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Kawa’s Birthday – Dinner @ Manhattan Fish Market (Updated)

When I reached KLCC, I kept searching my mind, “Where is Manhattan Fish Market?” Even though I had eaten a lot of times at Manhattan Fish Market, I couldn’t remember it! I went to the information counter and was a bit dismayed there was nobody sitting at the counter. Luckily there were lots of maps.… Continue reading Kawa’s Birthday – Dinner @ Manhattan Fish Market (Updated)

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Bo-lo’gne Gion Bread

Someone had informed me that, “There’s this new bread. It’s RM18.” Whoa. RM18 for bead. myGrocer – Bo-lo’gne Gion Bread According to the flyer and website, it’s from an ancient (how ancient?) city of Kyoto, Japan. Walking by Jusco, I grabbed a small piece of this bread. There are samples wherever this bread is sold… Continue reading Bo-lo’gne Gion Bread