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When you want something

There, stupid! *heartfelt sigh of exasperation* While working at the cosmetic/skincare company for promotion, 1 of the seniors told me to return the pack of foundation from the promotion area to the counter inside shopping mall. At the counter, I told the permanent promoters, “Returning foundation. Where do I put this?” The older one –… Continue reading When you want something

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Visiting Ku Po

Ku Po is 1 of the oldest relatives I have and I heard she had Alzheimer’s several years back. Or bad case of menopause where she scolded people for nothing, shrieking and having bad mood all the time. She also couldn’t recognize some relatives. She and I, well, we weren’t exactly chummy. I only go… Continue reading Visiting Ku Po

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These get rich quick schemes feed on greed and naivety. Be aware. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. That’s not to say there’s no miracle but just don’t throw yourself into the lion’s cage because you see some glittering gold inside the cage. Investments It’s not to say you can’t get… Continue reading Scams

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Wait, wait, wait

I just realized something. What if there’s no Mr Right? I knew this. Nobody Not everyone has the good luck to meet and be with the Soulmate. Fine. What if there’s no perfect job? Everyone has a calling. Deep inside. I keep waiting for them to appear but they still haven’t appeared (or did I… Continue reading Wait, wait, wait

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Domestic Violence Presentation – feat Carolyn Thomas

Got an email from a fren with just a MS PPT (Power Point) presentation file. I’ll upload it later. Found it here: December 2003. Her boyfriend, Terrence Kelly, pulled a revolver, killing Thomas’ mother and shooting her in the head, destroying most of her face. She didn’t die. Houston & Texas News – With a… Continue reading Domestic Violence Presentation – feat Carolyn Thomas

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Standing 10-10 for cosmetic & skin care promotion

Position: Temp promoter Field: Sales, retail, beauty & skincare Industry: Beauty, skincare Location: shoppping mall *Warning! Long post.* The company decided to give many free services – 4 of them actually but on the decal (a picture, design, or label made to be transferred (as to glass) from specially prepared paper), only 3 free services… Continue reading Standing 10-10 for cosmetic & skin care promotion

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Cosmetic & skin care promotion – how to make it successful

The lesser known the brand is, the harder it is to convince people to buy the products. Unless it has: good quality products proven results and testimonials, referrers afforable/pricing is compatible with location visibility It’s even harder to get their interest to walk up to the promotion or browse the products if the products are… Continue reading Cosmetic & skin care promotion – how to make it successful