Richie Ren – If Life’s Goin’ Without You

I don’t know if the Live’s is the right word or Life’s because some sites use Live’s instead of Life’s.. Richie Ren’s a singer from Taiwan but has acted in several movies in Hong Kong with funny accents of Cantonese. Most of his characters are innocent/blur/funny guys but he was acting as a robber (a bad guy!) in Breaking News (2004) with Kelly Chen. I’m not a fan of his acting but his songs are ok.

Language: Mandarin

There are only 10 songs:

01 诛仙我回来 ***** 1 of my fav songs in this album. Catchy
02 她要我她不爱我 * sad, monotone song
03 功夫恰恰 **** funny, funky song Woo ha! A bit ah beng but fun
04 诛仙恋 **** sounds like regret. A better sad love song than #02
05 还有我 **** hopeful, peaceful and like the guitar rhythm but reminds me of Richie’s older songs
06 如果没有你 **** if there’s no you.. smooth continuation from 05 but sounds alike
07 Bale Bale *** R&B, Indian feel. Extremely different from other tracks in this album. It’s pronounced as Ba le Ba le, not Bale
08 没良心的 ***** Oo oo oo oo like the drum beats but it’s quite Richie’s typical style
09 爱你的最后一天 ** a bit R&B and 80’s sad pop song, a bit like another song (can’t remember the song title though)
10 为自己骄傲 (达芙妮企业歌) ***** happy upbeat song

3 thoughts on “Richie Ren – If Life’s Goin’ Without You

  1. Uh huh, I forgot he was in Seoul Raiders :p but a lot of ppl say he’s very talented. In composing and entertaining with songs, I guess. He looks a bit hamsup haha


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