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What is abuse?

Taken from Past Forward: The 4 levels of torture Torture of the Body * any physical assault: (pulling, pushing, pulling hair, squeezing hand, arm twisting, spitting, having things thrown at one, being hit by things, being restrained, being urinated on, forced abortion/injury, any unwanted physical contact) * any physical battery: (kicking, punching, pinching, slapping, hitting,… Continue reading What is abuse?

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When job agencies charge job seekers

Position: General interview Company: Recruit Express Field: IT, Customer Support Industry: IT Location: Menara Standard Chartered I’m posting this not because I want to lash at this job agency but to let whoever stumbles into this post know more about career searching and applying jobs via job agencies. Frankly, IMHO, employees shouldn’t charge job seekers… Continue reading When job agencies charge job seekers