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Baoz Melting Gold

I was at Times Square and whenever I passed by Baoz, the friendly and proactive staffs would approach passerbys if they wanted to try (and buy) Baoz. Decided to try out Melting Gold without knowing what it’s actually made of.

Tasted like ham dan. Oh colestrol…

Filling ingredients: House cream, Milk with Salted egg yolk as flavor enhancer.

As the name suggests, it literally melts in your mouth!

Baoz Melting Gold

It was as liquid as it looked in the picture and easily spilled. Luckily there was a piece of paper/plastic to hold/keep the baoz besides the plastic bag. No tissue was provided (maybe have to ask?).

Mine was hot. The skin part was very smooth and thick. I prefer more filling to thick skin.

RM1.60/pc is cheaper/around the same price range for a piece of bread. If you compare with market place bao, then this is more expensive.

It’s how you see it

*thunder* with dark blue pink sky at night. A sign for rain…

“Aiya, I want to wash clothes and hang them out to dry!”

If it rains, then the clothes would have to hung inside and take longer to dry.


“Someone’s burning rubbish (openly) again!”

Does anyone have the number to call/website for reporting open burning? My neighbours keep doing it. I don’ t think telling them to stop would do anything except burning directly into my house.. These are stubborn people.


“Lucky it rains! If not, (the burning rubbish would be even more) very smelly!”

Hoped the rain put out the fire but there was still choking scent afterwards.


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