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Are you a B?

I read Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad, Poor Dad last year and came away inspired. So looking forward to finding more information in investing and selling real estate. Till I realized it’s not that easy to invest real estate in Malaysia, not without lots of $ anyway.

It was more of explaining the differences between both perspectives from rich and poor dads, changing your thinking – a lot of people come out with doubts: Who is the Rich Dad? Is he even real?

The rich find ways to protect themselves – they control their destiny. The poor works for the bank or government (pay taxes) till they retire/get fired.

Listen to this audio from another business man, Robert G. Allen, who is keen to make you richer: Robert G. Allen – Profit with a business – Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad [mp3]

I wonder how Robert treats his E. His employees. From his audio, I would think that he didn’t like working under another power source – he’s into freedom – financial, time, etc. He got passionate only when he’s hitting out on employers in the audio. He sounded monotone in other parts of the audio. Does he encourage his employees to do so – to convert themselves from E to S or B or I?

E Employee
S Self-employed

B Business (company)
I Investor

1 thing for sure, MLM & DS love Robert.

Want to hear more audio clips for business?

The mp3 file earlier is located at http://www.profitwithabusiness.com/audios/richdad_perfectbusiness.mp3

When it’s within folder/(s), in this case, the mp3 file is inside audios folder, open the folder by deleting the file url part to see if there’s any webpage or files. In this case, I got lucky (and you’ll be too) because it’s viewable as a folder!


This method is useful when the page that you accessed is no longer available or you got a 404 error message. Trackback to the nearest folder and chances are, you’ll find something you are looking for. If not, you’ll find something else. Ha.

Asia Reader’s Digest books for sale

// Update 5 Jun 2007

Donated all these instead

1998 Sep Oct Nov Dec
1999 Jan Feb Mar Apr Nov Dec

2000 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2001 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

2002 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2003 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

2004 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct

Condition: Read by 3 people who care and love books.

I shall wipe it clean with recycled tissue paper before delivering/shipping the book(s).

I don’t want to send these to recycle yet (so wasted) since Asia Reader’s Digest is full of serious (but some outdated) info and humour.

You can learn at least 20 words here – that was why my brother insisted that we’d never sell his Asia Reader’s Digest in the first place. I told him to read the dictionary. He said RD’s more interesting. He wanted to read these when he’s old and wrinkly older, again. But now that he’s not in Malaysia, hehe, and he’s wiser, he decided to allow me (his trusty big sis) to share the joy of reading Reader’s Digest.

Currently, you can buy the books from 2004 at Tumpang for Asia Reader’s Digest 2004. Otherwise..

Email me to buy the books with:

  • your name or nickname
  • contact (phone/email and receipient address)
  • month year of the book


  • Maybank2U
  • pay when self-collect


  • Normal post: West Malaysia RM3, Sabah & Sarawak: RM7
  • Pos Laju: West Malaysia RM9, Sarawak RM13 & Sabah RM16
  • Self-collect: Mid Valley, KL or The Curve, Selangor

~ if you want the books delivered to Kuching, Sarawak via Normal post and you buy a Jan 2006 + Dec 2005 + shipment
= RM6 + RM5 + RM7 = RM18

Reader’s Digest have humour, learn words, interview with famous people – celebrities, politicians, normal people and high achievers, articles on human spirit, environment and current issues.

Click here to buy Asia Reader’s Digest @ Amazon.com


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