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// Update 22 May 2007

I noticed – only today 22 May 2007 – that the area (sides) that I applied this had become red! I only noticed this today. Ya, I was repeating myself. Couldn’t believe it. Maybe previously I didn’t notice it because I practically smothered my whole face with Nixoderm. I thought I looked beautiful. :D

I don’t use it everyday – just to let my skin and me breathe. My pillow’s cover needs to be cleaned and hanged under the hot sun to remove the ‘scent’. It’s not exactly pheromones.

// End of Update

The Tohtonku – Follow Me – Oil Contro is not working aggh!

In my house, Nixoderm has been available for years, maybe 20 years. It has always been around but I never use it for pimples.

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In fact, Nixoderm’s round green bottle package states that it’s for:

Pimples, Blemishes, Rash, Ringworm, Peeling, Itchy skin and Scaling skin due to External irritation.

I used to use this for ringworm and bites from mosquitoes when I was a kid. I looked at this Nixoderm with skeptic. “Pimples can meh?”

Nixoderm contains active ingredients – Benzoic Acid 6%, Salicylic Acid 2.5%, precipitated Sulphur 4.6%.

The good:

  • Damn Cheap
  • Small & portable
  • Can be used for other skin problems – it worked on small ringworms when I was a kid. Not sure about now…

The bad:

  • It’s sticky. Ick.
  • Thick white paste.
  • Can’t go out in this.
  • A bit funny smell.
  • Need to use clean finger/cotton bud/sth to scoop it out from the bottle – do the active ingredients loose their effectiveness when exposed to air – we have to open the cap to use it?
  • Want to remove it? Maybe scrapping with nails will help.


8 thoughts on “Nixoderm

  1. eh i use this when younger for acne. works quite well. it’s quite drying though so some people may not like it. i use it before sleeping so i don’t care about the white stuff. i still have acne now but i’m too lazy to use it and i’m less vain than i was.

    oh, and it’s quite stinging too. can make you cry if you put too much!


  2. Hmmmm maybe those people I used to think wore bits of “bedak sejuk” on the face were actually using this! LOL

    I remember it though .. used it for itches and insect bites.

    Probably too harsh for the face though.


  3. Sulz, it’s not about vainity. More about health. Oh well, who am I kidding? Vainity a bit too la :p

    Blue, haven’t seen any aunties with bedak sejuk for a long time. I thought those were talc haha. Yeah.. maybe they were using this too!


  4. Nixoderm which is used by many to get rid of acne problems can be found in most Pharmacies in Asia. However, it can be difficult to find in some countries in Europe and US.

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