Sexual orientation

In a gay couple, say A and B.. How do I phrase this?  It’s a bit confusing, let me sort this out in my head 1st.


Both born as males, A and B are dating each other.  Do gays date/love/sex the same sex because they:

  • want/love that guy as a person – it just happen that person is a guy (same sex)?
  • feel/think/know they are supposed to be another sex, that is a female. Like “I’m a female born in a male body”?

Some of us tend to assume that gays are guys who think they are or they want to be females because such guys behave like “a slut” (as 1 of my ex-colleagues put it) or a super feminine guy but what about guys who take the male role in a relationship?

Some of us also assume that a lesbian couple is because the gal who has short hair and muscles is trying to be a guy, the other girl is seeing this tomboy because she has had her heart broken by guys.

Does it have to be 1 of couple taking the female-male role? Some call it the submissive-dominant role. Or the one being poked-the one doing the poking.

If it’s a gay couple, maybe they take turns at role playing? And does it have to have role playing?

Do you mind if your friend is really gay?

Having gay friends are fun for a gal like me. Most of them love shopping and care about health/beauty. They also have lots of gossip. But some can be really bitchy. There’s a saying that most great guys are either married or gay.

Would it be as much fun (as in hanging out, chilling) for you (if you are a guy) to have a lesbian friend?

Would you feel awkward, even scared (and you automatically move further away from the person) if you have a same sex friend who happens to be into same sex relationship?

Would you jump and shriek if he/she touches you when talking?

Would you run as fast as lightning when he/she fondles your thigh?

Would you talk bad about him/her and preach “God save him/her, let God guide him/her to the right path” to your friends, relatives and practically everyone you see?

5 thoughts on “Sexual orientation

  1. The one you said female trapped in a male’s body is transvestite. Most of the time gays preferred each other’s company and they don’t dress one being more female than the other. However, on a lesbian relationship, one will take the more boyish role.

    However in gay relationships, it goes beyond sexual as two couples can really clicked together like man/woman relationship.

    As for the thigh fondling, a friend had a very nice experience which whereby he ran from the chasing gay… and he even chased him after he was riding a bike and sped away!


  2. i have a friend who’s bisexual. when i first knew, i felt a little weird. before i knew it, i’d totally forgotten about it. i think people are more open about homo- and bisexuality in this time and age. though one might think twice when the person of the same sex confesses to have feelings with that person!


  3. i have lots of gay friends but am not gay, i dun like to be poked :p anyway gay or not gay, they are still humans, they have feelings too, they deserve friends too, why should we categorize them :)


  4. Gays are just as human as heterosexuals so nope, nothing to feel awkward about. Although in a little personal “survey” undertaken, guys tend to be more homophobic than the gals.

    And I do not see why people should be judged based on sexual orientation. If they are forcing themselves on you then it’s sexual harassment if you say no and they don’t stop. It would be the same as a case involving a straight person harassing you. Being gay doesn’t make it different.

    Jase, please correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve always thought that a “transvestite” simple refers to one who simply cross-dresses. A man trapped in a woman’s body is transsexual. The term “trangendered” comprises both these categories as well as others where a person feels inclined in anyway towards the opposite gender.

    And I personally do not think that in a homosexual relationship, one has to assume the “male” role and the other the “female”. But I agree with Jase that in lesbian relationship, more often than not one assumes the butch tole and the other, the femme role.


  5. trans·ves·tite
    Pronunciation: tran(t)s-‘ves-“tIt, tranz-
    Function: noun
    Etymology: German Transvestit, from Latin trans- + vestire to clothe — more at VEST
    : a person and especially a male who adopts the dress and often the behavior typical of the opposite sex especially for purposes of emotional or sexual gratification

    Variant(s): also tran·sex·u·al /(“)tran(t)s-‘sek-sh(&-)w&l, -sh&l/
    Function: noun
    : a person who strongly identifies with the opposite sex and may seek to live as a member of this sex especially by undergoing surgery and hormone therapy to obtain the necessary physical appearance (as by changing the external sex organs)

    Mmm. Similar.

    Jase, LOL your friend has trauma after that? My friends kena before thigh, shoulder & back fondling. They are afraid of such guys from 5 miles away.

    Sulz, confessing to a friend is always risky – gay, lesbian, bi or not. I have 1 or 2 les friends but I dare not ask about it hehe. Chicken.

    Munak, u don’t have to be poked to be gay. You can be the poker haha. Anyway, it’s not all/always about sex.

    Blue, really? Personally I know more gays than les so.. not much idea about the relationships. The porn industry has a lot of feminine-feminine lesbian sex but then those are products of men who wanted to see more women in sex.


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