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Yamcha with SexyITGal – Ah.. leh

There was another guy who looked familiar with SexyITGal and ClassyGal at Black Hole. SexyITGal introduced the guy to us and he (HolidayGuy) said, “Know already la, this.”He, SexyITGal, ClassyGal and I went to the same college. Somehow we had met even though he was in their classes/batch.

They were trying to finish the beer and ClassyGal asked me, “Red or not?”

I thought she meant her face, “Very red.”

We changed place to Coffee Bean – Black Hole was loud.

We sat there first, chit chatting before getting any drink. SomeKindOfGrass and I couldn’t see any toilet…

“We should’ve gone to toilet at Black Hole just now.”

The guy went in and asked Coffee Bean staffs and came out to tell us, “It’s just on the left.”

We went in and laughed. We didn’t even see it.

I had reheated Blueberry muffin about RM5 after tax. It was smaller and more $ than Muffin Puffin (no more in 1Utama? *disappointed*).

ClassyGal asked me again, “Very red arrr? Iii yuh..” She touched her hair. That was when I noticed she had red highlights. Blazing.

“Ok lah. Your face is redder.”

“Really ar? I think I’m drunk. Haha.”

People who are drunk always end their sentences with laughter. I laughed. She laughed. Check.

Apparently, some of the Hong Kong food famous here are not famous in Hong Kong. Like Kim Gary. It’s not even known as Kim Gary there. It’s very cheap there. Disneyland is small.

“People in Hong Kong are so rude,” SomeKindOfGrass complained.

“They are not rude. They are honest and frank only. Always want fast. They are very systematic one,” SexyITGal defended Hongkies.

“Like in the lift. Get in 1 side, get out another side,” she clarified.

HolidayGuy continued, “It’s just that there’s no such practice here.”

“Ya loh. I got scolded by Hong Kong supplier. I was standing this side, then he was standing the other side but said I blocked him from going out!” SomeKindOfGrass said animatedly.

Duh, couldn’t that HongKie move to other side to exit from the lift?

“The 3 of us are from 1 school, since primary,” SomeKindOfGrass told HolidayGuy. “So someone is out of the gang, hhehe.”

Yuh. Saying that was so rude and inconsiderate. What was the intention? To push people down so that you would feel taller?

I told her, gesturing the 3 of us excluding her, “We are from the same college woh. How can you say that?”

ClassyGal echoed, “Ya lo.”

The gals dominated the conversation with “You fat already uh, SexyITGal.”

“I am fat now! Last time in college I was thin,” SexyITGal mused. “See my muscles all now fat.” She used to go to gym but stopped in the favour of being a workaholic.

ClassyGal and SomeKindOfGrass compared their bodies and then turned to me, “You are very thin uh.”

I put out a STOP / Talk to the hand sign. “Don’t talk about this la! Why is it everytime girls come out they say “Oh, you are fat already” “Oh, you are-”

SexyITGal chimed in, “Thin already.”

ClassyGal laughed. “Ya loh, that’s what we say.”

“Guys meet up and they don’t do the same, they don’t comment their friends physically, right?” I turned to HolidayGuy.

He shook his head, “How are you? How are you?”

It’s so shallow to compare thiness now and then. Who say guys are the only ones who are shallow in comparing bodies? Girls do it to their own friends?! There’re researches that gathered – girls step on friends, guys step on enemies. We need to support our buddies, not putting them down. It couldn’t be because all 3 of us gals were competiting for HolidayGuy’s attention because we were all friends (or not).

I realized that my ex-ShopMgr’s speech pattern was put on. SexyITGal’s slang with “aah…” in the middle of sentences, “lai yu leh” and then end each sentence with “leh” (all pronounced with a tilting sound like conscending someone or he/she was smarter than the others). It reminded me so much of ShopMgr’s. I thought it was just ShopMgr’s personal trait but it wasn’t! OK, let’s say she had been in Hong Kong before but she was back in Malaysia for more than 1 year already, wouldn’t her speech pattern adjust back? Maybe she thought HongKies slang was cool. Some people just adapt faster and easier to surroundings than others.

That HolidayGuy really knows a lot of good places to visit, having been to Macau, Hong Kong and China. He was probably rich but he was down to earth and didn’t put down others. :)

When we wanted to go back, SexyITGal chided me, “I doubt you know how to go back.”

“She don’t know?! She knows all the belok-belok ah!” SomeKindOfGrass exclaimed.

SexyITGal narrowed her eyes and shook her head.

“Why wouldn’t I know how to go back? I guided us,” I nodded my jaw towards SomeKindOfGrass, “here.”

HolidayGuy asked me, “Which way did you take?”


“We took that too.”

“Which one did you take?”

“Which 1?” He asked me.

“There are 3 ways to reach here. All 3 combines into 1 road later,” I drew 3 lines on the table.

“We follow the normal road lah,” SexyITGal decided.

“Which is your normal road?” Normal is relative and dependant on personal preferences.

I turned to HolidayGuy, “So we follow your car lah.”

HolidayGuy took exactly the same road as ours. SexyITGal waved out her hand to the left when we parted ways at the traffic light.

We knew the way, thank you very much anyway.

Turned out SomeKindOfGrass had lowered the HIGH to LOW for air-cond.

“I already lower it ah!” She cried.

“This is for circulation ah. That side is for volume.” I pointed to the knob.

Autograph book & diary

I finally took out some diaries when I was a young teen and scanned the covers – and wrote about the childish things. Browsed some of the pages and thought, I wrote and felt that?!

Bon Bon Cat diary Front original
Bon Bon Cat diary Front original – so dirty

What did you write in your autograph book/others?

  • Name and some even listed nicknames that others call you – you may or may not like them.
  • Address to send snail mails that could get eaten by postmen and to send greeting cards for festivals. Maybe when we were older and not together, we’d catch up with each other. No idea there would be internet, chat IM & email!
  • Home Phone, nobody had handphone. Those who didn’t have home phone is like those who don’t have handphone now.
  • DOB so that we’d get lots of presents & feel wanted/loved.
  • POB haha
  • Family members (err?!)
  • Favourite singers, actors, movies, tvp, songs, places, animals, fruit, food, authors, books, teachers, subjects, magazines (back then, it was Galaxie or Galaxy?). I had listed favourite models & fashion designers too.
  • Best friends (Felt that I would be popular, smart too if I listed the popular people as my best friends. How fake. There should be no shame in listing real best friends.)
  • Hobbies (Anyone still collect stamps?)

After Photoshop treatment

Bon Bon Cat diary Front
Bon Bon Cat diary Front

Bon Bon Cat diary Back
Bon Bon Cat diary Back


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