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I look at the rich people

I live in a terrace house. A few stone throw away from my house are bungalows and at least 3 cars in 1 household. Several houses even have up to 8 cars. A few steps from the bungalows, equally a few minutes walk from my house, are squatter houses made from wood.

About 10 years ago, whenever I passed by those squatter houses, I marvelled at the amount of money they had to spend on monthly bills. I had a friend staying in such houses so I asked her, “How much is the bill every month?” I was reluctant to ask her for I didn’t want to appear condescending but I was too curious.

“Mmm.. about 10 ringgit for water,” she answered.


“About RM15 to RM20.”

Her family always on the tv for soap operas.

When I passed by the bungalows, I squinted/glared at the houses, thinking, “How can these people be so filthy rich?! What do they do?” I wondered this aloud even when I was in the passenger seat beside Nat, who lives in 1 of the bungalows. Her house doesn’t have 8 cars but every family member has his/her own car. Go figure. Only the maid and grandmother doesn’t have a car. At that time, I didn’t realize I was criticizing her family too. My bad.

There was – still is – a huge family living in 3 bungalows together in a stretch. There was a badminton court, half basketball court and possibly a swimming pool at the back? I bet they had a lot of arguments. How could any big family live together and not have conflicts? Even small poor families have disagreements. What more so of a big family – a big and rich family? Just watch the tv dramas. Or ask Nat.

Rich vs Poor

If you don’t read the last part about thanking the father, don’t you think the young rich boy is so ungrateful?

The rich people are people who realize the beauty in and appreciate what we already have.


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