Pizza Hut – Masala Spin Roll

Pizza Hut – Masala Spin Roll Generous chunks of chicken Masala and tomato in a thin layer of Mozzarella cheese-served in a light and crispy Tortilla wrap with cool lime mayonnaise dip. per serving RM8.00 Tasty and hot! As in spicy. Cool lime mayonnaise dip? I didn’t taste that. All I could taste was the… Continue reading Pizza Hut – Masala Spin Roll

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Smart Traders Seminar (Updated)

Thurs 10 May 2007 Armada Hotel Speaker: Aaron Sim Like PowerUp – Rule the Stock Market Workshop, those who have registered before the workshop/seminar starts would get a reminder from the organizer about the date, time and venue. This is an attentive feature to ensure you turn up. Actually, we were supposed to be at… Continue reading Smart Traders Seminar (Updated)


Richie Ren – If Life’s Goin’ Without You

I don’t know if the Live’s is the right word or Life’s because some sites use Live’s instead of Life’s.. Richie Ren’s a singer from Taiwan but has acted in several movies in Hong Kong with funny accents of Cantonese. Most of his characters are innocent/blur/funny guys but he was acting as a robber (a… Continue reading Richie Ren – If Life’s Goin’ Without You

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Got an email with video on European sharking. Last year was Japanese sharking. Sharking refers to a form of malicious and illegal act in which the perpetrator sneaks up on a victim, usually female, in a public area and forcefully exposes the victim’s intimate parts to be seen by the public before running away. While… Continue reading Sharking


Bleach 34 Tragedy of Dawn!

I’m seriously addicted to Bleach. Tv’s only showing once a week so I’ve been viewing them at Peekvid. Unfortunately, sometimes the links in Peekvid don’t work. I found out that the videos from Peekvid actually originated from YouTube! When there’s a problem, go to the source to solve it :D TV3 – Bleach (left to… Continue reading Bleach 34 Tragedy of Dawn!