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Career requirements

I love Digi. I’m using Digi now, converted from Maxis when Digi was cheaper.. and then, now, I’m not sure which 1 is cheaper.

Read in LowYat forum that the Marketing team for Digi got 12 months bonus! Holy COW! OWWWW OOWOWOW! I wonder how much those engineer for Oil & Gas co get?

A friend said, “They earn so much but they stay off-shore. Nobody to give the money to. So spend on you la.”

If you become their girlfriend/wife.

So I went over to Digi’s website for Career.

Well, you’d have to be somebody for whom a great job means doing interesting and exciting things, and working with like-minded people in a great working environment. And that you’d be given the chance to contribute, as well as to learn and grow, and be rewarded at or above market practice for it. And that you relish being a “challenger” instead of being a smug and happy top-of-the-pile kind of guy!
(That’s great)

Last but not least – and this is where things get interesting- you are somebody for whom things like protocol, hierarchy, job grades and petty things that separate people such as cubicles, designated work-spaces, parking lots, company car, job titles and tiny (or maybe not so tiny) differences in benefits, perks and entitlements, don’t matter all that much.

(Huh, in-te-res-ting. Protocol is important or does Digi not care about procedure? At least the right ways to handle situations.

Differences in benefits, etc don’t matter all that much? It’s ok for Digi to pay a competent staff at a ‘competitive or low’ $? Or someone who is lazy but gets the same benefits as others who perform better? Nah, don’t care about these. Sap sap sui sui.)

Digi Career

Then there is another vacancy for Marketing Assistant.


The senior managers specializing in Marketing/Business Development probably wouldn’t want to go down to work as MA and get min RM2.5K/month.

What Kind of Food are you?

You Are French Food

Snobby yet ubiquitous.
People act like they understand you more than they actually do.

What Kind of Food Are You?

I snack on cheese and I’m French food? *squint* Snobby huh? Mmm..


Big Word.

Main Entry: ubiq·ui·tous
Pronunciation: yü-'bi-kw&-t&s
Function: adjective
: existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : WIDESPREAD <a ubiquitous fashion>
ubiq·ui·tous·ly adverb
ubiq·ui·tous·ness noun

M-W Dict

Wow. Being everywhere at the same time. I am part of the Heroes :) and I didn’t know it!

A fren’s fren exclaimed and stared at my hands, “Yuh, your hand is so small!”

She turned to her husband, “Look at her hand!”

She turned back to me, “You’re so thin!”

She told her husband, “She’s so thin! You see? My God!”

And then they both looked at me like I were a specimen under microscope.

I laughed it off, “I got eat.”

If I had fat/big/vertically challenged/horizontal opportuniti-ed(?) hands, would she shout, “Yuh, your hand is so big!”

I assume fat people dislike others shouting and calling their body parts fat. So do very thin people. My hands have always been small boned. All the fat are stored somewhere else. So? I am healthy.


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