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Joey Yap – Mian Xiang Discover Face Reading

Joey Yap - Mian Xiang Discover Face Reading
Mastery Academy – Joey Yap – Mian Xiang Discover Face Reading

The book’s paper… wow. Thick and high quality. The faces look Westernized + Easternized. It’s full of ancient Chinese paintings and modern faces. If you know what I mean? None of the faces have dark and tanned skin. Perhaps it’s not racist but it’s easier to show the points with fair skin and black fonts. Still, wouldn’t it be great if there are illustrations of tanned and dark skin faces with white fonts?

Joey Yap - Mian Xiang Discover Face Reading - Age 31-34 - Brow Luck
Joey Yap – Mian Xiang Discover Face Reading – Age 31-34 – Brow Luck

Look inside Joey Yap’s Mian Xiang Discover Face Reading

It follows more on traditional thinking that women should be submissive to the husbands (poor dear, should they be househusbands) and women should be taken care of. Men should look for fertile women. Interesting. Funny at times. Women who has strong/square jaws are more likely to be dominant in bed marriage and career. So only strong guys or those who like to be with strong women can only apply haha.

A woman’s nose is also an indicator for her man’s wealth and success. I say – Only if she’s married and dependant on her husband!

I’ll add my 2cents: I’m not sure if Joey included this at the end chapters because I skipped the part about surgery. Short of going for face surgery, you can also use makeup to help cover bad points (concealer, foundation) and enhance good points in your face:

  • blusher to show that you are healthy and ready for sex/baby. Or you can pinch your cheeks.
  • shimmering eyeshadows to bring out the sparkle in your eyes so that you’ll look more alive
  • bronzer to highlight your forehead, nose and chin, etc
  • eyebrow pencil to fill up sparse/chip eyebrows
  • wax to make your forehead line higher. Oh and moustaches on ladies. Ouch!
  • lip gloss and lipstick to make your lips succulent.

It covers from age 1-100. What about those who live up to 110? Still, it’s quite a comprehensive (but not complete) book with illustrations for every points so that you would know which point he was writing about. Each points have major information but not every type of features (types of eyes, nose, cheeks, jaws & their specific meanings) are explained. Maybe there’ll be a more in depth book coming..

Get the book from Amazon – Joey Yap – Mian Xiang

Smart Traders Seminar (Updated)

Thurs 10 May 2007
Armada Hotel
Speaker: Aaron Sim

Like PowerUp – Rule the Stock Market Workshop, those who have registered before the workshop/seminar starts would get a reminder from the organizer about the date, time and venue. This is an attentive feature to ensure you turn up.

Actually, we were supposed to be at another seminar at PBD but we got this sms reminder and somehow, our brain only remembered this. On the way, after I had boarded into LRT to Asia Jaya only I suddenly remembered – we had discussed about which 1 to go and Thurs would be at PBD, Sat this Smart Traders. I kept smsing Nat about this on the way but she didn’t understand!

Luckily, we both had the same wired thinking – we reached Armada Hotel at about the same time.

Aaron Sim, the CEO of Wealth Mentors, didn’t end his words with “Yeah?” but he always asked questions when the answers were apparent in the presentation slides, like “So what is the next step?”

And the audiences had to participate by giving answers listed on the presentation slides. I felt maybe Aaron had been a primary school teacher? It reminded me of trainers drilling soldiers. In a softer way, of course.

He automatically added, “Thank you,” after someone answered the obvious answer.

Mirriam MacWilliams & Aaron Sim
Wealth Mentors – Mirriam MacWilliams & Aaron Sim

It’s tough to be a speaker. You have to convey your sincerity and to some point, be spontaneous.

The points presented were simple and easy to understand because I had known about Call and Put Options explained in the first workshop I had attended by PowerUp. Aaron showed a lot of testimonials from ex-students – in fact, there were 3 of them available to answer questions. He also showed how chief trainer, Mirriam MacWilliams made millions in the US stock market. Wow. All the time there, I visualized myself trading in stock options and get millions of $$$. I could work still, just to pass time and learn different things but I could go to vacations, buy exotic food and gorgeous clothes, open lots of different businesses… Wooo!

You have to know when to buy – it doesn’t have to be at the top or bottom, somewhere around the middle can still enable money making. Provided you know what action and option to take and when.

The course is worth almost RM11K. There was a discount thrown in but not much. Reason being using RM11K in this course is much more useful than losing RM11K in the stock market. Ahh.. I looked at Nat and Nat looked at me. *a bit roll eWealth Mentors - Media Roomyes* When we are super rich. Other courses are not as expensive as this but I guess Miriam has excellent track record and she’s from the US (currency exchange over also *3+).

Seminar schedules

// Update 14 May 2007

Received an sms from Wealth Mentors that the discount for the course still stands, for 3 days. From when – the date I went for seminar?

If you are a subscriber of the site and included your email during the seminar, you’ll get to see Channel NewsAsia video clips of interview with Miriam sent to your email. Actually you can view them at Wealth Mentors – Media Room. The Media Room has Newspapers & Magazines, TV & Radio Interviews.

// EOU (End of Update)


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