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Domestic Violence Presentation – feat Carolyn Thomas

Got an email from a fren with just a MS PPT (Power Point) presentation file. I’ll upload it later. Found it here:

December 2003. Her boyfriend, Terrence Kelly, pulled a revolver, killing Thomas’ mother and shooting her in the head, destroying most of her face. She didn’t die.

Houston & Texas News – With a desire to help others, she now knows ‘what my purpose is’

View the galleries to see her right after the shooting. Gruelsome.

Diagram of the path of the .44-caliber Magnum bullet that entered Carolyn Thomas's head at her temple
Houston & Texas News – Path of destruction: Diagram of the path of the .44-caliber Magnum bullet that entered Carolyn Thomas’s head at her temple

She’s so brave to go on living instead of committing suicide or killing her boyfriend. Girl power!

5 thoughts on “Domestic Violence Presentation – feat Carolyn Thomas

  1. There are people who say a woman is mentally much stronger than a man. This is proof.

    In domestic violence, the main issue is about power and control. It is when a man feels he is weaker and can only demonstrate that control by way of violence.


  2. Jase: But she could be jailed if she cut it off..

    Blue: She’s amazing! She didn’t give up and commit suicide. Instead she’s helping others.


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