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Alice in Wonderland

This is amazing! Wonder how the designer/write/what do you call such talented person plan the layout, cuttings?

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What’s expected in a wedding

Weddings. You are invited and what’s the first thing that you think?

  • Congratulations for such a happy occassion!
  • Aiyo! I have to fork out money to give angpao/buy gifts
  • Shit! I’m still not dating/engaged/married

This is a conversation I have with a friend:

SomeKindOfGrass: but if u want to give more, i dun mind u to start your savings ..hehe

I: go to ur wedding is to share ur happiness. not give u $

SomeKindOfGrass: give $ to support mah
SomeKindOfGrass: normal act for chinese
SomeKindOfGrass: ok la, if u want to skip this chinese traditional culture, the next time in your wedding i brought along two bananas la, ok?

Shouldn’t wedding be about the groom & bride sharing their happiness with friends, families, colleagues, etc? For 1 of my friends’ wedding, his parents used the wedding dinner as an opportunity for business networking with clients, partners and suppliers. It was more of a political/finance campaign than wedding.

It’s one thing for the guests to think what is appropriate as a gift but for the couple to expect certain things like “Please give angpao worth more than RM100 because we are treating you to eat at 5 star hotel?”

Expectation makes it like an obligation. *grimace*Gifts should come from the heart. It’s just that sometimes the heart is controlled by the head customs and $.

When your guests bring totally cheap gifts, do you get angry at their action?

I:  then u eat banana la :P

SomeKindOfGrass:  i thought u said go to wedding to share happiness mah
SomeKindOfGrass:  y ask me eat banana la
SomeKindOfGrass:  banana very high in potassium. u give banana to me only :P
SomeKindOfGrass:  coz u said to share happiness n not about $ mah

SomeKindOfGrass was right too. If the couple truly wanted to share happiness, would they mind their guests bringing only 2 bananas? :D And we have to be practical. Who wants the 5th rice cooker?


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