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Relax, it’s just a joke

The sexist Parliament men snided and snorted, “Tiap tiap bulan pun bocor.” Among other things.

“Tiap-tiap bulan pun bocor” – Two Sexist BN MPs let off (P1)

“Tiap-tiap bulan pun bocor” – Two Sexist BN MPs let off (P2)

MPs say sorry

After outcry from NGO and the public as well as other politicians, they apologized to all the women in Malaysia but it came too late. Their earlier excuse was, “It was just a joke.”

Politicians aside. Normal people. You. Have you ever mock someone and then when the other party feels hurt by your words, you tell them to, “Chill out.. just joking”? Sometimes when you know better, your conscience makes you feel guilty over your actions, you would do the same to lessen the blow.

These actions and words are not without a foundation. You’d done it because deep inside, you felt that but because you were not brave and communicative enough, you make it into a joke.

Be an adult and be responsible for your words and actions. You were supposed to be the leaders and set good examples for Malaysians. Not hiding behind a pathetic ‘joke’.


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