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When getting into your car in the car park

Dear friends, pl ease be careful. Nowadays, there are so many crazy,
sick-minded, psycho criminals around us. They may not look like one,
but they are.Yesterday, a friend of my sister was almost robbed, possibly even
abducted in Ampang. This happened at a petrol station. This lady went
to the petrol station to fill in the gas. Then, she went to the ATM
machine (most petrols have it now) inside the petrol station to
withdraw some money, and bought some stuff, and queued up to pay for
the items. While waiting for her turn, she saw an innocent looking man
wearing a white shirt, but she did not really think about it
afterwards.Then, she went to her car. She did not have the remote control, so she
had the key ready in her hand. She got inside, and straight away
locked the doors. Suddenly, in less than a second, she heard someone
was trying to open the back door. She turned to take a look, but
nobody was there. She turned, and found that the man inside the petrol
station (mentioned before) was trying to open the front passenger’s
door! He had a very innocent looking face, with decent clothing!
Nobody could have ever thought that this man is actually a robber!She was so scared, she pressed her horns, really frightened, shocked
and scared. The worst part was the man did not even show any signs of
being afraid or noticed. He walked calmly towards his accomplice like
nothing had happened, and even managed to make a few rounds on his
bike around the station’s compound before riding away. After lodging a
report, the victim and the police went through the CCTV. The recording
had shown that the man was actually holding a knife in his other
hand!! The police said that if the lady was a second slower, it might
have been worse. Thank God she was okay.So friends, be really careful. Pls tell this to others.

Some lessons to be wary of:
1 – Always be alert and extra careful, especially when withdrawing money
2 – Car owners – pls have the key ready in your hand, ALWAYS. Never
start search ing for keys only after getting into your car.
3 – Always lock your door as soon as you get inside the car.
4 – Avoid using big handbags – u don’t want to get unnecessary attention
5 – Be cautious
7 – Be wary of strangers no matter how well dressed they may be

In the forwarded email I received, this happened at Queen’s Bay Mall & another petrol station though I have no evidence whether it really happened at those places.

I don’t think this is strictly for ladies but it’s for everyone, even kids who are tagging along adults.

There are a lot of people who like to leave the door and window open when it is hot. Anyone could just approach stealthily from the back and hold a weapon to you.

If there’s any stranger positioning himself or herself near you or where you are going to be, or a group of people – either get into your car quickly and lock it or get someone stronger and bigger to accompany you or wait till they are gone. If they are far away from you, it’ll take some time for them to reach you and you can escape faster.

Find out ways you can protect yourself – martial arts, anything you are carrying or lying on the floor – pointed car keys, pepper spray, baseball bat, hiking stick, hanger, jacket, bag (with nothing important inside), etc. Should you need to hit someone, always start with free and light then end the hit with power. Starting with tense power will make your hit not as hard when it makes contact with the enemy.


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