did additional research on PowerUp ‘s claim that their FX course is ‘certified’
    by Metropolitan Business School,Ireland (UK). But if you follow the link given
    (incl.the one onthe website) you get an expired domain :
    Acc. 2 my search,i could not find such an institution.
    The closest is Manchester Metropolitan Business School in UK.

    i apologize if i’m wrong.If not,thing are starting to look really fishy…i advice anyone
    considering the course to do their homework, and share your comments/ findings.



  83. Hi There

    I was quite skeptical in attending his course Singapore and had mixed feelings abt his Forex course after researching online. But i decided to go ahead anyway since I had put in my deposit.

    I attended his Feb 2010 course. So far the techniques he taught has worked and I began making at least $100 a day by doing small single trades. I’m still learning and now I make abt 150 – 200 a day.

    Kishore teaches foundation on Forex, risk mgmt and shares his trading techniques. He also conduct live trading course 3 – 4 times a week in SMU (Singapore Management University) which you can attend for free after your course. It’s part of the “support program” he provides for his students.

    I won’t say he is a scam. He is genuine but I think as a student, you should go with an open mind to learn. Also you need to practice what you learn to horne your skills. I traded with demo acct for a week after his course before trading with my live acct.

    Every single day I make $$ but i won’t say every trade is a win. Out of 10 trades, I lose maybe 1. But this is normal. There is always risk in trading and there is no such thing as you win 100% all the time. I think the more emotional you are abt your trades, and fail to stick to his strategy, the more $$ you lose. This is what i realised. So nowadays I am no longer emotional abt my trade and try hard not to be greedy. I stick to his strategies and if i don’t see the opportunity, I do enter the trade.

    It’s just like going to school. The teacher teaches everyone the same thing but does every student pass with full marks or becomes 1st in class? NO! So it all depends on what you do with the knowledge you learn.

    I notice most of them who publish negative comments have just been to is seminar and not his 3 days course. I don’t see alot of his students comment anything much bcos i guess they are busy trading. Well anyway, things published in internet are not 100% true all the time and like one of the earlier comments, the negative comments could be from his competitors too.

    If you don’t believe me, I can even give you the date and time he conducts live trading sessions on SMU. You can come down and see for yourself if he is a scam and he is failing to keep his promises. There is one today at 7.30pm @ Seminar rm 1.1 @ Lee Kong Chian Business School.


  84. I was about to join kishore M forex course but after reading what ” Passer By” had to say I did a google search and this is what I found

    Once you click on “Academic Partner” you will see Powerup is indeed an academic partner of MBS. The link is below

    I also met with some of his past students and they confirmed what” NeroliJasmine” has to say. Well I am going to join Kishore M No 1 FOREX course and never going to listen to any
    “Passer By” .



  85. I am a student of kishore M Forex Course. Yesterday i had done 25 trades of which i was successful with 23. Managed to make about $535. For ones which i lost i keyed the currency wrong instead of pressing gbp/usd in a hurry i keyed gbp/sgd and other i was caught on the wrong side. I hope one day i will be trading
    with 100% accuracy :).

    Thank you very much for all your support kishore. Dont worry about the negative/defamatory comments on the various blogs keep doing the good work we are with you. For those who dont believe his system works can come and see me in his tutorial which we conduct every week at smu. I have shared many times in his tutorial so has mona ,lynn, bellum , Raj , Afida and many other students. Last Friday few students traded and we ALL made $4000 using his system. I limp due to polio but that does not stop me from achieving breakthrough results in my trading. What are you guys complaining about.

    For those who say his system is available in books and website. Let me tell you after you finish a medical course from a medical school or engineering course form an engineering school the books you read is bought from the book store. The professor who taught you at the school became professors by reading the same books which you bought. When you want to send your kids to engineering or medical school they will also buy the same books which is available from a book store for less than 100$ then why send your children to an engineering school or medical school and pay thousands of dollars when they can read the book and get all the knowledge for just 100$.

