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Dress for ITCousin’s wedding

Once a female knows there’s a wedding to attend, these crosses her mind: What should I wear?! Something I already have or.. Oh! A chance to go shopping! :D Where to find great dresses?! Who wants to come with me on this holy quest?! LOL. I wanted to buy a dress/gown, really, I hadn’t bought… Continue reading Dress for ITCousin’s wedding

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Autograph book & diary

I finally took out some diaries when I was a young teen and scanned the covers – and wrote about the childish things. Browsed some of the pages and thought, I wrote and felt that?! Bon Bon Cat diary Front original – so dirty What did you write in your autograph book/others? Name and some… Continue reading Autograph book & diary

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Interrupted, interview

Position: Project Admin Company: 1 of the top MNC IT in the world Field: IT, Sales Industry: IT Location: this new office is next to a hotel and shopping mall :D Pre-interview  I had come out to the bus station almost 2 hrs earlier. It took about 1/2 hr waiting for bus and 1 hr… Continue reading Interrupted, interview

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Censor comments?

Obviously there are a lot of people who disagree with what I blog about. Everyone has their own opinion – right or not, biased or not. So when I come across comments that are totally off in topics that are close to my stand like Sharking (and any human rights issues), should I mark them… Continue reading Censor comments?


When getting into your car in the car park

ATTENTION ALL (LADY) DRIVERS: Dear friends, pl ease be careful. Nowadays, there are so many crazy, sick-minded, psycho criminals around us. They may not look like one, but they are.Yesterday, a friend of my sister was almost robbed, possibly even abducted in Ampang. This happened at a petrol station. This lady went to the petrol… Continue reading When getting into your car in the car park

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Shh… use condom

“The ministry likes to promote (kudos) it but (oh, the BUT) not openly. We let (how generous of the ministry to tai chi) the NGOs (non-governmental organisations) do the work. It is not to say that we advertise the use of condoms on TV but we use different ways of communicating it or else people… Continue reading Shh… use condom

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Relax, it’s just a joke

The sexist Parliament men snided and snorted, “Tiap tiap bulan pun bocor.” Among other things. “Tiap-tiap bulan pun bocor” – Two Sexist BN MPs let off (P1) “Tiap-tiap bulan pun bocor” – Two Sexist BN MPs let off (P2) The Star – Saturday May 19, 2007 MPs say sorry After outcry from NGO and the… Continue reading Relax, it’s just a joke