Nicholas Teo – Prince

YesAsia – Nicholas Teo – Prince He made the song Huang Hun famous in Malaysia after he won Astro talent search contest singing this song. He’s also known as Smiling Prince (hence the title “Prince” of the album?) because he has big mouth and straight teeth :p He’s pictured smiling a LOT except for this… Continue reading Nicholas Teo – Prince

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While waiting for RapidKL bus

I had appointment and knowing how ‘fast’ RapidKL could be, I waited for bus in front of Metro Prima at 2pm +. Like usual, I sat at the bus station which was barely shaded. Several people sat and stood behind, shaded by trees. Then 2 old ladies sat next to me and asked me, “Where… Continue reading While waiting for RapidKL bus


Baoz Melting Gold

I was at Times Square and whenever I passed by Baoz, the friendly and proactive staffs would approach passerbys if they wanted to try (and buy) Baoz. Decided to try out Melting Gold without knowing what it’s actually made of. Tasted like ham dan. Oh colestrol… Filling ingredients: House cream, Milk with Salted egg yolk… Continue reading Baoz Melting Gold

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It’s how you see it

*thunder* with dark blue pink sky at night. A sign for rain… “Aiya, I want to wash clothes and hang them out to dry!” If it rains, then the clothes would have to hung inside and take longer to dry. *sniff* “Someone’s burning rubbish (openly) again!” Does anyone have the number to call/website for reporting… Continue reading It’s how you see it

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Sex maniacs prowl Skype

I had installed Skype about 2 years ago but uninstalled it since only 1 or 2 friends were using it. I reinstalled it again recently because PotatoGal’s office only allowed Skype for instant messaging. The 1st time I put status: SkypeMe, I only got 2 strangers wrote “hi”. The 2nd time I put it –… Continue reading Sex maniacs prowl Skype

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Secret Recipe Trans-fat free Peach Cream Cake

Mom gasped and exclaimed, “No trans fat woh!” Secret Recipe Health Cakes – Trans-fat free Peach Cream Cake What the heck is Trans-fat? Heya, no trans fat but sugar? Trans fat is the common name for a type of unsaturated fat with trans isomer fatty acid(s). Trans fats may be monounsaturated or polyunsaturated. Unlike other… Continue reading Secret Recipe Trans-fat free Peach Cream Cake

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Kawa’s Birthday – Dinner @ Manhattan Fish Market (Updated)

When I reached KLCC, I kept searching my mind, “Where is Manhattan Fish Market?” Even though I had eaten a lot of times at Manhattan Fish Market, I couldn’t remember it! I went to the information counter and was a bit dismayed there was nobody sitting at the counter. Luckily there were lots of maps.… Continue reading Kawa’s Birthday – Dinner @ Manhattan Fish Market (Updated)