    If a mechanic repairs your car and charges you a 1000$ and tell you that he had to replace a nut which cost only a 1$ you will freak out why is he charging 1000$ it is because 1$ is the cost of the nut and 999$ is the cost to know which nut to replace in the car. That is what kishore does he teaches you which nut to replace. Most of the people in this blog are criticising his course. All I can say is a critic is someone who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.I am not saying I win on all trades but I and those students whom I am in touch with make money
    and that is what matters.

    Kishore may you be a blessing to many more in the days to come.


    1. If you made 25 trades in a single day and only earned $535, never mind the wrong currency entry, then there is really something wrong with your trading psychology as you are over-trading, regardless of your # of lots, position size and principle. And if you subscribe to Mr K’s methods, either you are a poor student or he’s a lousy teacher.


  86. If you have the guts, please report Kishore as a scam to the police. If you can prove that he is a scam, why make noise here in this blog? Just report him la. Aiyo….


  87. There are many ways making money in the market. So long as you can talk, you can teach the many strategies and techniques. It’s no brainer. One thing for sure. Mr K makes more moola teaching new bees than his own trading. Just ask him to show his personal trading account and I am sure he would kindly refuse. If he introduces FX trading to you, then you would have paid expensively and he has made his case (and moola). If you want to learn more, new bees or otherwise, there’s always gurus from


  88. kishore cant trade forex that is why he’s, why he want to waist time teaching if he is so good in making money. all bluffing.just buy a forex book from borders


    1. Voon,

      Seemed like you’re making a direct judgement without facts. Please argue with facts.


      Jonathon Siew

      Thomson Road, Singapore.


    2. some narrow minded people always think like that.Kishore M is not a narrow minded like you .He wants to share his ideas with people because he learnde the hard way of life …don’t comment about people like a nonsense


  89. Who is Mr K again?

    How come the people here who post negative comments never use Kishore M’s name instead?

    How do we really know that Kishore will show his account or not?


  90. okay , in that case, show his account . see can trade or not somemore his student claim can trade 25 trade a day . wah, so many trade haaa.


    1. Hello everyone ~

      I did attend his course. Well, what I can said the course is not worth for RM 3k++.
      To me it likely RM 500++ to RM 1k++. My batch july 2008. I believe around 30 students attend his class. Imagine (RM 4k * 30 = RM 120K), caching…cash in. What he paid is for the ballroom facilities = =. What ever he teach, you can get it from ED PONSI: Forex Patterns & Probalilities.
      There are no guarantee in forex market !

      And the speech he gives, mostly of them is repeated,
      “yes or yes”, then you said ” yes”
      Have you ever beg ? He said “I beg before”
      What to do when you do not have money ? he said “Forex trading”
      Forex warm: do not trade your last portion of money, it’s involve risk. He said “Guarantee make you win/lose!!)

      Hehehe, judge your own. ^.^*



    2. By the way, I like ED PONSI: Forex Patterns & Probalilities.

      You trade 20 times. 19 wins and 1 lose.
      And 1 lose maybe make you lost all.



  91. My name is rajan. I did a Google search to find the best trainer in forex. After a long analysis I decided to attend Mr. Kishore m in Singapore. The course fee was steep and so decided to wait till I arrange the money.

    Finally I got an opportunity to attend kishore s course in Mumbai on 18th and 19th July 2010.

    Friends I have attended courses earlier and read books on forex.i have spent over 5 lac rupees but unfortunately all was waste.

    I can tell you the knowledge and practicality of the course has helped me understand the markets and I am now confident to make it big soon.

    Hope all of you keen to learn forex get a chance to attend his programme.



  92. dear all,

    i attended The Forex course by Kishore M in mumbai on 19th and 20th july 2010 .

    i have learnt something Dynamic and out of the Box.i feel this is the best workshop ever attended.


  93. I am Manoj from Aurangabad – India.

    I was one of the fortunate students from India to attend the course by Kishore M.

    No sooner I came to know that kishore is coming to India , I booked a seat for me . I was sceptical in the beginning thinking whether I will be able to follow the techniques as I had seen a video on website but after the 2 day programme , I can say it was a dream come true to see an Indian so intellectual and talented , feels proud to be a part of this programme.

