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Fighting Fish (2004)

Won this from GSC’s Holland Film Festival and I could choose any movie but Tues earliest show was the only 1 I had free time.

From the poster, I thought it was martial arts with comedy.

Oh, boy. The comedy part is the actors:

  • have bad hair days
  • look like thugs (which they are supposed to be)
  • fight in full suits (blazers buttoned and all). I wondered if the pants were ripped..
  • stand there stationary just waiting to be punched/kicked – the editors, what are you doing?! Cut properly!!!
  • fight with no apparent sweat! When I was learning kungfu, my whole shirt at the back was wet with sweat after 10 minutes of sparring and I was just a beginner. They say the more advanced you are, the more sweat you get because you use more energy and power.
  • speak bad Cantonese – some of them anyway. And the main character’s voice, Kim Ho Kim (also the co-writer) is too sissy to be a man who’s supposed to be finding out who killed his brother and wanted revenge. Yuck.

I almost wanted to leave. There were snorts and laughters.

The theme is repeated throughout the film. If you make me angry, I won’t give face. Let’s fight one on one.

Then the actors (opponents) would move their hands and take their stances. Then they fight.

Punch face.

Avoid face.

Kick body.

Slam punch onto stomach.


Punch face.

Wipe blood from nose with evil glare.

Back to starting stance.

Fight again.


Rise up.


Rise up. Gesture, “Come!”


Some of the baddies fall with art – they backflipped like in gymnastics, then they hit the floor with a thump, then they bounched back to fight only to fall back with much dramatics. I’ve seen more exciting sparring between newbies during my short kungfu lessons. And sites claimed the movie wasn’t made with wires? I couldn’t believe it! There were some fight scenes where the guys move like they were balls bouncing.

Warning! Spoilers after the jump

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Bleach 34 Tragedy of Dawn!

I’m seriously addicted to Bleach. Tv’s only showing once a week so I’ve been viewing them at Peekvid. Unfortunately, sometimes the links in Peekvid don’t work. I found out that the videos from Peekvid actually originated from YouTube! When there’s a problem, go to the source to solve it :D

TV3 - Bleach
TV3 – Bleach
(left to right, back) Rukia, Ishida (white) and Chad (pink printed shirt) – can’t see the head from this pic, Inoue, Kon and (front) Ichigo (orange hair)

So I’m watching Bleach at YouTube but YouTube actually forbids anime uploaded.

At first, I like Ichigo (he can see ghosts!) but he’s too hot tempered. It’s funny when he gets angry or annoyed. Kon too. When Ichigo reaches Soul Society with his loyal friends Chad (super tall & muscular), Inoue (cutie with kind heart), Ishida (last remaining super-powerful Quincy and skilled in sewing!) and Yoruichi (the black cat that speaks) to rescue Rukia (Shinigami).

In Soul Society, there are Gotei 13 Divisions, each lead by a Captain and a Vice Captain. Usually the Captain & Vice Captain are close with each other.

Warning! After the jump is about Aizen in Episode 34 Tragedy of Dawn! There’s spoiler if you haven’t reached this episode or even reach Soul Society!

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