Bleach 34 Tragedy of Dawn!

I’m seriously addicted to Bleach. Tv’s only showing once a week so I’ve been viewing them at Peekvid. Unfortunately, sometimes the links in Peekvid don’t work. I found out that the videos from Peekvid actually originated from YouTube! When there’s a problem, go to the source to solve it :D

TV3 - Bleach
TV3 – Bleach
(left to right, back) Rukia, Ishida (white) and Chad (pink printed shirt) – can’t see the head from this pic, Inoue, Kon and (front) Ichigo (orange hair)

So I’m watching Bleach at YouTube but YouTube actually forbids anime uploaded.

At first, I like Ichigo (he can see ghosts!) but he’s too hot tempered. It’s funny when he gets angry or annoyed. Kon too. When Ichigo reaches Soul Society with his loyal friends Chad (super tall & muscular), Inoue (cutie with kind heart), Ishida (last remaining super-powerful Quincy and skilled in sewing!) and Yoruichi (the black cat that speaks) to rescue Rukia (Shinigami).

In Soul Society, there are Gotei 13 Divisions, each lead by a Captain and a Vice Captain. Usually the Captain & Vice Captain are close with each other.

Warning! After the jump is about Aizen in Episode 34 Tragedy of Dawn! There’s spoiler if you haven’t reached this episode or even reach Soul Society!

I was sooooo in love with Aizen Sousuke, 5th Division Captain. He’s so intelligent, skilled in fighting, act with thinking, treats others politely and unassuming. It helps when he has such broad shoulders, strong jaws and oooo such a beautiful face, even with spec. *drool*

Aizen appeared is introduced in Bleach 23

BleachPortal.net - Episode 23 - Aizen & Abarai Renji
BleachPortal.net – Episode 23 – Aizen (spec guy) & Abarai Renji (red head)

BleachPortal.net – Episode 23 – Aizen looking back
  oooo killing me softly

But, oh, *gasp* he was murdered!

Bleach 34 3/3 let’s hope this video clip is still available when you view this post :)

Arrrrrrrrrrrh!!!! How could this happen?!! My babe! Sooooo sad!

Then I searched online for more clues. Damn, I read the spoilers in BleachPortal in the Gotei 13 guide. Shit! WTH?! My heart dropped to the bottom of the sea..

Yesterday while eating with Amois, I told them about this anime and of course, Aizen. CoveredUp hit my arm, “You ah! It’s only a cartoon lah! Want to fall also, fall for a real guys lar!”

4 thoughts on “Bleach 34 Tragedy of Dawn!

  1. Saw the first 40 episodes, well somehow never liked the story that much. And yes investigation to Aizen’s murder is… whoops, I better stop right there! I prefer watching Ghost in The Shell or Full Metal Panic.


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