    My best wishes to all those wanting to learn and make a career in trading. Come and learn from kishore. He is every dollar worth his word.

    Love to all my Indian brothers and sisters.


    1. Are you serious ??

      Clemen Chiang is history.Where did you see him thriving on his Options scam ? Has he started a new scam with another bogus PHD ? Or selling peanuts ??
      Do tell.

      As for Kishore, I THANK Andy for posting facts so people can see and decide for themselves.After reading that article. I certainly would NOT attend any of Powerup’s courses after that.People have a right to know.Perhaps you got scammed.If not, dare you post your last 3 months VERIFIED trading results ? If not dont bother replying.

      So that sister, is your answer to ‘So what ?’


  94. i read on another blog that “Doctor” Kishore M (the organiser of the coming has a bogus doctorate degree from a degree mill. I looked at his websites and his doctorate is from the “Metropolitan Business School of Ireland”, and sure enough the website shows that the Business School doesnt have any kind of recognition from any education authority:


  95. Sorry, my post didnt come out complete. It should have read:
    i read on another blog that “Doctor” Kishore M (the organiser of the coming Wealth Summit Asia 2010) has a bogus doctorate degree from a degree mill. I looked at his websites and his doctorate is from the “Metropolitan Business School of Ireland”, and sure enough the website shows that the Business School doesnt have any kind of recognition from any education authority:


    1. isnt that what Clement Chang was sued for? the people that went on his course took him to court and succesfully sued because he misepresented himself by saying he was a Doctor when in fact his degree was bogus. does this mean i can sue Powerup and get my money back?


  96. I recently read the article in strait times on forex classes and I don’t agree with what has been written since I flew all the way from overseas to attend the course of kishore and in the course Kyo Tan Soon Chye(resit student) one of participant showed us his live statement how he is making money using kishore Forex Technique. He made nearly $800 in less than 1 month using kishore pip maximizer technique. Then I went to attend his tutorial and daneil wong who is an investment banker shared in front of all participants he started in nov 2009 with Sgd 5000 and so far made $72,000 using kishore Instant pip Profit Technique. Harrinder Singh made$1289 using kishore Non Farm Payroll technique. If kishore course dont work why would students share live testimonials. I have benefitted from the course and his tutorial sessions. Infact his support is the best so far I have seen. Even the best airlines i.e. SIA has complains kishore course is the best there is bound to be some dissatisfied customers but will you stop flying SIA or will SIA stop their business I guess not. Infact I will be flying back again to attend the this coming october. Last year powerup had Jim Rogers. They get the best and kishore is the best. Dont let an article take away your dream, Live your dream Go for it.


  97. This coase is a real waste, they convince and cheated my money, the big cheater rajesh, and his team. tylen the big fat cheater, you all can run away withe the sin……..

    may god bless u all…….


  98. Mr. Kishore M is NO longer a forex hedge fund manager.

    Hence, all the marketing materials, including web pages of KishoreM’s

    ffiliate partners must remove the words Hedge Fund Manager.

    Please update all your website, blog, youtube, twitter, facebook within today

    & thanks for your cooperation

    Legal Dept

    Powerup Management


  99. gopal, u want to remove it, what is the answer for the people who paid u for the coarse. Im looking forward for the cheater tylen, he talks tooo much, blady fat bitch. anyone has his contact number?



    1. I don’t believe what he is saying about his course. If the course of this can secure huge profits as he claims (learn & turns USD5000 into USD100,000 in few months), then any large bank or hedge fund in the UK or USA can buy his course/system from him for billions of dollars, why he is not selling this system to a big bank or a hedge fund? He is just collecting money from poor people.


  100. ====Logic and Self Examination=====
    I shall attempt to logically dissect attending seminars for trading success.

    I am not against Kishore. I have not attended any seminars by him. I have seen him at events organised Success Resources. He is a charming man. I love his story of rags to riches. I’d love to give him the benefit of doubt that he is indeed that good a trader.

