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Kate Moss and Stella Tennant (1 of the more famous blue blood models in Britain) are not in the new Burberry ad campaigns!

Burberry’s famous for its plaid from umbrella to coats. Expensive clothes for the cool and rich under the cold weather.

Lily Donaldson, Kiera Gormely, and Agyness Deyn
© Mario Testino

Georgia Frost, Patrick Wolf, Kiera Gormley, and Edward Larrikin
© Mario Testino

Fashion Week Daily – Burberry’s Bandwagon

King’s Confectionery Coffee Cheese Cake

A few months back, mom bought 1/2 kg Coffee Cheese Cake from King’s Confectionery. It was soooooooo delicious that we didn’t get enough of it!

For Father’s Day, mom bought this cake again but bigger size – 1kg. Yeah, not me. I don’t think we’d ever celebrated Father’s Day. Except maybe we (my younger bro & I) gave angpaos to him in the past.

Back to this cake. It’s even more delicious than the 1st time we ate it! Lots of flavour. Cheeeeeeeeeeseee. Coffeeeeeee. Yummmm.. :9

The only thing it lacked was when we cut it into slices, it broke off into pieces. According to King’s staff, “You can heat up the knife (use metal knife, not the plastic knife given by King’s then) a bit and then cut it.”

Also, the staff mentioned, “If the cake that you want is not available in the outlet that you go to, you can ‘book’ the cake.”

Sorry, no picture.. all in my mom’s & my stomach. I can’t find this pic in King’s website either.

Tastes as good as Secret Recipe’s, better than some cakes there. Granted, cakes are not healthy for the body.

Mom asked me, “Do you feel any changes when you eat coffee cheese cake? You must eat more fruits ah.. if not cannot shit (something like that).”

I guffawed, “I feel very happy. Very happy when I eat it!”

I want to eat it even when I’m not hungry.

RM64 for 1 kg


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