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Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End

Mom went ahead to MetroPrima and bought 2 tickets for Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End show at 11am! She called back home – I was sleeping and briefly woke up drowsily – at 10.30am! 1/2hr for me to wake up, wash face, brush teeth, washroom activity and eat breakfast, then change! Father drove fast for the first time in a long time.

I reached there 11.05++ but there was advertisement and I saw the preview of Surf’s Up. Cute penguins. Fast talkin’

The movie started with Elizabeth (beautiful Keira in golden tan) singing while rowing into a dark, wet place. Pirates aren’t too clean. Most of them are VERY ugly, weird, blur, etc – except for Legolas in tan and black curly hair and Johnny Depp in a quirky way- maybe they were not mixing well with other people so they become pirates?

There were only Chinese characters appearing at the bottom of the screen (translation) at the song part. I thought maybe TGV in MetroPrima – in a Chinese dominant area – all the translations were only in Mandarin haha!

Lots of back-stabbing in this part 3. I got lost and didn’t think. I still prefer the 2nd to this. Lots of – too many Jackies. Enjoyed this almost 3 hrs movie though – it didn’t feel that long.

Oh, wait. The movie didn’t start with Elizabeth. It was a group of captured pirates (without trial) being hanged. Then it came to a boy’s turn and he started singing to call the Brethren Court – all of the leader pirates to fight against Lord stiff lip with curly white wig. Touching part.

According to Wikipedia, there’s (Click Ctrl+A to read the spoiler @ post-credits scene. Click anywhere else if you have finished reading the spoiler):

In a post-credits scene set ten years later, Will reunites with Elizabeth and their son. As the Dutchman appears, it is accompanied by a green flash, signaling Will’s return to the living world.

I didn’t see this! I saw until all the credits ended abruptly when everyone in the cinema had left and then it changed to another scene. I was already outside the cinema hall and didn’t see this new scene clearly! I thought it was preview for another movie for different slot! Aiyaaaaaaa!

Found it in YouTube:
Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End – [After Credits]

Pirates of the Caribbean


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