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Got an email with video on European sharking. Last year was Japanese sharking.

Sharking refers to a form of malicious and illegal act in which the perpetrator sneaks up on a victim, usually female, in a public area and forcefully exposes the victim’s intimate parts to be seen by the public before running away. While it has similarities to the common schoolyard prank of pantsing practiced by bullies, sharking is done for the sexual stimulation of the perpetrator, and to invoke fear.

Wikipedia – Sharking

Originally, this was made famous in Japan where lots of weird and crazy (along with painful and degrading idea of pleasure) things came up. Apparently, some Japanese are damn proud that they produced such crimes and ‘video masterpieces’ that Europeans are following suit. Hah. It’s such a shame that a developed country still have such perverted acts – demeaning, abusing and controlling the women. But then, Japan’s monarchy still depends on the peniz males.

Some of the videos made in Japan apparently weren’t real – they were porn films with ‘willing victims’. The women were potrayed as helpless – they screamed and covered themselves after their clothing were removed. By not filming the women fighting back, the men spreaded the ideology that women were weak and they gained the upper hand with the glee that they had pranked those women – the end was always the masked men running away unharmed, sometimes laughing.

A guy runs around pulling off girls shirts and pants. If you haven’t seen this, then you haven’t lived

European Sharking

Sharking is NOT FUNNY. The people who think this is funny are people who think bullying is the trip to more power. They think that rape is a joke. Abusing others is fine – as long as they are the ones doing it.

It’s violating personal space and rights to safety.

You may say, “Chill out. It’s just a prank.”

How about I pull your pants off to reveal your stupid dick and pass it around the Net? I’ll laugh my ass off.

23 thoughts on “Sharking

  1. Man, you really need to look around the net if you think they’re aren’t guys pulling down other guys pants/sticking shit in their butts when passed out, etc. I agree that Sharking is one step away from rape (and should be punished much the same), but
    I think you’re psychological source is a bit off. Typically the kind of people that laugh at Sharking are the ones that laugh at frat boys fucking with each other when their unconscious. The internet is a playground for general stupidity/asshole behavior.

    Also you’re seeing non-existent conspiracies. I don’t think you can take it just as ‘those bastardly men are keeping the good women down, and this is another attempt’, you need to also realize that things like sharking result from the demographic of men in japan that don’t get women, and end up depending on porn to fulfill those urges, which leads to other unhealthy deviant activities. The reason women are targets is because in normal relationships women have the power – and they feel (either because they’re pussy and never try or previous rejections) powerless to get women the normal way, and resort to horrible deviant activities to fulfill their urges, which only makes them worse.

    yes, japan has a problem with women being subjected, and being pressured into being meek and passive, but sharking is as much the result of the male desperation in japan as the female’s meekness. In the end I don’t disagree with you on the need for punishment for the offenders, but I think automatically assuming that the solution to the problem is convincing Japanese women to burn their bras and become feminist is missing the real issue. In order for these kinds of things to stop Japan would have to start educating their children about sex instead of ignoring the issue and letting the sex-crazy media propagate all sorts of crap into the minds that leads the men into deviancy and the women into seclusion. The real problem is the lack of education.

    But really its all about focus and the media’s influence on the environment. Look at Japan: Most of its media is sex-focused, with Violence being a less prominent issue. And therefore their deviant subculture focuses on sharking and sex and the ilk in order to get their ‘high’.

    America meanwhile has a huge focus on violence in its media and Sex is typically more tightly reined in, and we end up having school shootings and a general higher rate of violent crime then most other countries.

    I know this is somewhat rambling but I hope you get my point. There is going to be a deviant subculture as long as their are unfulfilled people not living healthily and letting their unhappiness build up till they do something drastic. Sharkers and shooters are the same type of people – loners whom don’t have any outlets towards the base instincts all people have. These people are sick, and should be pitied and helped out of their deviant lives instead of scorned and bannered as figureheads for the problem with every man in the world.


  2. D, When is revenge justified? Just because the female is perceived to be more powerful in the relationship, it doesn’t justify violence/sharking on the female.

    Mass murderers do not only kill those they hate, they kill innocents too. Maybe they had been bullied before but there are better steps to solve the problem than shooting.

    Education and practicing unity with respect are so important. People and government who take this for granted or take the easy/lazy way out are going to have more social ills.

    I thought Japan has among the highest education rate in the world?


