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Hanging out with ex-colleagues

Since I had stopped working at the retail fashion company, I had rarely hung out with them. They claimed too that they seldom met up for yamcha. Instead, “Everyone is just so tired and busy after work.”

Back when PotatoGal and I were working there, we thought it was tough to arrange a time for everyone to be available since there were shifts. Those who finish early (taking morning shift) would hangout first, then when the others finish the late (till 10++pm) shift, almost everyone would meet up. Sometimes, even those on leave/rest day would joinus. :D

Now that we don’t work in the same company anymore, it’s even harder to arrange to meet up because we don’t see face to face! And when each of us have our own lives, it’s even more challenging to meet up at the same time and place.

So finally, last week, PotatoGal and I arranged to meet up on a weekday with SmoothOperator. SmoothOperator is back at our ex-company, albeit in another outlet and he had rest day then. But others didn’t response or were busy so.. It was going to rain. I didn’t meet up with them.

We rearranged to Sunday when most of us were free. I had set up an alarm to get ready but it didn’t make a sound! Aggh! What happened?! I suspected someone had pressed my handphone but everyone at home denied it. Mmm!

As I was rushing out, BlackHairedGal called me, “Weh, where are you?”
“Err.. on the way! On the way!” Sounded so excited.

“Not yet come out is it?!” She laughed.

“Yaa… you call PotatoGal la.”

“I’m going home first. PotatoGal also not yet come out.”

“Ah. OK OK.”

Since PotatoGal lives near MV, I smsed her, “Don’t come out 1st. I’ll reach in about 30min.”

When I reached Mid Valley, I called PotatoGal, “Hey where are you?”

PotatoGal said, “Here already. Where are you?”

“Here also! Where do I meet you?”

Originally, we would wait at Starbucks for her but since she just reached…

“Ah.. I wait at train station!”

“Train station? Can meh?”

“Got car stop here also!”

When I saw her car, I called her but she didn’t notice me. Haha! “I’m in front of you ah!”

“Where? Where?” She looked around.

I stepped forward a few steps but not to her car. It was raining so heavily!

I took the umbrella from her and got in at the junction. Now, to pick up Thong and Playboy.

“Playboy already went home o!” PotatoGal said.

“Ha? Then is he coming?”

“Don’t know.. Thong is not ready also.”

When Thong joined us, we called BlackHairedGal.

“Oi, come fetch me!” she said.

“Ha? Your husband le?!” PotatoGal asked her.

“He’s not home ah!”

We went to Playboy’s home but he wasn’t answering his phone. We saw a car parked outside his home but Playboy had 2 homes. Turned out he was bathing so we lost and found BlackHairedGal’s home with her confusing directions. Her baby is so cute and always smilling. She almost cried when PotatoGal wanted to cuddle her LOL. PotatoGal scary!

After we had ordered food & drinks at Island Cafe, Playboy arrived. He ordered Sunrise which was orange slice and some ‘jelly’ or ‘jam’ at the bottom. He joked, “Wah, after I drink this can I see sunrise?”

“You ask the waiter la!”

It was still raining heavily.

Then Sweetie and Chimmy joined us. Actually, they talked with themselves more than with us.

“Eh, open another table lar!” Playboy scolded them.

“Must separate them,” BlackHairedGal said.

“Then you (Chimmy pointed at Playboy) sit here (Chimmy pointed at Sweetie).”

Sweetie thought Playboy and PrettyEyes were dating!

See, the their relationships were complicated.

“Mmm.. what should I order next ar?” Playboy asked the menu.

“Order Sunset lar!” I told him. I had no idea whether there were any drink called Sunset there.

When his drink came, we exclaimed, “You order the same drink?!”

“Noooo… this one is strawberry. Just now orange.”

Everything was the same except 1 small strawberry perched on the glass top.

Whenever we met up, we’d talk about the updates. ^_^ Who kissed who. Maybe if PotatoGal and I were still working there, we’d witness more action. Even Thong had changed to the other side.. O, no! LOL.

“Yo! I saw so many of them kissed. That girl chap dou bou! She kissed [a guy] and then, they told [new guy] to kiss her. He didn’t want to but she already put her arms around him. So. He also play along.. Wooo woooo.. But I got drunk and didn’t know more after that!”

“Hoiyo! You got any action?!” PotatoGal squeezed Thong’s arm.

“I don’t know!” Thong spreaded his arms, “I got drunk and lied there.”

“Hoiyo! Got taken advantaged also don’t know!”

When Hairstylist and BlackHairedGal’s husband joined us, we rearranged the tables ourselves but Hairstylist exclaimed, “AH! CAN DRINK 3 MILK SHAKE WITH THIS PRICE! Let’s go mamak la!”

“Haha, go mamak good ah. Then I can go home and sleep,” Sweetie felt guilty lying to herself and parents.

We felt uneasy leaving the place after shifting their tables but we left for 2nd round anyway.

There, BlackHairedGal’s husband asked the Indian waiter, “Ada roti tisu ke?”


“Macam ni punya ke?” He gestured 1 arm’s height.

“WAH! Where got such high roti tissue?!” Chimmy and Alex asked him.

“Ada lah. Dulu saya makan,”  BlackHairedGal’s husband told the waiter.

“Haha. KL Tower ah?”

After much asking whether they made such high roti tissue, BlackHairedGal’s husband decided to order another food since the height didn’t meet his expectation. :D

There was a haunted renovated home. Hairstylist explained some which I tuned out. I dared not stare at it. :p


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