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Communication is lethal

From Male Supervisor’s point of view

Male Supervisor at another outlet, ranted about another staff from his old outlet. This other staff, T, was going to get promoted as Supervisor in that outlet.

“Hah. That T! I got a customer who bought a suit here and wanted to go there to exchange size. That T called me, talked also don’t know what, then hung up on me!” Male Supervisor waved his index finger as in No No. “You see lar. How can a Supervisor act like this?”

“What happened then?” I asked him.

“There, T said I scanned the wrong code woh! Scanned wrong code then you just exchange the right one for customer lar!” He rolled his eyes.

“That easy also don’t know how meh? Somemore scolded me! Eh, I’m at least a real Supervisor! He’s just about to be promoted only! NOT yet official! Hah! You know company delayed giving official post to him? Because I told HR about this!”

He squinted his eyes, shook his head. “I even complained to his Shop Manager ah! Your staff is so rude! Such simple case also couldn’t handle, how to be Supervisor? A Supervisor must have vision, know how to handle complaints, aiyoyo!” He put his back of his palm on his forehead and feigned fainting.

“Then he also gave the phone to the customer! Aiyo! Why did he do that?! So unprofessional! Customer also got angry.”

From T’s point of view

When I saw T recently, maybe a month after bumping into Male Supervisor, T mentioned this briefly and I asked him what happened.

“You know what?! I was just a Sales Assistant then.”

“I though you were going to be Supervisor already?”

“Yes but not confirmed by HQ yet.”

“He’s the Supervisor of that outlet and he gave the receipt to the customer. You remember our ladies suit have promotion and discount? He gave mismatched top and bottom to the customer. The top doesn’t match the bottom.”

He continued, “When he called to check code for stock for the bottom only, we checked the bottom and top – matching ones – else no discount ma. He gave discount ah (when it’s not supposed to be under discount because the suit didn’t match)! So when customer reached here, customer said wanted to exchange with a different size. But actually it’s different size and design also because he gave the wrong product to the customer!”

“Eh, he didn’t tell me about this.”

“Hah! Of course he didn’t la. Maybe he didn’t know also!”

“You didn’t tell him he scanned and gave the wrong product?”

T shook his head. “I explained to him but he didn’t understand me also. I talked until frustrated, I hung up!” T made a slam phone down gesture.

“The customer also paiseh..”

“Why didn’t you tell him that he made a mistake about this? He didn’t know he made the mistake but he told HR about you, this.”

“WHAT?!” T’s cheeks bulged out, about to explode.

“You should tell him about his mistake else he would think you were in the wrong.”

From HR’s point of view

HR may not know the whole situation and if HR is responsible and ethical, HR would investigate this issue but when/if HR has other more important issues or HR is biased, HR wouldn’t even listen to what others (T, customer) would say. Who would get hurt in the end? Certainly not the one who blabbered to HR, the one who actually made a mistake but didn’t know.

It’s called dungu (not knowing that you don’t know) in Bahasa Malaysia.

That’s why clear communication is so important. It can make or break you. Whether you are in the right or wrong. Because sometimes what other people know and think are more important than the real truth. As you see it..


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