  3. i think D is totally off the topic that you actually tried to potray. the question here is not about sex education. Some rapists were once students and every school teaches sex education. They are more of psychopaths or MCP (male chauvenist pigs) who look to outraging peoples privacy to a source of entertainment. I doubt those sharkers are even rapists. Maybe we can call sharking as visual rape rather than physical rape.

    “These people are sick, and should be pitied and helped out of their deviant lives instead of scorned and bannered as figureheads for the problem with every man in the world” this statement really disturbs me. When a drug abuser is caught, you can help them, how can you help these kind of people? i doubt they need help but rather need discipline and thus comes in the punishment. The phrase “once bitten twice shy” really applies in this case. If you let them go once and try to “help” them, i doubt it will work. i cant even have the thought of pitying a rapists, hell if i have a chance i might even condemn them to death. they deserve it. The whole point of the post was not blaming men but rather a handful rotten apples


  4. Munak, It’s not the men in general, it’s the specific men who abuses women like that.

    Gambo, What did they do to deserve such treatment? How about you lighten up about the women enough not to laugh about sharking?


    1. MJ LOL. When guys play such pranks to other guys, I guess it is ok for women to laugh and tease them, but when the opposite happens they all start going about human rights, female needing more protection. So please,cut the crap. It’s a funny joke and I’ll laughed my ass out when I saw it.


  5. what if it was your mom/sister? what if a big smelly man did it to you, and posted it all over the web? what if he grabbed your penis, too? you might say you would go kick his ass, but what if you didn’t catch him?


  6. Yes it may be wrong and ooooh dear, but at the end of the day it is still entertaining to some so it continues.

    I think it’s laughable that a link is made to the guys who do this and mass murderers. I bet you’d say J-Walkers should be locked up for life too as walking across the street diagonally shows how they want to kill everyone.

    At the end of the day they need to be punished yes, but get off your ego horse – it’s not some big conspiracy against women showing how weak they are in a world of male domination. Look if you walk down the street (male or female, I don’t care) and some guy yells abuse at you as he drives past, is that a sign that men are trying to oppress women? No.

    As a quote in the Simpson’s once said, “some people are just jerks.” – that’s what this is. Punish them yes, but start drawing all these stupid conclusions is just silly.


  7. While I agree that sharking is wrong, the bigger problem is that so many people (myself included) find it extremely amusing . While I’m appalled at this kind of behaviour, I think this stuff, and stuff like bumfights, jackass, dirty sanchez, the amazing racist etc., etc. are indicitive of our level of degradation our society has reached. People aren’t offended at the content of these videos, but rather that so many people find them funny. That stuff like this happens shows us the terrible, horrible creatures that we are (but pretend we’re not).


  8. It is a shame that such ideas are spread, depicting women as easy targets for all men, especially encouraging those who can’t do better than cowardly sneak up from behind someone.
    While some of the japanese videos were fake, there are enough dumb guys trying to copy that and making it popular in real life.
    Most westeners are not aware that many shows on japanese TV are fake. Only because some stupid show is on TV doesn’t mean one should imitate, and even less does that reflect people’s general opinion.

    This kind of “show” is also highly objected against in Japan. And sharking neither is a popular hobby nor ever became one.

    Japan is a constitutional state like other European countries. You would get in deep trouble broadcasting real videos on TV for amusement, and put on trial if caught in the act. I can assure you that Japan is not a country where men are demeaning, abusing and controlling women, although many westeners share this misconception.
    Mostly because of lurid reports in newspapers, magazines and on TV (starting in the eighties) about the “weird Japanese”, just for the sake of increasing sales. And also because people often project their own moral concepts and ideas onto other countries (which is also a general misconception and doesn’t work for any other country).

    Some might argue with examples from Japan’s porn industry, but judging about people’s perception regarding women by referring mainly to the porn industry would be quite inaccurate (I don’t mean to defend or justify!). People who show disrespect to others do not represent the general public.

    The US are the largest producer of porn movies, followed by Japan and European countries. And I don’t think people in the US disrespect women in general only because there are weird guys and a huge porn industry. There are weird men, whereever you go, whereever you are. Probably in your own neighbourhood. That’s no excuse, it’s just sad.


  9. Has it ever occured to anyone here that these videos are STAGED?

    In fact that seems to be the general consensus of a lot of other websites.


  10. Not to offend anybody, but its sometimes entertaining to watch some girls panties or bra’s being ripped off… its merely for entertainment sake. If you don’t agree or don’t like it, than rather don’t watch it… enough said!


