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Old Town

When I reached Taipan, I wondered why Subang Jaya was so dead. Every part of Taipan was quiet. Except Old Town Kopitiam! The place was almost full, bright and buzzing with ahh.. didn’t know what but there were lots of staff moving around! Some uncles, families with kids, teens, adults..

It has a huge menu display at the food & drinks preparation area. The menu for reading at own table is protected with plastic cover. Like Kim Gary, there are menu selection paper for each table and you mark the food & drinks yourself.

Unlike other people who had been there and received really bad service, we got a table immediately – lucky for us :) and the waiter was wiping the table clean. Still, we had to call the waiter to take our order and when we wanted to pay, I thought we could call the staff to get the bill for us since there was service charge (!) but my friends went to the cashier counter to pay. Presumably, it would be faster than asking the waiter?

Ice Fire Polo – a square piece of butter inside the bun (polo bun?). It was different from normal toast with butter but I found the taste so so only. It’s not the taste actually, it’s the food. I prefer not so buttery food. A bit salty & sweet. Mostly butter-taste even though I scraped the butter out and dabbed a little bit from the side. 

The coffee with 2 scooops of ice cream. When it reached my table, I wondered if it were the correct drink because we only saw 1 scoop of ice cream. We asked the waiter, “Is this 2 scoop ice cream?”

He nodded.

Errm.. the 2 scoops meant 1 scoop (round) on top and the bottom had melted. It was creamy and sweet (but not too sweet).

Sure, real kopitiam’s food tastes better than this. People who come here are mostly willing to fork out extra $ for the atmosphere or hype but it’s cheaper than Starbucks or CoffeeBean. Oh but then, Old Town serves local food and the famous Ipoh White Coffee (made with margarine, no sugar).

.. the really good shop (which serves the BEST coffee) is actually the coffee-shop which is located next to this Old Town Kopitiam. Unfortunately, that No.1 shop owner was reluctant to develop his business and thus his neighbour who was more enterprising and innovative started this franchise and now you have this chain of shops all over.

– kwchang in United Subang Jaya Web Forum > Happenings & Events > Cari Makan > Oldtown Kopitiam (USJ)

There’s free Wi-Fi, if I’m not mistaken.


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