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Kawa’s Birthday – Dinner @ Manhattan Fish Market (Updated)

When I reached KLCC, I kept searching my mind, “Where is Manhattan Fish Market?”

Even though I had eaten a lot of times at Manhattan Fish Market, I couldn’t remember it! I went to the information counter and was a bit dismayed there was nobody sitting at the counter. Luckily there were lots of maps. Got it!

Everyone was already looking at the menu but hadn’t decided what to eat.

He said, “The peanut drink is nice.”

I grimaced, “Eeee.. ” I thought so too last time. Peanut is delicious, as delicious as chocolate but damn, I get huge zits after eating peanut! It’s thick, creamy, very sweet, thick, thick. It’s called Sweet Alabama Smoothie if you want to know.

“So you order that?”


“I can’t finish that drink,” I said.

“Haha. Then I’ll finish for you!”

He ordered 100 Plus instead. WHAT?!

The Manhattan Seafood Cowder‘s picture in Manhattan Fish Market > Menu > Soups & Salads website was overloaded with ingredients. Why, when the soup arrived, there was not much solid thing.

Fisherman’s Giant Fried Platter was huge – enough for the 4 of us. None of us were big eaters or maybe the only guy in our table was shy shy! There were more fries than garlic rice. I like the mushroom even though I am very particular about mushrooms – I only eat mou ku (button mushroom), not tung ku (Chinese black mushroom). Calamari is a type of squid, FMI. The fish was alright too.

Manhattan Fish Market Fisherman's Giant Fried Platter
I scooped the bubbles on top of Manhattan Mocha (hot). It had 2 layers of colours. Nice but nothing to shout about.

I asked the staff, “What’s the dessert of the month?”

“Mud Pie.”

“OK 1.” None of us had eaten that before but I loved Mud Pie/cake at TGI Friday’s and Chili’s.

> Menu > Hot Beverages / Sweet Ocean’s Manhattan Mud Pie has some sort of nut, almond?! Ours didn’t have that nut! Oh got some, verrrrrry small ones.

When the Mud Pie arrived, everyone just stared at it numbly. It was not what we expected. For 1 thing, it was really small and in square. It wasn’t soft. No vanilla ice cream. How can this be?!

Manhattan Fish Market Mud Pie
We tried to scoop a bit. Had to put out a lot of energy in cutting it with our spoon LOL. Ooo.. the brown thing in the middle was actually choc ice cream. Isn’t mud supposed to be squishy and soft? This 1 is Dried & Hard Mud Pie.

OK, our hearts (and stomach) only remembered the melting mud cake from Friday’s and Chili’s. So this was a disappointment.

The best part wasn’t the food. It was the banter :D Had such a great time.

FMI For My Info

pics grabbed from someone in my link list ;) then I Photoshopped them kakaa

Bo-lo’gne Gion Bread

Someone had informed me that, “There’s this new bread. It’s RM18.”

Whoa. RM18 for bead.

Bo-lo'gne Gion Bread
myGrocer – Bo-lo’gne Gion Bread

According to the flyer and website, it’s from an ancient (how ancient?) city of Kyoto, Japan.

Walking by Jusco, I grabbed a small piece of this bread. There are samples wherever this bread is sold to promote it.

“Do you want to try it?” I asked my companion.

“Heheh.. don’t want la. You dare meh?”

“Why not? They put it out (samples) for people to try (so that you’ll buy it)!”

It tastes great!


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