  11. I think that sharking is a crime. I watched a lot of those videos, and although I ‘liked’ watching it, I always felt sorry for the victims. In my mind, this is no different than a rape, and everytime I watched this, I kept imagining if it ever happened to someone close to me, especially my wife. We would both loose our minds over something like this.
    Sharking is a violation of a person’s intimacy, it’s the same, or worse, than someone grabbing a girl’s ass/boobs in the street! Whether it is taped or not makes it equivalent to a rape in my opinion, the fact that it’s taped makes it even worse as it becomes harder to deal with it.
    I can’t believe that people find this “amusing”. I can understand that some perverts would want to watch this… but that people see those victims getting ‘raped’ and they find it “entertaining” is really disgusting.
    I’ve seen stuff like ‘adult funny hidden camera’ tv show where they put a fan that blows a woman’s dress outside a supermarket or something, and it’s supposed to be ‘funny’ (with all the pre-recorded laughs), but I still think that it’s a violation of one’s intimacy. I don’t think it’s as bad as sharking because for those tv shows, i’m guessing they get written consent from the women to show those videos, but for those who did not want their panties to be seen, what happens? they can’t “undo” what the camera guy and the people that were present saw… it then becomes equivalent to sharking (without the physical contact).
    Anyways, I think the original post about the whole conspiracy of men showing how women are weak is wrong, I think it’s just some perverts who want to show/se random girls naked for cheap and entertain the rape fantasy…


  12. Having investigated a lot of these videos I have come to the conclusion they are almost all STAGED. The innocent schoolgirls in the japanese videos are obviously too old to be schoolgirls if you watch carefully. And how does the cameraman linger and follow girls after the event without arousing suspicion? Also, isn’t it convenient how the girls attacked are not wearing bras, don’t scream etc?

    Still it’s a dangerous idea and some could easily get the idea that they can make it real


  13. I’m sorry, but for anyone to believe that these women are actual “victims” of a crime is ridiculous. Please keep in mind that these videos are ultimately sold in an open adult marketplace. A marketplace which is REGULATED! These women volunteered and were payed. Plain and simple. Also, if you have a qualm with the video quality being “less than professional” and the “angered” look on their faces, please take a gander at “amateur” and “rape-fantasy” pornography. Brutal and grainy, but 100% LEGAL! Like Jumbo said, STAGED! Get your heads out of your posteriors people.


  14. I think sharking is HILARIOUS and very stimulating. I love to see chics that prance around all high and mighty with great bodies get exposed. I only wish I could find real videos cause I think most of these are fake as teh cameraman never seems to be worried about getting discovered and he is obviously too close to the action.


  15. To the author of this piece…. You made it clear how you feel about the practice of “sharking”, but I question your fake altruism and clearly righteous sense of self. What are you covering up? You stated: “Sharking is NOT FUNNY. The people who think this is funny are people who think bullying is the trip to more power. They think that rape is a joke. Abusing others is fine – as long as they are the ones doing it. It’s violating personal space and rights to safety. You may say, “Chill out. It’s just a prank.” How about I pull your pants off to reveal your stupid dick and pass it around the Net? I’ll laugh my ass off.” So, what you’re saying is that if anyone (other than you) pulls a prank that exposes another persons “private parts” and laughs about it, it’s wrong. However, you want to pull my pants off and expose my “stupid dick” to the world over the internet and you would find that humorous and acceptable behavior? Subscribing to your beliefs then, you also think that bullying, raping, and abusing others is a trip to power, and you infact – by your own admission – condone this behavior? A person who believes that an invasion of a person’s rights is okay as long as you’re getting even or presenting yourself as a “victim” or “advocate for the victim” has a tragic flaw in thier thinking process. A means does NOT justify and end no mater what the motive. How did we as a race of sensual beings get to the point that the human body is shameful and should be covered up? The human body is a beautiful creation. Studies have shown that cultures who rarely wear clothing – such as tribal communities not stained by “modernization” – have virtually no sexualy-motivated behavior. Get over yourself and stop passing yourself off as something you’re not. You are no different than any other human being. Aaron


  16. I cannot believe you could say that . That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard . What if someone did that to your mom , sister , girlfriend , or wife , or even your daughter how would you feel . You would just laugh it off . Public sexual harassing does not happen to boys . Boys rarely get raped . Stuff like that do not happen to boys . And you dare talk about us like that . I HATE MEN LIKE YOU . YOU DESERVE TO BE PLACED IN A MENTAL INSTITUTION . YOU ARE PROBABLY ONE OF THE GUYS THAT DO THAT . OR PERHAPS A RAPIST , YOU PIECE OF SHIT . ROT IN HELL .


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