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Dress for ITCousin’s wedding

Once a female knows there’s a wedding to attend, these crosses her mind:

  • What should I wear?! Something I already have or..
  • Oh! A chance to go shopping! :D
  • Where to find great dresses?!
  • Who wants to come with me on this holy quest?!


I wanted to buy a dress/gown, really, I hadn’t bought any clothes for myself for months! But I kept thinking, “I have lots of money to buy clothes, I win lots of contests.” Positive visualization, you see. It helped! :D

Saw this gorgeous dress at Blook, Bangsar. There are 2 outlets on the same block *weird*. Found it at the 2nd outlet.

The back part of the gown was until the floor. When I tried it, I stood on my tiptoes and guessed after wearing high heels, it would be ok. But I didn’t buy it then, there.

A few days later, I went to 1U and saw the same gown again. Tried the dark purple – this was nice too but the red was livelier. Besides, I already had a purple dress.

Got the red one. :D

I almost tripped twice during the wedding dinner because it still trailed on the floor after heels… Had to grab the sides up and walk. Then there was a slit at 1 side so I couldn’t grab the sides too high.

Will post this up when I get the pics. Maybe.

P.S. Blook didn’t pay me or give me that free dress to post this.


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