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How to make a blogger’s day?

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Thinking Blogger Award

[Following Sulz’s style…] One year ago, I wrote about Meeting PlanetMars @ Genki Sushi and read only the starting part of 20 lies about Da Vinci? because it was too long but I posted it online to test your patience. :p

1. Spread the word in your own blog.

2. Show the picture/post to your pet or grandmother.

3. Post your thoughts/experiences on the same topic.

Now, to pass on the thinking link love. No obligation. Feel free to pass on the love.

If it’s really blogs that make me think instead of people I know… then I’m not sure if they know they got this award. I don’t necessarily agree with what they write. Anyway.

5 Blogs That Make Me Think:

  1. Jeff Ooi @ Screenshots
  2. Heal The World
  3. Feministe
  4. I Will Teach You To Be Rich
  5. ChangeThis Newsletter

Make love, not war. :D

Lunch @ DELIcious by Ms Read

Ms Read is a fashion company in plus size clothes. It opened DELIcious at 1U, new wing side by side with Ms Read with plush sofa and ample spaces.
Delicious by Ms Read print
Each seat has a piece of paper with this print, the menu in classy raised white. Artistic.

We were so hungry that CoveredUp said, “Can we eat dessert first?”

I immediately replied, “I can!” I don’t care about the correct ‘procedure’ to eating.

Car laughed, “Cannot la, must follow.”

We had:

Crab & (slices) Mango salad with sour + spicy dressing. Lots of leaves. It’s not especially tasty but it was something different than we had tasted – crab & mango. RM21.90

Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Percik which had nasi (rice) and ayam percik (in a satay sauce like but tasted like curry), 1/2 salty egg, keropok with very salty sauce. RM18.90

Saw lots of mouth watering desserts. Mango. Strawberry. Cheese. Chocolate. Oooooooh. :9 I could eat all the cakes there! :d

In the end, CoveredUp decided on Classic Chocolate Cake with vanilla ice-cream. We saw several people ordering this. Lots of thick chocolate sauce. OMG. Hot cake & cool ice cream. Heaven. RM10.90

I had Hot Mocha (pic) which was nice, not too sweet or thin. RM8.90

DELIcious by Ms. Read.

There’re also free recipes here.


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