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Giordano warehouse sale

When I saw the ad for Giordano warehouse sale in newspaper and online later, I didn’t want to go. I knew the stuff were VERY cheap – heard people speak in awed tones, “I got mine at RM10 only ah!!” However, I was trying to keep all my money tight and around me then.

Sam called and I told her about it since she’s into shopping spree at warehouse sales and those reject shops.

“Where is it?”

“Segambut area, near Maybank.”

“Ahh.. I agak-agak now.”

I printed the map thrice – forgot to check the Printing Preferences. It was in Draft & Black-White. Black-White was fine, who needs a colourful map when it was just a simple map? I only saw dots on the paper.

When we reached the street, we saw a huge building. Considered huge in Segambut. We asked the security guard and he pointed to the right, “Ikut sign. Naik lift kat sana 1st floor.”

The area was secluded. Nobody! Then we saw a couple holding plastic bags with clothes.

Sam breathed a sigh of relief, “We are at the right place.”

We got up the lift and followed the paper stick-on sign on the wall. The building could be potential location for a horror movie shoot.

There were quite a lot of people, clothes disarray on many offer bins. Each section had 2 pieces of paper attached – size and price.

After rummaging the kids section (it was at the front), I went over to the bottom section and used hand muscles to check the sizes. Although there were signs and clothes were arranged based on sizes, there were people who simply threw the clothes all over the place! I saw people holding & buying 1 full carton* of clothes.

Found 2 pink pants which I really loved but alas, no size. 30. 30. 28. 24. Sam took the 24. After awhile, we went our own ways and she passed a pink pants to me. I was shocked to see her pushing a carton with her leg too! Went to the fitting room to try again. Some women carried the carton box inside the fitting room while trying clothes!

The queue for the fitting room wasn’t long – about 3 people each for 2 fitting rooms – but most of the customers brought more than 3 pieces to try.

I had never owned any Giordano pants before – usually the cutting didn’t fit me but this time, I found the right one! Got 2 pants – same design, 1 light pink and black. Had always wanted to get a pink & black pants. Ops, I just remembered I had a black pants at home.

But RM10 each only!!! What a steal!

No wonder I had heard people say, “When you’ve been to Giordano warehouse sale, you don’t want to buy at the shop anymore.”

After we had paid for our purchases, I just had to eat but bought Horlicks ice instead at the mamak opposite the building. Sam kept repeating, “Eh, want to go back in again ar?! Let’s go back in la! Let’s see what else we miss.”

I didn’t want to – couldn’t wait to get back home to eat dinner but she hadn’t bought anything for her boyfriend so we went back inside. She bought several t-shirts for him and lied the real price to him. She went there another day too and there were more customers.

* carton in the fashion line means the hard paper boxes used to transport clothes & accessories. The food industry uses the same type of boxes. Cartons are usually about 1 arm length x 1/2 width x 1/2 arm height though there are different sizes. For example, G2000 uses “coffin” boxes to send/transfer blazer to maintain its shape.


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