    There are a few pertinent questions to think about, though not exhaustive, below.

    ====Does anyone truly believe one can make a living trading?

    Yes, anyone can do that. With loads of hard work, and dedicated talent. Note, the word dedicated. The deliberate use of effort and concentration to your craft. A surgeon takes 10 years before he gets any good. What makes you think you are different. Assuming that supreme intellect is not required for trading. Forex, options or what not.

    ===Do you know that trading is one of the most competitive activity in the world?

    That for every weekend/part time trader, there are 10 doe eyed crazy arse talented PHD wizard working 28 hours a day for hedgefunds waiting to clear your account? Not just your meagre account but funds of institutions.

    ===Do you agree that trading is just like the Olympics?

    Just like the Iraqi war? Just so cut throat competitive? Just a blink and you lose? That the market don’t care if you had no parents, is handsome, is a pedophile and what not? You are either a gold medalist or a loser.

    Kishore maybe a successful trader, a Paul Tudor reincarnate for all I know. Not that Paul has died. He is alive and kicking and still mega zillionaire.

    Kishore may have a kick arse system that really really works. That is profitable ! That would make you 20k a month with just a few hours of work.

    However, any trainer who comes out to public to hawk their abilities like a super trader, planting seeds of grandeur, is in my opinion not morally right.

    For the fact that trading is difficult.

    Hard work don’t equate result. Results sometimes comes with minimal effort. Though consistency is the ultimate that professional traders strive towards. If anyone promises after a course and weekly meet up that you can become a consistent profitable trader,(with the implied relaxed lifestyle) then good for you !

    I understand that that it is a business. I understand that dreams sell extremely well. I understand that the best teacher may not be the best trader. However, it would be against the better of myself to plant dreams like that. It does not feel right.

    It then bores down to a issue of moral values. And very subjective. Is his course too overvalued? Why am I not making money? He MUST be a scam artist!

    So Kishore MUST BE A SCAM ! You say, for the 99 persons who have no business to be in trading. Kishore is my SAVIOUR, for the 1 person who made money.

    Lastly, no techniques would last forever. Market is forever changing. It is about context.

    The psychology, the mindset, the survivability would be the key to longevity.

    Longevity then, is the holy grail of trading profit.

    Parlaying 5000 to a 30k or 100K account is very possible. However what is the context? Timeframe? Risk taken? Are you doing this like a weekend warrior doing sports. Are you doing it at a competitive club level. Are you a national level sportsman? Are you a olympian?

    To conclude, if I were a prop trader, institutional trader, doing this professionally, I would probably send all my guys to be trained by Kishore. IF he is as good as he says.

    Money is good in trading, yes. However, hardwork, and dedicated talent. IS NEEDED. Especially so for retail traders up against traders in a professional environment.

    SO whose up for the next seminar, lets go !



    1. Hi dilion, happy new yearrrr ! *wave wave

      of course this is a pseudonym and if you for one moment believed that a cow from Bangladesh can saunter and frolic to a laptop and start typing, then I say good luck mate.

      Just jesting :D

      I don’t think anyone should believe steadfastly a opinion. They should listen, dissect and critically examine a idea in a socratic fashion and see whether it makes sense. They should listen to themselves and find themselves.

      Very true in trading. Heck, in life too.



  101. I’ve met Kishore M in person once in KL and once in Singapore in financial expos. He is really a nice person. Very approachable. I think all the negative comments here is not doing this good man any justice. What has he done to offend people who have never met him in person?

    He gave so many people tips on investing and yet people still say he is not honest. Sometimes, you have to be there to really understand the message he is giving out.

    I wish you all the bset in your own investing ventures. Afterall you already know so much. Why need to learn from Kishore? Learn from text books lah.

    Just my two cents. I hope little miss rainbow here will not delete this comment.


  102. Hi Everyone,

    Before commenting anything on Kishore Mirchumal Mansinghani (I have not idea why he liked to be known as Kishor M probably because of too length Middle and Last Name).

    First I want to tell you something about myself, I work in Bank and building Forex Trading system for Fx Spot Traders, so you can think I know the shit.

    I am not trading but I know the jargons and know how a spot trading desk works in a bank (I will give you guys a little idea how FX spot business works in a while).

    I saw the add in so I thought lets see is there somebody in market who can teach you trading(believe me I did not heard about Kishor M before) So I went in Suntec Conventional Center Room 203 on 14 Sept [7:00 pm to 9:30] The lady told me to fill up the Registration form, I did that.

    I was watching the crowd and had bit of chat with couple of folks out there. Everybody wants to be a RICH, good thought.

    Seminar started at 7:15 ish when I entered into the room I heard a song (I wanna be Rich blah blah) not too bad good way to motivate people.

    It has been started, he said he is going to reveal 4 strategy today [Instant profit technique, Pip Maximizer, Explosive Profit and 100% Accuracy].

    So far so good, crowd was not enthusiastic but I was.

    He started giving example and EUR/USD EUR is base currency and second one is quote currency and trade at 1.4425 [Note current price or that day price was 1.3725 so I guessed the slide was too old]
    This means 1 EUR is equal to 1.4425 USD , everything was ok, you can BUY EUR/USD or can SELL EUR/USD, fine good stuff.

    Then he turns to explain the return [How much you can earn]:
    He said Price are quoted in pips and you ignore the decimal and the difference is pip or made or lost and if you made 1 pip on 10,000 you make $10.

    Hello, this statement immediately grab my attention, 1 pip is 0.0001 and 1 pip on 10,000 (10000 * 0.0001) investment can give you $1 not $10,

    For all of you who don’t understand pip, pip is the diff between two prices in FX example
    I bought 10,000 EUR/USD @ 1.3725 and I sold same position at 1.3726 for I made 0.0001 {1 pip} so total I made $1 not $10

    He explained every thing by taking this in assumption and showing big big return everybody was happy but I was not.

    Did he became millionaire by using this calculation, Does he trading in real market I have solid doubt now.

    So far so good He shared sharing his past (you can read on internet I am not going to repeat), he was in bad time then he went to Berkley university and had some course and then he started trading.

    Now he wants to help us and wants us to become independent blah blah.

    I would say very impressive and very motivation speech, well done Mr Kishore Mirchumal Mansinghani.

    Everything was fine, suddendly at the end of the seminar, it became a selling speech, I will give you this free that free total cost of free bees are $35000, but I am not going to charge you 35K.Then his staff started distributing pamphlet, he said only 20 pamphlets will be distributed grab grab it [Typical Singapore style marketing], I grabbed one.

    People left the roon who did not got chance to grab it.

    Suddently his staff was turing chairs in rever direction I was confused what is this happening, once staff done, he said those guys has pamphlet take a chair, I took so , OMG what I saw is there was the table where I saw at least 4-5 credit card reader installed.

    Then Mr. Kishore said the offer here is SGD 398 I was shocked, actually everybody was shocked only 398.

    Guys I thought there is somebody on earth who really wants to help other and really wants to make everybody RICH.

    My dream got shattered once he said SGD 398 * 12 month installation program only for 3 days course.

    Then his staff took over the mic and said one card, second card and third card…..14 cards [card means credit card here, people who were interested was giving credit card to the staff]

    I took the chance and went to shake hand with Mr Kishor (I have some questions in my mind to ask).

    First I thanked Mr Kishor for the nice speech.

    I asked how many students will be in the class, he said 50 [you can calculate 50 * 4800 = 240K, he is making in 3 days, Still do you think he is millionaire because of FX trading]

    I asked Kishor you made million dollar, he said more than that, then I said why you are so worried and why you are taking such a pain.
    I said millionaire like you is sleeping at this time and you are here with us.

    He said I want to help you guys, good joke.
    I said good spirit. why dont you open a school or a open source academy like khan Academy ( he said this is my school.

    One guy who was standing next to Kishore said dont you understand this is a great business, he (Mr Kishore) smiled at me.

    I got all the answers of my all the questions.

    I remembered the question which I asked to one of my Fx Spot Trader (How can I learn trading, Trader replied and said no body is going to teach you)

    So the moral of the story is he is a good speaker and can deliver good motivational speech, but trust me like my trader said no body is going to teach you trading.

    If anybody wants to know How Fx Spot trading works I can write me next post.

    Best Of Luck !!!!



  103. Dear Manish,

    You promised to mention “How Fx Spot trading works” but says nothing after that, you have discredited yourself totally. You didn’t mention that it was a joke.

    Why can’t Kishore, or for that matter, anyone else makes his money legally, by the way ?
    Sue him if he has cheated anyone, why makes noise here ?

    I am a self learning newbie and has made good money in Forex, then I attended online course to gain further knowledge and see videos of how others trade. You must learn and overcome the learning curve to be successful, forex is not for slow learners and don’t expect to be spoon fed.

    I realized that NOT everyone can take such risk in forex and yet still making money, so those who have paid up but failed please take the pinch and get out of forex,
    Just do not blame others for your failure or having made the stupid choice of paying up.
    Don’t blame the rough floor if you don’t know how to dance (despite paying up to learn from amongst the best)

    best of luck for those who are disciplined and successful.



  104. Kishore M is actually a fraud guy, he has cases pending in various police stations in India and here in Singapore as well, He dare not use his full name as he will immediately get caught, so he keeps dodging around and does not even stay at one place for long. I am dying to get my hands on him and get him arrested for cheating me of my hard earned money. Abdul Karim.


  105. Kishore M is actually a fraud guy, he has cases pending in various police stations in India and here in Singapore as well, He dare not use his full name as he will immediately get caught, so he keeps dodging around and does not even stay at one place for long. I am dying to get my hands on him and get him arrested for cheating me of my hard earned money. He was earlier running the scam in the name of Commerz Capital and you can check this link Abdul Karim.


  106. Hi anyone, recently i got an email from him saying that new Instant profit robots is available. Anyone did a test on this system? i saw its 60days money back guarantee. i think the price bit high which is 147USD.


  107. tckhoon, You are newbie and you have made good money in Forex. Will you like to share your secret? I think everyone here will LOVE you if you do share. Everyone here to talk about Kishore, they are just trying to share info….why are you so piss off about? Yes is sound like making alot of noise, but do you think is a good noise. At least they are sharing info to help others not to take his course. How about you? Do you share any info?? I went for his seminar before….as what they described. everyone here also understand there’s no free lunch. trading knowledge is like a god bar. all of us here just want to find a way to be less worry about cash, to live a better life as what singapore are now. tckhoon do you really care what people here talk about Kishore? Or do all of us here make you piss off? Is just comments. Cool down my friend. If you here to share your secret? Please share…. I myself will like you to teach …thank


  108. Hi MJ, Thanks for this blog regarding POWER UP and their recruitment program. I am Edwin C. of the Philippines. Today August 2, 2012 Kishore M. has a FREE SEMINAR in one of the 5 star hotels in Makati which is the business district here in the Philippines. I saw his ad on the news paper and was excited. But after thinking and asking myself. He is offering a Free 3 hr Seminar in a hotel. What is the catch? I remember a very good advice. If it is too good to be true, most likely it is. I am doubtful that there is a fool proof plan in getting rich. You really have to learn and do something very well and consistently in order to be good at it. The stock market, money market, Forex, Options, Futures are high risk earning platforms and therefore RISKY, but if you have your technical analysis and follow the signs of when to go in and when to go out you have a better chance of making a profit. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE!!! if this were true than you (POWER-UP) should not include the warning in small print. My advice to all in the PHILIPPINES. Stay clear of this smooth talking scam artist KISHORE M. Edwin


  109. Not sure if Kishore M still does the preview. Anyhow, I’d say it’s best to start with first to get a decent foundation in forex. Then you can open a demo account to get a “feel” for how trading feels like. The Internet is full of information, why don’t you guys just Google ‘forex winners’ and download Kishore M courses, there are a few there. You get to see what his courses are like in general plus you get to save money. I’d say that’s a good deal.


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